The Unusual Industry Influencers Should Be Looking At – CBD Influencers

You’ve probably noticed that Cannabidiol (CBD) products are one of the hottest new trends in health and wellness at the moment. In fact, over the last few years, CBD has become a billion dollar industry and is on track to take over consumer stocks as well.

CBD is one of the compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant, but unlike marijuana, it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many consumers buy CBD to prevent and minimize the symptoms of numerous health conditions. People suffering from chronic pain and mental health disorders are among the biggest consumers of CBD products as they allegedly help to reduce the symptoms of health conditions such as PTSD, arthritis, anxiety, depressio, diabetes and more.

CBD products are legal in much of the world, including Canada and many countries across Europe. While CBD products are also legal in many states in the United States, it isn’t legal in all 50 states. It’s a bit of a grey area, which is why some avoid monetizing it.

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Why are influencers not promoting CBD?

Despite the industry’s rise in popularity, companies that produce CBD products struggle to find ways to advertise their products online. This is because key players in digital advertising, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc, have deemed CBD as a “dangerous product”. In turn, CBD brands have their ads taken down by these platforms.

However, these businesses have found a new way to bypass ad platforms like Facebook and Google by marketing their products with influencers. By using influencers, CBD brands can advertise without the risk of getting their ads taken down, while effectively reaching highly engaged and targeted audiences.

Yet, there are very few CBD influencers that promote CBD brands to their followers. According to the CEO of Heartbeat, an influencer agency, this is because “There’s a lot of confusion that’s blocking influencers from getting on board,” said Brian Freeman. “They are scared of legal ramifications, and they don’t want YouTube to shut them down.” This applies to influencers that use other popular platforms like Instgram as well. Additionally, there’s the fear of not knowing how their followers will respond to CBD content.

Though, as legalization continues and the cannabis industry continues to become more mainstream, Heartbeat’s CEO, Freeman, believes that influencers are beginning to catch on. For example, Cannabrand, a CBD influencer agency, works with roughly 1000 influencers, some of whom have millions of followers.

The CBD influencer industry is relatively unexplored by influencers and presents a huge opportunity for them as CBD brands start to favour influencer marketing over more traditional digital advertising avenues. Below, we’re going to explore the health benefits of CBD, why you should promote CBD as an influencer, and what kind of products you could promote to your followers.

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Health benefits of CBD

The main reason behind the surge in popularity of CBD is because it’s a naturally occurring substance that provides real health benefits to users. Many studies have shown that CBD can effectively be used as a preventative medicine and to treat symptoms of various ailments.

Although there is a multitude of health benefits associated with the use of CBD, it should be noted that some consumers also experience side effects. Side effects include tiredness, fluctuations in appetite/weight, and diarrhea.

The following lists some of the many benefits users have reported when using CBD to treat health conditions.

  • Mood disorders and depression
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sleep disorders
  • Good for the skin:
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Alleviates cancer-related symptoms
  • Can help to prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  • Anti-seizure properties
Image: Healthline

Why should you promote CBD products?

The CBD industry is seeing exponential growth

The CBD market is arguably one of the fastest growing industries at the moment. According to Statista, over the next four years, the CBD industry is expected to reach up to 2 billion in sales, which makes it the perfect new trend for influencers to jump on.

Not only is the CBD industry gaining popularity in the financial world and with consumers, but it’s also piquing the interest of large enterprises. According to BBC, “drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola has said it’s “closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world”.

The CBD market is gaining a lot of momentum around the world, which means it’s also the perfect time for influencers to start looking into this burgeoning industry.

Millennials are the biggest consumers of CBD products

As a CBD influencer, another reason why you should be promoting CBD is that your target audiences are buying these products. For influencers, the majority of their audience is most likely comprised of millennials, who are also the biggest consumers of CBD products. This makes influencers the perfect spokespeople for the products.

As reported by BBC, “Based on a survey of 5,000 CBD users that Brightfield conducted this summer, millennials were the first to begin buying CBD products after various states legalised it.”

