The Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram

Although it looks like the top travel influencers live every day like they’re on a luxury holiday, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. As glamorous as their travels may appear, it’s still considered hard work for them. Their daily lives involve several outfit changes per day, and a lot more 5 am photoshoots than you’d expect – all to get that perfect shot and inspire their followers to see the world.

Below, we’re going to present to you 10 travel influencers who excel at their craft, and whose swoon-worthy Instagram accounts you should be following.

Jennifer Tuffen (@izkiz)

Jennifer Tuffen, who goes by ‘izkiz’ on Instagram, is one of the most colorful travel influencers out there right now. Tuffen was born in England but raised in a small town outside of Amsterdam. She credits her schooling for her curiosity for travel and culture, which ultimately led to her successful career as an influencer. According to Jennifer, she attended international schools for much of her childhood, so she was constantly making friends with people who practiced different religions and came from unique backgrounds and cultures.

Tuffen started her Instagram account six years ago, and since then, she has grown an impressive following of 2.7 million people. Additionally, she has developed her own blog that allows her fans to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at her travel adventures.

Jennifer also has her own app, Izkiz Cam, which she uses to edit her photos to perfection, along with Adobe Lightroom. The app is available for purchase in the app store.

Image: Instagram @izkiz

Christine Tran (@tourdelust)

Christine Tran is the influencer behind the popular and extremely aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, @tourdelust. As expressed on her blog, Christine develops content for women who are passionate about travel. She appears to carefully plan the color schemes of her photos, giving her account a monochromatic look.

Tran, who is born and raised in Los Angeles, started blogging in 2016 and now has 282,000 followers on Instagram. She left her 9 to 5 job in San Francisco to become a full-time travel blogger in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.

Christine is constantly adding new content for her fans on her blog, She provides her readers with travel guides, advice on how to become a travel influencer, beauty and wellness tips, recipes and much more.

Image: Instagram @tourdelust

Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

Unlike most travel influencers, Chris Burkard doesn’t put himself at the center of his content. Burkard, a self-taught travel photographer, uses his Instagram account (@chrisburkard) to share mesmerizing photos of his adventures around the world with his 3.3 million followers.

Burkard has become known for his thought-provoking captions and powerful images of landscapes around the world, including Canada, Iceland, India, New Zealand, and more. His content mostly revolves around travel, nature, and surf.

Burkard has an impressive resume. Not only is he one of the most successful travel influencers on Instagram, but he has also shot album art for Justin Bieber, completed eight books, participated in 4 exhibits, and won 15 awards for his work.

Image: Instagram  @chrisburkard

Alyssa Bossio (@lyss)

Alyssa Bossio, a travel and fashion influencer from New York, has an interesting take on travel content. Her Instagram feed is a cross between fashion, luxury travel, and lifestyle, which caters perfectly to her followers who are both fashion and travel enthusiasts.

Her photos are colorful and always include various carefully selected props, such as elegant handbags and beautifully laid out cuisine. Bossio also knows how to capture photos with the perfect lighting to make her travels look absolutely dreamy.

According to Alyssa, she started using Instagram as a creative outlet back in University. Now, years later, she has 1.8 million followers on the platform.

Although, Bossio started documenting her travels on her Instagram account, she has also recently started blogging about her travel adventures, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle tips on her successful blog

With her exquisite taste and swoon-worthy adventures, it’s easy to see why Lyss is one of the most popular travel influencers on Instagram.

Image: Instagram @lyss

Kiersten (Kiki) Rich (@theblondeabroad)

Kiersten (Kiki) Rich (aka the Blonde Abroad) started blogging at 22 years old. Years ago, she left her career in wealth management in California to travel around Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, with the goal of discovering herself.

Kiki’s first trip was the beginning of a new career as a travel influencer. “Since embarking on that first world tour, I’ve spent the past 6 years sharing my personal journey and travel tips on this website with women around the world.”, says Rich. She has now traveled to over 70 countries, has developed her own tours (for ladies only!), has a popular travel blog (, and has 544,000 followers on Instagram.

Image: Instagram @theblondeabroad

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel)

Jack Morris, aka @doyoutravel, has traveled to almost every corner of the earth from Finland to Indonesia to Jordan. His photos are stunning and vividly capture the diverse cultures and nature the world has to offer.

