How To Grow Your Followers And Make Money As An Instagram Influencer!

Seasoned influencing pro, or just starting out, we’re sure you’ll find this article very useful and we’ve tried to cover as many bases as possible from “growth tool hacks” to “influencer platforms” so that you’ll have an upper hand when it comes to making money as an Instagram influencer!

Making money as an Instagram influencer is extremely exciting, lucrative and you will turn it into a full time job if you follow the right steps. You should however, treat this like any other business and success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time, patience and dedication to truly succeed and become a well paid, in-demand influencer.

Fortunately for you we’ve had years of experience in growing accounts and acquiring paid sponsorship so it’s a pleasure to be able to share our knowledge with you:




First things first… You’re going to need an Instagram account if you want to make money as an Instagram Influencer! Download the Instagram app and create an account.

Create one under a business account! This way you’ll get more data and analytics which is very useful for understanding how your posts performed, you can also add “Swipe Up” links on IG stories which are needed when promoting affiliate links or driving traffic to other websites.

You can read an article written by Forbes on: The pro’s and con’s of using an IG business account here >


Before you start posting content you should decide on a niche or theme that your account will follow. Decide on a niche you are knowledgable with, something you have a passion about and can truly be comfortable posting new content each day or week, otherwise you’ll find yourself getting bored a few months down the line.

Brands and companies look to work with “niche focused” accounts and influencers, if all your posts are a jumble of travel, food, tech and horoscopes then it will make things very difficult if you were trying to approach a lipstick or perfume company for sponsorship. The more focused your niche is, the more you’ll be able to charge in a potential sponsorship deal and the more success you’ll have with landing paid promotions.

We wrote an article on the top 5 most profitable niches but be careful if you choose one of these as they are very saturated with thousands of other influencers.


Getting more followers on Instagram can be achieved very easily if you know how. There’s a few different tricks and hacks (paid & free) you can do which helped us grow our account from 0 to over 60,000 followers in just a few months! We’re going to cover all these tips and hacks below, starting with the basics;


When you post content to your Instagram it needs to be an image / video that people find interesting, funny, amazing, strange or cool! The goal is to get high engagement and people commenting or tagging other people so you achieve a higher organic reach. Try to post content daily and at the best time of the day to maximise engagement.

The more likes and comments your post receive, the more Instagram will serve / show your post to other IG users. You can read our other post on how to boost engagement here>


As you can see from above, when we post videos they always out perform the image posts and have much better engagement rates, people react more to video posts so the more you can post video’s the quicker you’ll be able to grow your account. We gained 775 new followers after posting the video compared with only 10 new followers with the image post.


One of our most favourite Instagram tools is Instazood , it can also be used to promote affiliate offers with great results but for the sake of this article we’re just going to show how effective it is for gaining more followers.

Instazood is basically an Instagram bot that will automatically; follow, like, unfollow, comment and direct message other users posts or accounts. Because of it’s super cheap price and very effective results we think it’s the best way of getting followers quick!

Below is an image of our very first day using Instazood, we gained 79 followers in just 24 hours which might not seem like much but if you continue this over 1 month you’ll get 2370 new followers per month, that’s 28,440 per year! We’ve heard of others using instazood and being able to gain over 600-700 new followers each day!

After you setup an account you’ll be able to connect your Instagram profile and login to your dashboard. From here you can start tweaking the settings.

TARGETING SETUP – Firstly you need to let Instazood know what to target, we’ve found that the “Hash-tag” and “Followers” seem to work the best. Instazood is going to automatically follow, like or comment on other users posts or accounts based on the targeting you select.

Because our account is focused on the “Influencer” and “E-commerce” niche we used hashtags like: #Influencer #InfluencerStyle #Influencers #shopify etc.. The instazood bot will then start targeting accounts that have posted images that have used one of those hashtags on their post!

You can select between post OWNER or post LOVERS

  • post OWNER – Will comment, follow or like posts from a person that posted the image or video to their own account with the hashtag you select.
  • Post LOVERS – Will comment, follow or like posts from a person that has taken interest in Post OWNERS post that used the hashtag you select.

COMMENT SETUP – click into the “comment” section and remove all the pre-set comments and create your own. These comments will be posted on other people’s posts, you want to use words / phrases that are generic because these comments will be posted on hundreds of peoples photos. We use things like “”Love It”” “”Nice Post! Checkout Our Page””

Once you have everything setup just leave Instazood to get to work and you’ll start seeing followers in a couple of hours! SIMPLE!


Instagram Engagement Groups are very useful and can help in making your IG posts go viral.

An Instagram Engagement Group is a group of people that have accounts with similar niches as yours. The people in the group work together to help your published posts get more engagement by commenting or liking your recent posts.

We’re in around 30-40 different engagement groups, most of the people in those groups have around 100K-2M followers so when these guys like or comment on our posts it will also show their followers that they have interacted with our posts, this means that you have more chance of their followers checking out your posts and account.

The main reason to use engagement groups though is to make your posts get more engagement. As soon as you publish a new post you can DM that post into the groups and tell the people in those groups what actions you want them to do!

As you can see in the image above, these are other people in the engagement group that have sent the post they want everyone to interact with. L&C (means Like And Comment) and TOP ROW (means they want you to like / comment on all the last 3 posts on their account)

By using IG engagement groups you can trick Instagram’s algorithm! Instagram has complex algorithms and will show your latest post to people that are interested in the image or video you have posted. If A lot of people like the posts and find it interesting then Instagram will serve it to more people! Meaning you’re more likely to get more interaction likes and followers!

By using an engagement group you are tricking Instagram’s Algo by asking people in the engagement groups to comment or like your posts! By doing this Instagram thinks that people really do like your post so they bump up the organic reach and serve your post to much more people!

Be careful though! Instagram are starting to crack down on engagement groups!

We advise that when you ask people in an engagement group to comment your post that you tell them to use a sentence that has 5 or more words!

DON’T get them to simply comment: NICE / COOL / AMAZING / EPIC / WOW – Instagram now knows about these tricks so make sure they comment with a 5+ word sentence on your posts to be effective.


Once you have a few hundred to a few thousand followers you can start finding companies to pay you!

There’s a few different methods you can use to find brands or companies to pay you for sponsored Instagram posts:


There are many Facebook influencer groups where you’ll find brands looking to pay you for sponsored posts, these are really good as you’ll be able to speak with the person directly and find out more about their product or to discuss the payment and terms etc.

We have an Influencer group which you can join here >

Some other influencer Facebook groups we like are:








You can contact brands directly on Instagram to see if they are interested in working with you. This is slightly time consuming and in most cases the companies won’t reply. However if you do want to try this you can start by looking at other influencer posts and checking out the products they are promoting!

If you see influencers promoting products then there’s a high chance that the companies are actively seeking influencers to promote their products!

to search for influencer posts you can type in the Instagram search bar things like: #AD #influencer #influencerswanted #paidpost #collaboration #sponsoredpost #sponsored 

Check the product tags they use and it will take you to the Instagram page for the brand or product, then you can start sending them messages about you being interested in their product and would love to be an influencer for them!


Influencer Advertising Platforms are the best way to find paid work as an influencer!

Influencer platforms have hundreds to thousands of brands that are looking for people just like you to promote their products! You have a much better chance of being selected to run a sponsored post with an influencer platform than you do by reaching out to brands individually! It’s much less time consuming and you can find some really good brands to work with!

You can read our article on the 5 of the worlds best influencer platforms here >

We have also interviewed a few other influencers about how they find paid work and grow their followers, these are a great read and very useful:



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