At the moment, not many influencers are using this social channels to promote CBD or discuss it, but there is a lot of untapped potentials here, particularly as the industry continues to gain prominence in the financial world, and becomes more widely accepted by society.

You can feel good about promoting CBD products

One of the reasons many influencers shy away from collaborations with CBD products is because their use is still considered taboo to many and, therefore, their followers can respond negatively to the content.

However, as we established earlier, CBD products have amazing health benefits and they’re natural. Contrary to what many think about CBD, its effects have no semblance to those of marijuana. CBD has a very small amount of THC, which means users don’t get that “high” feeling when they use it.

These products can help alleviate the symptoms and pain of many health conditions, and they can even act as a preventive treatment. As we know, promoting quality products that your followers are actually interested in is essential for influencers. It plays a big role in your success as an influencer. Influencers can feel confident that CBD products are a natural and effective treatment, and safe for their followers to use.

As an influencer, you can feel good about promoting CBD products to your followers because they’re good for your health and they’re safe to use for most people.

CBD products are easy to promote for influencers of almost any niche

Influencers in most niches (particularly health and fitness, food, beauty, and lifestyle) can easily promote CBD products. CBD fits right into the health and wellness category, so you can easily fit it into your content library. For example, beauty influencers can promote CBD creams as a treatment for better and healthier skin. Fitness influencers can promote CBD to relieve post-workout muscle pains, and lifestyle influencers can share the anti-anxiety properties of CBD with their followers. Because CBD products can be used for so many purposes, there are many ways influencers can promote them, regardless of their niche.

Image: CBDHabitat

What kind of CBD products are best to promote and why?

CBD is a huge industry, and as such, there are a ton of CBD products that you can promote to your followers. Here are a few of the more popular products influencers can promote via their social networks:

  • CBD oils – CBD oils are probably the most popular CBD product. These oils provide most of the health benefits we listed above (alleviate pain, ease anxiety, mild antidepressant, anti-seizure treatment, etc).
  • CBD/hemp-based creams – CBD creams are excellent for relieving pain, improving the condition of one’s skin, minimizing acne, and more. Beauty influencers would be the ideal influencers to promote these products.
  • CBD infused edibles – The most common CBD edibles are gummy candies that are infused with CBD hemp oil. If influencers can promote gummy bear hair vitamins (eg Sugar Bear Hair vitamins), why not promote CBD gummy candies?
  • Pet products – CBD pet products include CBD oil for dogs, which acts as a natural stress and anxiety relief, kibbles to support healthy joints, and more.

From Instagram Celebrity to Entrepreneur: 8 of the Most Successful Instagram Influencers

Several influencers who begin their careers as social media moguls tend to gravitate towards entrepreneurial work. These influencers don’t necessarily have the largest number of followers on Instagram. Rather, they have harnessed their existing success as influencers to market their own brands to their loyal followers. 

In many instances, these women have transcended their ‘influencer’ images. They have expanded beyond their niches in the influencer world to become full-fledged business owners.

Below we’re going to introduce 8 badass ladies who are not only wildly successful super influencers. They are also brilliant entrepreneurs.

Arielle Charnas (SomethingNavy)


Arielle Charnas’ chic yet casual feminine style is what her followers love about her. When she started her blog,, in 2009 before there was Instagram. Over the years, she has traded her Aldo and Steve Madden shoes for Manolos and Louboutins. Arielle now has 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account (@ariellecharnas).

Her followers have quite literally watched her grow up. Arielle has always invited her Instagram followers to take a close look at her personal life, via photos, Q&As, and captions. They saw her fall in love with her husband, Brandon Charnas, get married, have their two daughters, and slowly become the full-fledged fashion designer she is today.

Initially, Nordstrom collaborated with Arielle Charnas to create the Something Navy x Treasure & Bond line in 2017, which drove over $1 million in sales in just 24 hours. Following the huge success of her collaboration, Arielle went on to create her own brand, Something Navy, which is exclusively sold at Nordstrom.