On his Instagram feed, you’ll also find many photos of Morris’ girlfriend, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), who is a big travel influencer, in many of his photos. Together, the couple has traveled to over 20 countries. Morris says that he and his girlfriend find new travel destinations to visit via “word of mouth, Instagram, and research on Pinterest.”

Having worked with companies like AirBnB, Uber, and Royal Caribbean Air NZ, Morris and Bullen have some impressive partnerships under their belt.According to the Daily Mail Australia, Morris makes up to $9,000 per sponsored post.

Image: Instagram @doyoutravel

Jessica Stein (@Tuulavintage)

As far as travel influencers go, Aussie blogger, Jessica Stein, is probably one of the most unique. While the Australian super influencer’s Instagram feed and blog,, have excellent travel content, what’s truly amazing about her is that she’s a mom.

Stein’s content is really raw and authentic. She unapologetically shares her journey as a travel blogger and mother to a child that is battling a rare chromosome disorder, without sugarcoating it. This in itself means that her content is wildly different from that of other travel influencers out there.

Stein has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and runs her own blog,, where she writes candidly about exploring the world.

Image: Instagram @tuulavintage

Melissa Hie (@girleatworld)

Melissa Hie is traveling the world, one snack at a time. Unlike most travel influencers, Hie’s Instagram account, @girleatworld, isn’t about herself or the places she visits. Rather, it’s about adventuring for the food. Her content is completely focused on the tons of delicious looking food that she eats during her travels.

Hie’s Instagram account is beautiful to look at, and it’ll simultaneously make you feel super hungry. As expressed by Melissa, “‘I choose whatever food piques my curiosity or looks tasty. Then the location comes later… Usually, it’s just local food with an iconic location since I like to tell a story about the place I visited through food or the location itself.’”

In the first week that she started her account in 2014, Hie already had 7,000 new Instagram followers. Now, 4 years later, her travel/foodie Instagram account is just shy of hitting 400,000 followers.

Image: Instagram @girleatworld

Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann, a Russian photographer, gained international fame in 2012 when he started his “follow me” photo series.

He sparked a global trend on Instagram when he captured a photo of his then-girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, (now wife) holding his hand, leading him towards a colorful graffitied wall. There are now over 1 million photos with the hashtag “Followmeto”.

Since then, Osmann has continued his photo series, photographing his wife holding his hand in beautiful destinations around the world. Murad’s photos are edited in a very distinctive style – they almost look animated.

With 4.2 million followers, Osmann is recognized as one of the biggest names in the travel influencer world.

Image: Instagram @muradosmann

Keira Rumble (@krumble)

Keira Rumble (aka @krumble)’s Instagram content caters to the modern woman, who is passionate about holistic wellness and beauty, and travel. Keira started blogging on her website,, back in 2014. At the time, her blog was concentrated on healthy food, recipes, and wellness.

Over the next few years, she started to write a bit more about travel, in addition to clean eating and holistic wellness. Keira has since expanded her business – she now has her own food brand called Krumbled Foods.

Today, Keira’s blog covers a much wider scope. She shares lifestyle tips, recipes, and travel hacks, and itineraries with her fans.

Image: Instagram @krumble

How To Be A Successful Travel Influencer: Dimitar Hristov

For Dimitar Hristov, working as a luxury travel influencer has been a long-time dream. His content documents the many luxury trips he has taken around the world, men’s fashion, and lifestyle.

On his Instagram (@dhlifestyle), you’ll find everything from photos of Dimitar’s swoon-worthy colorful travel photos, to his workouts in luxury fitness clubs. If you keep scrolling down Dimitar’s Instagram page, you’ll even find a few photos of yummy healthy dessert recipes he’s concocted!

Since he was 12 years old, Dimitar has been passionate about traveling and video editing, saying: “I never get bored of trying new things and now I am extremely dedicated to this industry and I always strive to improve my skills.”

Not only has Dimitar built a large following on Instagram, but he also has his own successful blog where you’ll find details about his travel adventures. He writes blog posts about all things fashion-related, luxury accommodations he stays in around the world (eg Dubai, Morocco, Mexico, Greece, etc), and much more.

As an influencer who focuses on travel, lifestyle, and men’s fashion, he hopes that his content will spread knowledge and inspire his followers to be creative and travel the world.

