Buy Real Instagram Followers

Have you ever tried to buy Instagram followers and fallen victim to buying a heap of fake bots believing they’re genuine and active followers? if so, you’re most likely well aware of the disappointment associated.

If you’ve gone out and spent hundreds of your hard earned dollars to buy genuine Instagram followers to boost your page only to find out days later that you’ve wasted your money and not only are you back at square one but you have a whole lot of cleaning up to do.

Yes, your page looks as if its captivated an interested audience, it sure seems the part on the surface, but in reality you’re just as bad off as you were pre-purchase and engagement is just as poor.

You may as well have just flushed your money down the toilet.


You’re not alone, millions of people make the same mistake when fronted with an attractive low price for “Genuine followers”, and instead, like you, end up disheartened with useless fake bots.

We have collated a bunch of information to guide you through the importance of investing your money wisely when it comes to Instagram followers, because buying followers is not the issue, you just need to safeguard yourself and ensure you’re not making the same mistake by buying poor-quality fake followers.

In this report we will guide you over important key point topics such as:

  • Why it’s so hazardous to purchase fake followers
  • How to obtain active followers quickly
  • Legitimate sites to purchase genuine followers
  • A tool that encourages exposure through popular hashtags that are trending

Let’s start with talking about the two  most common reasons people purchase Instagram followers:

1. Brands want to look popular and trendy to encourage other people – who will potentially purchase &/or promote their product – to follow them.
2. Influencers want to boost their stats to draw attention from paying advertising brands and increase their chances of paid posts.

And here we will now show you how both brands and influencers set themselves up for disappointment by buying shabby fake followers:

NO advertiser will want to work with an influencer who has fake followers, this is red-flag central, a big no-no, literally the worst move an influencer could make to say the least; brands can easily spot fake followers a million miles away. All a brand has to do is look at your follower-to-engagement ratio. There are many graphs readily available online to show advertising brands what the average engagement rates based on follower counts should be.

If you’re an influencer with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers but your engagement ratio is sitting at less than 1% well, you may as well pack your influencing dreams into a bag and ship them away.

Moral of the story, influencers, It’s better to have a smaller audience of active followers than a large following of useless & fake bots. Take the time to organically build your audience with care and consideration focused on the market you wish to target – we discuss how we can help you with this later on in the report.

Instagram’s New Algorithm really isn’t kind to Brands With Fake Followers. The new algorithm that Instagram uses determines whether your content is interesting enough to show up in the discovery section and where your posts show up on your followers’ timelines.

One of the main measures Instagram uses to rank posts is engagement. But it doesn’t just look at engagement in total. It looks at the metric aforementioned; your follower-to-engagement ratio. If you have both, you’re very attractive to potential brand sponsorship.

Even if you have 100K+ followers, it means absolutely nothing to Instagram’s new algorithm if you’re only getting 80 likes per post. Your content will be less likely to show up for your target audience if your follower-to-engagement ratio is poor.

Example: Say you’re a brand that is selling vegan protein bars so you use #veganfood in the captions of your posts because it’s a trending hashtag that your target audience most commonly searches for; you might be thinking that because you bought a bunch of Instagram followers it would increase your chances of exposure when people search for the hashtag. But this just isn’t the case, in fact when we look at the search results, here’s what is actually seen:

Instagram Hashtag Vegan

All of the “Top Posts” are from accounts that  have a good follower-to-engagement ratio and are habitually backed up with high engagement by these followers.

These followers are genuine and actively engaging, unlike the low-quality fake ones people unknowingly buy.

Long story short, DON’T buy poor-quality fake followers.

How to obtain Instagram followers, the best way, and quickly:

Unlike the fake followers/bots we have spoken about, these are legitamate & reliable accounts owned by genuine real people. They’re actually interested in your content and, as a result, they like and comment on your Instagram posts.

So instead of an account that looks like this:

IG low engagement

Your account looks like this:

Instagram engagement example

The first account with what seems like fake followers has around a 0.2% engagement rate, while the Mobvoi account has over 4%.

It’s a no-brainer as to which account you’d rather have, right?

The challenge most people are facing with obtaining active Instagram followers is spending their time and money wisely.

Time & money are two of our most important and valuable assets, here’s where it gets difficult for people

1. Time: It takes a fair bit of time to research your target audience, communicate & engage with them, partner up with other Instagram users, and use other methods of organic Instagram growth.

You could easily find yourself  spending upwards of 40 hours a week with minimal return on your effort. 

2. Money: In regards to money, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) on Instagram Ads is $5–6. Let’s assume a decent engagement rate of 2%, which means you’re paying roughly $0.25 per follower.

And that’s on a good day. Realistically, you could expect it to be closer to $0.50 or more per follower until you find an ad campaign that works.

So unfortunately you could easily end up paying $500+ just to get 1,000 Instagram followers. That sure adds up quickly and In our opinion, is not worth the money spent.

With the knowledge you now have about why it is so important to protect your account by avoiding the low-quality cheap “followers” there’s still the option to buy active Instagram followers successfully, let us tell you how:

How to Buy Active Instagram Followers Safely

On the flip side of all of this, buying the right/active Instagram followers can certainly help your efforts.

Herein lays the problem, there are THOUSANDS of websites claiming to sell real/genuine/active Instagram followers but in fact are just selling you the bots we’ve warned you about.

So, before you throw your money down the drain and purchase useless Instagram followers, here’s some vital tips to make certain you’re not being ripped off.

1. Buy the right followers for your audience:

One of the first things we suggest you do when you’re looking at purchasing genuine and active Instagram followers is to check the accounts that are already following you and engaging with you.

You’ll need to know some crucial information as a legitimate seller will generally ask for specific details about who your target audience is.

i.e: what your most-used hashtags are and who your competitors are.

They are then able to input that data into their system and compile a list of targeted accounts based on similar interests, demographic and location. Resulting in an engaged and interested audience that you can continue to build on organically.

Take Beyond Meat, for example:

This company creates vegan alternatives to animal meat products.

Their Instagram followers are generally very vegan-specific, ethical and health-conscious individuals.

This shows that their audience is highly targeted and applicable to their business.

These are exactly the type of people Beyond Meat want to target as these people will  turn into customers & promoters of their product.

Instagram similar followers

Beware of a service that you’re potentially buying followers from if they only ask for your account name.

It’s highly likely to be a sign that you’re being ripped off and not investing your money with interactive and genuine Instagram followers.

2. Be very wary of Cheap Instagram Followers

Buying high-quality, active & engaged Instagram followers is going to be significantly cheaper than running ad campaigns for most. However, if the price seems too good to be true, it is.

Genuine followers shouldn’t totally break the bank but they also shouldn’t be the most attractive price you’ve ever seen.

There’s certainly a difference between being cheap and affordable.

Here’s an example of a cheap service that promises real, active followers:

buy IG followers

They’re selling followers for as little as under $0.01 per follower. While that sounds like a great deal, before you get too excited, put your wallet away and trust us, chances are the followers will not be the high-quality you’re expecting.

And to make things worse, the followers might be exposed and banned by Instagram for being bots and/or eventually deleted anyway.

Don’t be enticed by the attractiveness of a price!

There are many scam artists out there who don’t have your best interests at heart and are merely waiting for you to punch in your credit card details.

Don’t be scared to spend money on quality; after all, you really do get what you pay for.

3. Partner With Transparent Instagram Follower Sellers

We don’t blame you for being cautious with where you buy your Instagram followers, the whole “Buy Instagram Followers” industry is considered quite shady, unfortunately tarnishing those who do offer a genuine service.

If you can’t obtain transparency with the company you’re trying to buy genuine followers from, it’s a huge red flag.

The legitimate companies should be able to offer you some clear details as to how they will be providing you their services.

In saying so, they don’t exactly have to hold your hand and walk you through the step-by-step process of how they get each and every follower but they should certainly at least be able to give you a clear description of their plan of action.

For example,

  • Are they engaging with relevant accounts to build awareness?
  • Do they use the follow/unfollow tactic?
  • Have they been engaging with larger, established accounts and getting shoutouts?

If they can’t give you the slightest idea as to what they’re doing, it’s because they really have no intention of actually establishing genuine and high quality followers for you. You’ll without a doubt be recieving those pesky bots.

4. Keep an eye out for growth of engagement

IG follower engagement graph

Not only should you be watching your follower count go up, but your engagement numbers should be increasing in size as well.

Don’t forget the reason you’re buying real Instagram followers in the first place is because you want them to engage with your posts so you can get more exposure for your brand.

The days of simply having more followers being beneficial are long gone with all the new updates to Instagrams algorithm.