Arielle has now designed three collections for Nordstrom, and they have all been huge successes. In fact, her most recent collection dropped earlier last week. Like with the launch of Arielle’s other two collections, the Nordstrom website crashed due to high traffic.

Credit: Fashionista

Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad)


Chiara Ferragni is one of the first and, arguably, the most successful fashion influencer in the world. Long before establishing her own brand, Chiara was busy working on her blog According to Ferragni, brands started reaching out to her very soon after launching her blog in 2009. Chiara got into fashion blogging when it was still an unexplored area. Her appeal caught on quickly in the luxury fashion world, which is when she started receiving lucrative deals with brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton.

After several successful years as a fashion influencer, the Italian social media mogul launched her own self-titled luxury brand, Chiara Ferragni Collection. Chiara’s fashion label is now sold in several luxury retailers around the world, including Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. She also has flagship stores in Milano, Shanghai, Paris, and Chengdu.

Chiara Ferragni has proved that she has transcended her influencer image. Not only does she have her own successful brand, but Chiara has also been the subject of a Havard Business School case study, scored front covers for Vogue Spain and Vogue Turkey, and has been named one of Forbes’ top 30 under 30.

Credit: Forbes

Huda Kattan


Considering Huda Kattan is one of the most successful influencers in the world, you probably expected to see her on this list. Huda has built up a massive Instagram following of over 28.8 million followers on her account @hudabeauty.

Before becoming a successful influencer, Huda Kattan worked as a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. Her client list included celebrities like Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie. Additionally, she was also employed as a makeup artist by cosmetics giant, Revlon.

Huda’s journey as an influencer started in 2010 when she started her beauty blog, Huda Beauty, where she posted her makeup tutorials and beauty tips and tricks. It didn’t take long for her blog to gain popularity.

Huda launched the Huda Beauty brand in 2013 through Sephora, and at the time, the only product she sold was fake eyelashes. Since then the Huda Beauty brand has become popular all over the world – it’s now sold in several retailers including Sephora and online retailer, Cult Beauty. She has expanded her brand to include several new products including eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, liquid lipsticks, foundations, and more.

Credit: The Coveteur

Negin Mirsalehi


If you’re into all things beauty and fashion, chances are you’ve seen photos of Negin Mirsalehi on Instagram. Not only does she have 5.1 million Instagram followers, but she also secured a spot on Forbes’s European 2018 30 Under 30 list and developed her own best-selling haircare brand, Gisou.

Negin and her boyfriend launched Gisou, her hair care brand, in 2015. Her hair care line, which includes hair oil, texturizing spray, hair masks, and more, is made with bee products. Mirsalehi’s family, who have been working as beekeepers for 6 generations now, inspired her to create Gisou.

As reported by Forbes, Negin even declined a brand ambassador job with a leading hair care provider, for which she would have been paid $800k, in order to pursue her completely self-funded haircare company. Gisou is now reportedly worth millions. 👏

It may be surprising to some that Gisou is so successful considering how expensive the products are (i.e $60 hair masks and $80 hair oil). However, according to Revolve, one of the retailers that sell Gisou, the product sells out almost immediately after restocking it – it’s one of their beauty best-sellers.

Credit: AdStasher

Jen Atkin


Jen Atkin, a renown hair stylist to the stars, reached widespread fame after appearing on several A-list celebrities’ Instagram accounts. For a while, she was best known as the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s hairstylist, which is likely how she built up an Instagram following of 2.6 million. Atkin also has a successful blog, However, over the last year or so, she has started gaining more recognition for her entrepreneurial work.  

Atkin is the founder of the hugely popular Ouai haircare line, which most of you beauty enthusiasts are probably familiar with. Ouai was launched in 2016, and since then, it’s turned into a thriving business. This is partly because the company has done an incredible job marketing the products on social media. From super influencers to celebrities, it seems like Ouai hair products are everywhere.  

Ouai is also very focused on building a community for millennial women. For example, “In November of 2016, Ouai launched an on-site consultation service in which users can take a quiz that leads them to product recommendations. To date, the quiz has been taken approximately 70,000 times, enabling the brand to collect first-person data and feedback from customers while moving product,” wrote Fashionista. Ouai is very customer-centric, which is one of the main differentiators between Jen’s company and other leading hair care companies.

Although the brand’s sales figures have yet to be confirmed, experts estimated that Jen Atkin’s brand brought in $15 million in net sales last year. That number will likely be much higher in 2018.

Credit: E! Online

Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller)


Leandra Medine started her career as an influencer in 2010 when she launched her blog Man Repeller. Her blog, which still receives millions of views every month, covers women’s fashion. Namely, fashion that women love and men hate (think frills, shapeless dresses, and sequins).

She also has a very strong presence on Instagram – @manrepeller has 2 million followers and her personal account, @leandramcohen, has 749k followers.

Leandra has created two shoe brands: MR by Man Repeller and Leandra Medine. MR by Man Repeller was carried exclusively by the luxury online retailer, Net-a-Porter, while her self-titled shoe line, Leandra Medine, is sold in luxury retailers around the world, like Harvey Nichols and Barney’s New York.

Leandra has been named one of Forbes’s “Top 30 Under 30”, and is also the author of “Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls”.

Credit: Fashionista

Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman (A Bikini a Day)


Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are two best friends that simply started posting photos of themselves on the beach, wearing their favorite bikinis. The two best friends used their joint Instagram account, @abikiniaday, to post photos of a new bikini every day. What originally started as a fun hobby turned into a burgeoning business for both Natasha and Devin.  

Natasha and Devin now have a combined following of roughly 4 million Instagram users. With their large social media followings and after working with thousands of swimwear companies over the years, Devin and Natasha launched their very own brand, Monday Swimwear, in 2013. Their swimwear line has been worn by several celebrities (like Kendall Jenner) and constantly sells out on their e-shop.

Their vast knowledge and experience in the swimwear industry have allowed these two ladies to create swimsuits that are of unprecedented quality. Their products are made to fit women of all shapes and sizes and enhance the female figure.

Credit: Melk & Honning

Kayla Itsines


Kayla Itsines is one of the biggest names in fitness right now. The Australian fitness influencer has her own blog, e-shop, app, cookbooks, and fitness programs. Kayla, who has been a personal trainer since 2008, gained international fame with her fitness program, the “Bikini Body Guide” (BBG), a 28 minute HIIT workout program.

Although she may have started as a fitness influencer on Instagram, Kayla Itsines has managed to create her own fitness empire over the last few years. Her business is now worth millions and she’s only 27.

Every aspect of her business aims to encourage women to be strong and live healthy lives. On Kayla’s Instagram page, you’ll see that she posts many BBG transformation photos that have been taken by her fans.

Kayla now has 10.5 million followers on Instagram and has been featured in an impressive number of publications, such as Shape, Women’s Health, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, ET, and more.

As reported by Forbes, Kayla has a unique approach to the way she operates her business, saying: “I strive to focus my account on the inspirational transformations of my clients, rather than it always being about me and my life. Relatable and engaging content is fundamental for the continued growth and a loved social media account.”

Credit: Time Magazine

How Many Followers Do I Need To Be An Influencer?

So the growing popularity of social influencers has convinced you into becoming one, but there’s just one question..

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

Well here’s some good news… Believe it or not you don’t actually need that many followers to become a successful influencer:

Big brands and companies have focused on using celebrity influencers for many years both online and offline. These companies have the capital to be able to pay the crazy big bucks that celebrities demand for a sponsored post. The good news for you is that things are now changing!

Due to the increasing clicks costs on most advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and Native advertising platforms, the average marketers or product owners are now looking more and more into influencer marketing!

Influencers can be extremely successful for promoting products online!

The average marketer doesn’t have the huge advertising budget that the big fortune 500 companies have to splash out. This means that micro influencers are becoming hot and in-demand!

Micro influencers have anywhere from 200-20,000 followers and are much cheaper than using the big celebrities with millions of followers! But.. they do have extremely high engagement rates which is awesome for promoting online products!

More and more influencer marketing platforms are accepting micro influencers and feeding them with tons of paid sponsorships, you might not get accepted by some of the big brands but it’s a foot in the door and as you grow your account and develop your skills as an influencer you’ll start to see more and more of the bigger names selecting you for paid posts.

So to answer the question of how many followers do you need to be an influencer: Anywhere from 200+

If you’re looking to get started as an influencer you can checkout the world’s best influencer platforms here >

Awesome Step-By-Step Guide On Growing Your Followers And Making Money As An Instagram Influencer

How To Grow Your Followers And Make Money As An Instagram Influencer!

Seasoned influencing pro, or just starting out, we’re sure you’ll find this article very useful and we’ve tried to cover as many bases as possible from “growth tool hacks” to “influencer platforms” so that you’ll have an upper hand when it comes to making money as an Instagram influencer!

Making money as an Instagram influencer is extremely exciting, lucrative and you will turn it into a full time job if you follow the right steps. You should however, treat this like any other business and success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time, patience and dedication to truly succeed and become a well paid, in-demand influencer.

Fortunately for you we’ve had years of experience in growing accounts and acquiring paid sponsorship so it’s a pleasure to be able to share our knowledge with you:



First things first… You’re going to need an Instagram account if you want to make money as an Instagram Influencer! Download the Instagram app and create an account.

Create one under a business account! This way you’ll get more data and analytics which is very useful for understanding how your posts performed, you can also add “Swipe Up” links on IG stories which are needed when promoting affiliate links or driving traffic to other websites.

You can read an article written by Forbes on: The pro’s and con’s of using an IG business account here >


Before you start posting content you should decide on a niche or theme that your account will follow. Decide on a niche you are knowledgable with, something you have a passion about and can truly be comfortable posting new content each day or week, otherwise you’ll find yourself getting bored a few months down the line.

Brands and companies look to work with “niche focused” accounts and influencers, if all your posts are a jumble of travel, food, tech and horoscopes then it will make things very difficult if you were trying to approach a lipstick or perfume company for sponsorship. The more focused your niche is, the more you’ll be able to charge in a potential sponsorship deal and the more success you’ll have with landing paid promotions.

We wrote an article on the top 5 most profitable niches but be careful if you choose one of these as they are very saturated with thousands of other influencers.


Getting more followers on Instagram can be achieved very easily if you know how. There’s a few different tricks and hacks (paid & free) you can do which helped us grow our account from 0 to over 60,000 followers in just a few months! We’re going to cover all these tips and hacks below, starting with the basics;


When you post content to your Instagram it needs to be an image / video that people find interesting, funny, amazing, strange or cool! The goal is to get high engagement and people commenting or tagging other people so you achieve a higher organic reach. Try to post content daily and at the best time of the day to maximise engagement.

The more likes and comments your post receive, the more Instagram will serve / show your post to other IG users. You can read our other post on how to boost engagement here>


As you can see from above, when we post videos they always out perform the image posts and have much better engagement rates, people react more to video posts so the more you can post video’s the quicker you’ll be able to grow your account. We gained 775 new followers after posting the video compared with only 10 new followers with the image post.


One of our most favourite Instagram tools is Instazood , it can also be used to promote affiliate offers with great results but for the sake of this article we’re just going to show how effective it is for gaining more followers.

Instazood is basically an Instagram bot that will automatically; follow, like, unfollow, comment and direct message other users posts or accounts. Because of it’s super cheap price and very effective results we think it’s the best way of getting followers quick!

Below is an image of our very first day using Instazood, we gained 79 followers in just 24 hours which might not seem like much but if you continue this over 1 month you’ll get 2370 new followers per month, that’s 28,440 per year! We’ve heard of others using instazood and being able to gain over 600-700 new followers each day!

After you setup an account you’ll be able to connect your Instagram profile and login to your dashboard. From here you can start tweaking the settings.

