Last year, the influencer marketing industry grew by 198%? It’s very clear that brands are taking influencers very seriously, regardless of their size. Influencers can be put into 5 categories depending on their follower count and engagement rates:

Lets take a look at the different types of influencers you can expect to find while scrolling through your Instagram feed or Youtube channels:

1) Micro Influencers –

These are people that are fairly new to Influence Marketing, either they started a new youtube channel or are looking to monetise their Instagram account. Micro Influencers usually have between 100-10K followers / subscribers.


They are cheap to use but don’t let that fool you because micro influencers generally have the highest engagement rates! This is due to the fact that most of their followers are close friends or family members that are highly engaged with the content they post, this means that there’s a much higher chance of making sales when promoting a product with a micro influencer! The ROI from these types of influencers can be huge!

2) Brand Ambassadors –

Brand Ambassadors are basically influencers that are under contract / sponsorship or hired by 1 or 2 companies. Depending on the contract, they are only allowed to promote the products from the company that the contract states.

Brand ambassadors usually have a following of around 80K-200K+ with highly engaged audiences that focus on a specific niche! Because of the focused niche and highly engaged audiences, big companies love to have ambassadors instead of just hiring influencers. Because of the loyalty and dedication to the brand, ambassadors can be paid a little more than your typical influencer! You can negotiate more and also receive many products in the post!

A supplement company called Shredz executed their marketing campaigns perfectly by poaching fitness athletes and influencers that they signed deals with to make sure they only promoted the Shredz brand.

Shredz was voted one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the world and it’s all thanks to their army of dedicated brand ambassadors.

Unfortunately Shredz came under scrutiny after they were found to be photoshopping most of their athletes bodies to make them look more aesthetic. It was one of the biggest fitness scandals on social media in 2017

With all that being said it’s easy to see why brand ambassadors can be a great asset for any company with an online presence.

3) Mega Influencers –

Mega Influencers are the crème de la crème and highly valued for companies wanting to push traffic or awareness to their products or services. Mega influencers typically have anywhere from 100K-5Million followers and can charge anywhere from $2K up to $200K per sponsored post!

A company called SkinnyMeTea founded by A marketing powerhouse “Gretta Rose Van Riel” owes A great deal of her success to their Mega Influencers, they’ve hand selected the most influential “Instagrammers” to create a powerful brand that dominates other leading tea companies.

Gretta managed to pull over $1Million in sales in their first hour when she launched her Tea brand online!! Crazy!

4) Content Creators –

These are our favourite type of influencers and the most inspiring, content creators actually don’t like to be called influencers but deep down they know they are still, influencers…

Content creators are are super creative and bring the most magnificent images and videos to your phone screens! A good example of A content creator is “Beautiful Destinations” founded by Jeremy Jauncey

Jeremy’s team travel the world creating the most magical video’s the world has ever seen! We really envy the lifestyles of these guys, i mean being paid to travel the world and take shots of stunning destinations isn’t a bad way to live life!

Another amazing content creator is Sam Kolder! A popular Youtuber with over 1Million followers on Instagram:

Sam Kolder is a travel influencer / content creator and has been hired by some of the biggest companies in the world including Hyundai, Gym Shark, Go Pro and many more!

Sam creates video ads that really engage viewers, Sams twist on the typical form of advertising makes him a leader in this field and marks a trend that brands and companies are now following.


5) Celebrity Influencers –

Probably the most expensive and difficult influencers to hop on board are Celeb influencers!  Landing a celeb to promote your brand or product is a big deal and doesn’t come without difficulty. Due to the crazy amount of followers they have, getting your message about how you want them to promote your product into their inbox and seen by them is very slim. Celebs typically have sponsorship managers that take care of all business enquiries, thats not to say you wont land a celeb influencer by dropping a message to their Instagram DM.

An influence marketing genius – Josh Elizetxe is an expert when it comes to celeb influencers and has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to celebrities to promote his teeth whitening brand “SNOW

Josh has built multiple million dollar companies all powered by celebrity endorsements from Chuck Liddell to Floyd Mayweather!

Celeb Influencers are the most sought after people to work with when promoting a brand at scale. The impact from celebrity endorsements is huge and game changing!

Thats our list of the 5 different types of influencers and we hope it gives you some clarity when searching for influencers to promote your brand or product!!

TIP! Influencer Engagement Rates – Rule Of Thumb: