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influencer play book

The Influencer playbook review

Without a doubt the latest 2019 edition of The Influencer Playbook is one of the most epic E-books on Influencer Marketing!

Study Proves Young People Want To Be Influencers

The majority of people surveyed say their trust in influencers supersedes their favourite celebrities when it comes to brands and/or product suggestions, according...
Buy Real Instagram Followers


Have you ever tried to buy Instagram followers and fallen victim to buying a heap of fake bots believing they're genuine and...

2020 FTC Guidelines For Influencer content

This week, the FTC (Federal Trade Comission) released revised guidelines surrounding sponsored content on social media. According to the FTC, the goal...

The Top 10 Influencer Platforms That Pay

Below, we have listed our 10 favourite influencer marketing platforms that and pay, as well as some of their benefits and key...

What Is An Influencer – A Brief Overview

Influencers are all around us. While it’s common to think that only the trendiest of celebrities are able to hold enough influence...
Virtual Influencer

Virtual Influencers: The Future of Influencer Marketing?

One interesting development in influencer marketing which is likely to create some buzz in the coming months is the introduction of virtual...
Jay Shetty Fraud

EXPOSED! Jay Shetty Is Full Of SH*T!

Jay Shetty - the Forbes 30 under 30 motivational philosopher has been exposed for stealing content from other creators in a hugely...

How Will Hiding Instagram “Likes” Impact Influencers?

The Instagram Community Continues to Debate the Platform’s Latest Experiment  Instagram announced that it would start hiding the number...

Introducing the ‘Granfluencer’: the Internet’s New Favorite Social Media Sensation

Society tends to associate social media with millennials and new age “Instagram models”. While it’s true that young people make up the...

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