TARGETING SETUP – Firstly you need to let Instazood know what to target, we’ve found that the “Hash-tag” and “Followers” seem to work the best. Instazood is going to automatically follow, like or comment on other users posts or accounts based on the targeting you select.

Because our account is focused on the “Influencer” and “E-commerce” niche we used hashtags like: #Influencer #InfluencerStyle #Influencers #shopify etc.. The instazood bot will then start targeting accounts that have posted images that have used one of those hashtags on their post!

You can select between post OWNER or post LOVERS

  • post OWNER – Will comment, follow or like posts from a person that posted the image or video to their own account with the hashtag you select.
  • Post LOVERS – Will comment, follow or like posts from a person that has taken interest in Post OWNERS post that used the hashtag you select.

COMMENT SETUP – click into the “comment” section and remove all the pre-set comments and create your own. These comments will be posted on other people’s posts, you want to use words / phrases that are generic because these comments will be posted on hundreds of peoples photos. We use things like “”Love It”” “”Nice Post! Checkout Our Page””

Once you have everything setup just leave Instazood to get to work and you’ll start seeing followers in a couple of hours! SIMPLE!


Instagram Engagement Groups are very useful and can help in making your IG posts go viral.

An Instagram Engagement Group is a group of people that have accounts with similar niches as yours. The people in the group work together to help your published posts get more engagement by commenting or liking your recent posts.

We’re in around 30-40 different engagement groups, most of the people in those groups have around 100K-2M followers so when these guys like or comment on our posts it will also show their followers that they have interacted with our posts, this means that you have more chance of their followers checking out your posts and account.

The main reason to use engagement groups though is to make your posts get more engagement. As soon as you publish a new post you can DM that post into the groups and tell the people in those groups what actions you want them to do!

As you can see in the image above, these are other people in the engagement group that have sent the post they want everyone to interact with. L&C (means Like And Comment) and TOP ROW (means they want you to like / comment on all the last 3 posts on their account)

By using IG engagement groups you can trick Instagram’s algorithm! Instagram has complex algorithms and will show your latest post to people that are interested in the image or video you have posted. If A lot of people like the posts and find it interesting then Instagram will serve it to more people! Meaning you’re more likely to get more interaction likes and followers!

By using an engagement group you are tricking Instagram’s Algo by asking people in the engagement groups to comment or like your posts! By doing this Instagram thinks that people really do like your post so they bump up the organic reach and serve your post to much more people!

Be careful though! Instagram are starting to crack down on engagement groups!

We advise that when you ask people in an engagement group to comment your post that you tell them to use a sentence that has 5 or more words!

DON’T get them to simply comment: NICE / COOL / AMAZING / EPIC / WOW – Instagram now knows about these tricks so make sure they comment with a 5+ word sentence on your posts to be effective.


Once you have a few hundred to a few thousand followers you can start finding companies to pay you!

There’s a few different methods you can use to find brands or companies to pay you for sponsored Instagram posts:


There are many Facebook influencer groups where you’ll find brands looking to pay you for sponsored posts, these are really good as you’ll be able to speak with the person directly and find out more about their product or to discuss the payment and terms etc.

We have an Influencer group which you can join here >

Some other influencer Facebook groups we like are:








You can contact brands directly on Instagram to see if they are interested in working with you. This is slightly time consuming and in most cases the companies won’t reply. However if you do want to try this you can start by looking at other influencer posts and checking out the products they are promoting!

If you see influencers promoting products then there’s a high chance that the companies are actively seeking influencers to promote their products!

to search for influencer posts you can type in the Instagram search bar things like: #AD #influencer #influencerswanted #paidpost #collaboration #sponsoredpost #sponsored 

Check the product tags they use and it will take you to the Instagram page for the brand or product, then you can start sending them messages about you being interested in their product and would love to be an influencer for them!


Influencer Advertising Platforms are the best way to find paid work as an influencer!

