Looking to become a Twitch Influencer? 

Twitch.tv is a streaming platform that hosts more than 15 million users DAILY. It’s a very popular platform with some of the most active & committed users, making it excellent for influencers who want to impact the world and make some money in the process.

When it comes to making money doing what you love… Twitch trumps everything else. It’s a very profitable platform when it comes to influence marketing, and there’s a a lot of different options that streamers can take to make additional money.

If you’re looking for reasons to become a Twitch influencer, feel free to check out this article. Now…

For all of you who made up your minds on becoming a successful Twitch influencer, the next step is to know & understand the ways you can make money on this platform. With that in mind, I prepared a list of 8 ways influencers can make money streaming on Twitch.


So, let’s take a look at it!

Before You Begin….

The first step to making any serious money on this platform is to become a Twitch Affiliate. This will give you additional options & perks that you can use to monetize your stream. It’s pretty hard to make any real money before this step is complete so it’s pretty much a must-do thing. The only way to make money before becoming an affiliate is through viewer donations.

But… don’t worry. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is easy, you need to complete only a few basic steps and that’s it. You need to have these stats:

How to Become Twitch Affiliate

  • Stream for at least 30 days
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Stream at least on 7 unique days, total of 500 minutes
  • Average 3 or more concurrent viewers

The hardest part is obviously waiting 30 days, but it’s totally worth it! After those initial 30 days, you can enroll in the Affiliate Program, giving you options like subscriptions, ads etc. that will make it way easier to monetize your channel.

Additionally, if you grow a large enough channel, you can become a Twitch Partner, and have even more benefits and privileges. 

Let’s get into it now. Here’s 8 ways you can make money as a Twitch Influencer:

1) Channel Subscriptions

Collecting subscribers is probably the best & most profitable method of making money for almost every streamer. Having loyal followers who support you & pay money each month is one of the best features of Twitch platform. Unlike on other platforms where you constantly have to beg your followers to do this and that, on Twitch you simply have to show up every month and your followers will keep subscribing to you.

The way Twitch subscriptions work is simple.

Twitch Subscriptions for Influencers

You simply do your thing and show up to stream, and your followers will have the option to subscribe to your channel & support you. There are 4 kinds of subscriptions:

  • Amazon Prime
  • 1st Tier = $4.99
  • 2nd Tier = $9.99
  • 3rd Tier = $24.99

From each one of these, you earn a & cut based on your deal with Twitch. The more subscribers you have, the better. Once you become large enough to become Twitch Partner, you will have additional perks and more % cuts on each subscriber, making even more money. So just keep going until you get there!

2) Donations

Receiving donations is another great way to make money streaming on Twitch. And you don’t have to be an affiliate to receive donations. So you can make money even in the first 30 days of your Twitch career. By providing entertainment, your viewers will have the option to donate their money to you as a “thank you”.

There are multiple ways you can compel people to donate even more, whether that’s setting donation goals, having “top donors” rankings or simply giving shout-outs & doing things for your donors. However, that’s a huge topic on it’s own, so we’ll leave it for some other time.

Next up…

3) Twitch Ads

Another great way to make $$ is to play ads on your channel while streaming.

How To Use Twitch Ads To Make Money As An Influencer

Playing advertisements is a great way to earn some additional money on your channel. You are getting paid for each 1000 viewers who see your ad. The amount you get paid will vary from time to time, season to season, for example – ads make more money on holidays such as Christmas than on regular summer days.

Ads can sometimes be annoying for your followers, but you can always pick specific times to play them, like during bathroom breaks for example. You get to pick whether you want to play longer or shorter ads, so you can always lessen that frustration.

Additionally, some viewers will have AdBlockers but will turn them off to support their favorite streamers.

4) Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking is not connected to the Twitch Affiliate program, so don’t get confused. The way it works is you connect to a 3rd party affiliate program, outside of twitch, and promote their links on your channel.

By joining these affiliate networks, you can set-up your Twitch automation bots to post links to specific products / services that you’re affiliated with, and you will earn % cut of all sales that come from your channel. Additionally, you can also have affiliate links set up in your channel bio with useful graphics to help your viewers understand what is it that you’re promoting.

Using affiliate links is a great way to earn some additional income on Twitch.

5) Sell Merchandise

Another great way to make money on Twitch is to promote / sell some cool merchandise like T-shirts, caps and other great stuff.

Make Money on Twitch Selling Merchandise

You can sell pretty much anything! – Fun items like coffee cups, decorations, toys, clothes, anything really. But what merchandise do I sell? Well, you can have your own customized merch that you make 100% profit from, or you can be an affiliate to someone else’s merchandise – by endorsing them (more on that later).

Selling merchandise is a great way to make money on Twitch, especially if your followers are loyal enough that they will buy almost anything you offer them!

6) Twitch Bits / Cheers

Twitch Bits, in short – paying to cheer a message on your channel is a cool new, unique feature that Twitch came up with. It works the best on large channels where chat is moving too fast, so some of your viewers choose to “cheer” to have their message stand out from the crowd.

Make Money With Twitch Bits

Twitch cheering is a really fun feature that brings entertainment to your channel. You will have access to it once you become a Twitch Affiliate and you can use it to it’s full extent to earn some additional income from your most loyal followers.

7) Endorsements / Sponsorship

It works exactly as it sounds – once you become a well-known streamer with large, loyal audience, you will be approached by sponsors who want to be endorsed by you. These sponsors will often vary, from various gaming item companies to professional gaming teams who want you to join their team.

Once you have a sponsor, you will be able to endorse their products, making money from affiliate links and of course have that additional reach to people who follow your sponsor. Every large Twitch influencer has a sponsor, and you will probably have one too once you grow a large enough channel and start influencing a lot of people!

8) Game Sales

And last but not least… you can also make money by selling the game that you’re playing! By playing games that are available for sale, or have in-game items on sale, your viewers will be able to buy these games by watching your stream, making you some additional money in the process.

Make Money Influencing On Twitch

You’re basically working as an affiliate to that game that you’re playing – crazy, right?!

And there you go…

You now have 8 amazing ways that you can make money as an Influencer on Twitch and believe me – these are more than enough! If you use them to your follow extent, they will make you a very successful streamer. Just keep working at it and who knows, maybe one day you will be earning millions each month, like Ninja does.

So go ahead and start your career as a Twitch Influencer! 



Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.