We now know, it’s no longer about the quantity of your followers; it’s the quality.

Buying Instagram followers is a growth tactic not just a way to boost your follower count.

5. Buy a Strategy, not just followers

The issue with most companies that sell Instagram followers – even the genuine ones – is they just give you followers and that’s it.

Great, you have followers engaging in your content, but where do you go from this growth?

You’ll now need to keep them engaged to retain them and grow even more.

The best sites to purchase Instagram followers from are the ones that also provide you with tips on growth and monetising your following.

This can come in the form of  hashtag suggestions, consultations and other methods/resources to make sure you’re not just getting followers but growing your brand too.

The Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers:

Okay, now you have the full low-down on the negative impacts of merely purchasing  Instagram followers.

You now know to stay far away from the scams so instead of purchasing followers, we suggest you switch your focal point to tuning into the power of trending Instagram hashtags to help you increase your exposure in an organic way.

Purchasing Instagram followers is risky and we know this is one of the most powerful and successful ways to grow with real followers and it’s often so overlooked, which is a real shame, because it does work!

Now that you know what to look for, you’re probably wondering which hashtags would be the right ones to use on Instagram for your niche, “are they still relevant?” you might find yourself pondering.

Well, you definitely can’t just use any old hashtags, there’s no effectiveness in that, so that’s where some great authentic services come in to help you.

In order to grow your account successfully we suggest that you do not make the mistake of overlooking the importance of the correct hashtags!


We have extensively researched to find the safest and most effective sites, and hands down, the site you need  is “Hashtagsforlikes“.

The difference between Hashtagsforlikes and most other services online is they will not give you the bots we have warned you about; instead, they really do help you find trending hashtags relevant to your brand to ensure you’re increasing your brand awareness.

Their service isn’t free, but it is also not exorbitant, we’ve weighed up and are happy to report they’re well worth the investment. Having the most relevant hashtags is crucial to your Instagram growth.

This site allows you to target your audience effectively by using the most relevant and popular hashtags to your niche and they are constantly updated to ensure they stay that way. They also offer other cool tools on their dashboard too!

Hashtagsforlikes are not in the “buy 500 Instagram followers for $5” business. Their team actually take the time and put in the effort to obtain you real genuine followers through finding similar interests by branding, using the right hashtags, and other organic/authentic tactics.

Sure you can waste money buying Instagram followers to look the part on the surface.

You’ll be sorely disappointed when they don’t engage, decrease your likelihood of being found organically & ultimately put your account at risk.


You can work with a trusted company and grow with active Instagram followers leading to more brand exposure, engagement, and sales. The choice is an obvious one we think.

We recommend seeing the true value in organic techniques for long-term reward in Instagram growth.

Let’s finish up on a few more reasons why you should avoid fake Instagram followers or companies that promise you quick growth with their “followers”.

Even if you have a small following, your likelihood of having loyal followers is high.

These are the followers who have been with you from the beginning.

They possibly feel a connection with you because of shared interests or they’ve followed you right from the beginning of your Instagram and now see themselves as the original supporters on your journey.

Either or, these followers are important & they’ll end up being essential to your success, they’re the ones who like, comment and share your content.

Don’t lose credibility leading to a loss of these loyal followers by making crucial mistakes like suddenly buying Instagram followers, these loyal fans will notice!

They’ll see the dramatic increase in your number of followers and they’ll watch as their comments get lost in the avalanche of unauthentic comments, they’ll likely start viewing you as a fake, and that instead of believing in your original message, you’re now only out to seek fame and fortune.

Losing the loyalty of your followers isn’t the only negative side effect when you resort to buying Instagram followers.

You’ll 100% lose credibility with new followers or any casual followers you already have.

Casual followers are those who follow you but don’t actively engage. They may not comment or engage because they haven’t made up their mind about your content or personality yet and If they’re still undecided about you, then when they notice that you’ve purchased mass followers, you’ll likely tip the scales, not in your favour.

Losing credibility with casual followers will likely cause your follower count to decrease.

While the drop may be micro compared to the number of followers you bought, the point is you’ll be losing real, authentic followers, which is much more damaging to your account or brand.

We hope this report has enabled you to think a little more wisely when you buy Instagram followers, we really hope you’ve learned how you can use helpful tools out there to manage and boost your Instagram with organic followers without getting stung by the sitting-in-waiting-scammers about.