Since beginning his career as a travel influencer, Dimitar has built a loyal Instagram following of over 110k and has had the chance to work with large brands, including Levi’s, Converse, Vitamix, Moet & Chandon, Hyundai, Daniel Wellington, and many more.

We chatted with Dimitar, who shared with us how he curates new travel content, what his key to success is, and what advice he would give on how to be a travel influencer.

Read the complete interview below.

  • Would you say your Instagram account’s growth happened slowly over time, or quickly in a small period of time?
    It definitely didn’t happen overnight. I started posting on Instagram back in 2014 so it took me about 4 years to grow my page. However, I believe patience is key when building an engaged audience and I’d advise everyone that is just starting out to stay consistent in order to be successful.
  • What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an influencer that focuses primarily on luxury travel & fashion content?
    Freelance life can be challenging as there isn’t a strict salary each month, but I absolutely love doing what I do, and the freedom and creativity that come from being my own boss so I don’t find many challenges.
  • How did you get your start as a social media mogul? Was it a series of events, or one opportunity in particular that kick-started your career?
    I would say there was one night that turned my life around. It was almost a year ago when I was invited to a press event and I was so nervous because it was my first big occasion. On the other hand, I was super excited because I knew I was going to meet up with so many people. After that night, I realized how important it is to network all the time and since then I always try to make new friendships.
  • Do you tailor your content towards your followers, or do you simply post content that reflects your interests and personality?
    That’s a great question and I get it asked all the time. I think people usually struggle to find their niche because there are so many things they’re passionate about. However, I’d suggest posting a mix of everything when they start and see which content gets the most engagement. In the beginning, I started posting mainly about fitness but over time I found that my audience engages way more with my lifestyle content so I decided to make a change.
  • You’ve worked with several large and reputable brands in different industries (eg Levi’s, Moet & Chandon, Hyundai, etc). How did you initially find sponsored work?
    I usually get contacted by brands directly or work on campaigns through influencer marketing platforms.
  • Do you still seek out sponsorships, or do you pick and choose from the brands that come to you?
    I only work with brands that I truly believe in. At the end of the day, my audience trusts me and the last thing I’d do is let them down by promoting something that I don’t really use.
  • How do you agree on a price for paid posts?
    It depends what are the brand requirements. If they’d like me to make a video, they would be willing to pay more because it takes more time to create such content.
  • For a lot of aspiring travel influencers, funding their trips can be an issue when they get started. Do you have any advice for travel influencers who are trying to overcome these barriers?
    I don’t think brands look for your number of followers anymore. So, even if you’re just starting out, try to post original content all the time and pitch yourself to hotels or resorts. If the quality of your posts is good, then you’re likely going to get a complimentary stay in exchange for social media promotion.

  • What are your favorite brands to work with? In the future, are there any you’d love to work with?
    I love working with brands that believe in me and give me the freedom to create great content. In the future, I’d love to work with Nike. (Big fan since a young age).
  • Have you ever really struggled to work with a brand? If so, how did you handle this?
    Fortunately, I haven’t had any bad experiences yet.
  • Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a competitive business. What tips would you give to aspiring influencers looking to get their start in the industry (eg how can they set themselves apart from their competitors)?
    As cliche as it sounds, be unique! In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to tell your story in a unique way. I think it’s great to look for inspiration from other people’s content in the beginning but always stay true to yourself.
  • Do you think you have a personal brand image?
    I think so. I get hundreds of DM’s every day from people telling me how much they like my style and how I motivate them to go out and explore the world. Every time I read such messages, it makes me so energized.
  • Do you have any tips for curating new content that you picked up along the way?
    Take time to plan your Instagram content. It will save you in the long run and ensure your feed is unified and well executed.
  • Have you ever taken any risks in terms of promoting a new product, or introducing new content? If so, what was the result?
    As I said earlier, my biggest concern was to entirely change my niche. I didn’t know how my audience was going to react but fortunately, it turned out they liked my new content even more.
  • Social media is used differently around the world due to cultural distinctions (eg the United States, Australia, Dubai etc). As a luxury travel influencer, is this something you need to consider when you’re posting new content?
    Yes, you have to be careful what you post. For example, when I was in Dubai I wasn’t allowed to post content that includes alcohol. So, do your research before visiting new destinations because otherwise, you can get into trouble.

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