You’re probably aware of how important good hashtags are for your Instagram posts. They are certainly a great way to get that extra traffic that will make the real difference. In fact, we’ve talked before about using hashtags to boost your Instagram growth.

Finding hashtags on your own can often be a daunting task.

Well, here’s some good news – There are tools that can help you find perfect hashtags.


All of them work in their own unique way, each bringing something new to the table. These are the must-use tools for developing the perfect hashtag strategy for your Instagram page.

1. All Hashtag

Hashtag Generator Tool

If you’re looking for great and versatile website – All Hashtag is definitely for you. T

his is an amazing, multi-purpose website that can help you a lot. And the best part about is that it’s completely free, and easy to use! You simply enter your main keyword in the generator and it automatically gives you a list of relevant hashtags with your main word. If you type in the word “Fitness”, you will get some great hashtags like:

  • #fitnessadict
  • #fitnessjunkie
  • #fitnessfreaks
  • #fitnesslife

All of these are great and they will bring unique audience related to #fitness topic.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are even more tools that you can use on this website to analyze, even create your own hashtags. They provide the following tools:

  • Hashtag Generator – as described above
  • Hashtag Creator (useful to create quick short hashtags)
  • Hashtag Analytics (analyze a specific hashtag to get more info)
  • Hashtag Charts (hashtag rankings – daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

You can’t go wrong with this one – give it a shot!

2. Hashtagify

Instagram Hashtag Analyze Tool

When it comes to hashtag statistics, Hashtagify is the king.

This is one of those website that you can use to create an entire hashtag strategy for your page / business. They provide services such as tracking specific hashtags, tracking influencers that use it, optimizing it and on with all that – providing tons of useful data and statistics to add up to that.

However, in order to have such powerful weapon, you’ll have to pay some money. The good thing is that they offer different kind of packages with monthly/annual billing, so it will be easy to try it out with minimal costs, oh and – you can also use a free trial.

Although I have to warn you, there’s a lot of information on there, so be ready to absorb it fully. Don’t let it overwhelm you, hah!

3. HashTagForLikes

Hashtag Generator Tools

HashTagForLikes provides free hashtags for all kinds of niches and all you have to do is go to their website, find your niche and expand the section to see the most used hashtags.

This website makes your hashtag research process that we described in another thread a whole lot easier to perform. All you need is a few minutes to look up your specific niche and find out the most relevant hashtags. And it’s completely free – forever.

You can also sign up for free growth eBook to help you out on your path to success.

4. Display Purposes

Hashtag Generator Tool

Display Purposes is a great website to find smaller hashtags related to your main key word. It works similar to Hashtagify, but with a twist…!

Apart from giving your great hashtags, it also ranks them based on their relevance and popularity! Just check this out:

Instagram Hashtag Generator Website

This is a great tool to use if you want to keep it light with the hashtags and use only 8-10 of them (as you should). This way, you get to pick the best performing ones – and you can’t ask for better stat than that. Overall, you want to mix up the most popular hashtags with some smaller ones, and you will get the best results.

Instavast’s Banned Hashtags Tool

Instagram Forbidden Hashtags

Instavast provides a great tool to find out about all the forbidden hashtags on Instagram.

Why is this important? 

Because these hashtags are banned for a reason – they’re bad they shouldn’t be used. Millions of these hashtags have been used, but none of them show up on the posts. The reason you want to avoid these hashtags is to not get in trouble with Instagram. Using them can actually lead to a shadow ban, which is always bad news for business.

If you want to use a specific hashtag, but you’re not sure whether it’s allowed or not, just go to this website and test it. It’ll save you a lot of trouble, trust me.

Overall, these tools should be more than enough to craft a powerful hashtag strategy for your Instagram profile. But one thing is for sure: they will take your hashtag game to the next level.

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.