Influencer platforms have hundreds to thousands of brands that are looking for people just like you to promote their products! You have a much better chance of being selected to run a sponsored post with an influencer platform than you do by reaching out to brands individually! It’s much less time consuming and you can find some really good brands to work with!

You can read our article on the 5 of the worlds best influencer platforms here >

We have also interviewed a few other influencers about how they find paid work and grow their followers, these are a great read and very useful:



If you like this article and found it useful please give it a share!



How To Be A Successful Travel Influencer: Dimitar Hristov

For Dimitar Hristov, working as a luxury travel influencer has been a long-time dream. His content documents the many luxury trips he has taken around the world, men’s fashion, and lifestyle.

On his Instagram (@dhlifestyle), you’ll find everything from photos of Dimitar’s swoon-worthy colorful travel photos, to his workouts in luxury fitness clubs. If you keep scrolling down Dimitar’s Instagram page, you’ll even find a few photos of yummy healthy dessert recipes he’s concocted!

Since he was 12 years old, Dimitar has been passionate about traveling and video editing, saying: “I never get bored of trying new things and now I am extremely dedicated to this industry and I always strive to improve my skills.”

Not only has Dimitar built a large following on Instagram, but he also has his own successful blog where you’ll find details about his travel adventures. He writes blog posts about all things fashion-related, luxury accommodations he stays in around the world (eg Dubai, Morocco, Mexico, Greece, etc), and much more.

As an influencer who focuses on travel, lifestyle, and men’s fashion, he hopes that his content will spread knowledge and inspire his followers to be creative and travel the world.

Since beginning his career as a travel influencer, Dimitar has built a loyal Instagram following of over 110k and has had the chance to work with large brands, including Levi’s, Converse, Vitamix, Moet & Chandon, Hyundai, Daniel Wellington, and many more.

We chatted with Dimitar, who shared with us how he curates new travel content, what his key to success is, and what advice he would give on how to be a travel influencer.

Read the complete interview below.

  • Would you say your Instagram account’s growth happened slowly over time, or quickly in a small period of time?
    It definitely didn’t happen overnight. I started posting on Instagram back in 2014 so it took me about 4 years to grow my page. However, I believe patience is key when building an engaged audience and I’d advise everyone that is just starting out to stay consistent in order to be successful.
  • What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an influencer that focuses primarily on luxury travel & fashion content?
    Freelance life can be challenging as there isn’t a strict salary each month, but I absolutely love doing what I do, and the freedom and creativity that come from being my own boss so I don’t find many challenges.
  • How did you get your start as a social media mogul? Was it a series of events, or one opportunity in particular that kick-started your career?
    I would say there was one night that turned my life around. It was almost a year ago when I was invited to a press event and I was so nervous because it was my first big occasion. On the other hand, I was super excited because I knew I was going to meet up with so many people. After that night, I realized how important it is to network all the time and since then I always try to make new friendships.
  • Do you tailor your content towards your followers, or do you simply post content that reflects your interests and personality?
    That’s a great question and I get it asked all the time. I think people usually struggle to find their niche because there are so many things they’re passionate about. However, I’d suggest posting a mix of everything when they start and see which content gets the most engagement. In the beginning, I started posting mainly about fitness but over time I found that my audience engages way more with my lifestyle content so I decided to make a change.
  • You’ve worked with several large and reputable brands in different industries (eg Levi’s, Moet & Chandon, Hyundai, etc). How did you initially find sponsored work?
    I usually get contacted by brands directly or work on campaigns through influencer marketing platforms.
  • Do you still seek out sponsorships, or do you pick and choose from the brands that come to you?
    I only work with brands that I truly believe in. At the end of the day, my audience trusts me and the last thing I’d do is let them down by promoting something that I don’t really use.
  • How do you agree on a price for paid posts?
    It depends what are the brand requirements. If they’d like me to make a video, they would be willing to pay more because it takes more time to create such content.
  • For a lot of aspiring travel influencers, funding their trips can be an issue when they get started. Do you have any advice for travel influencers who are trying to overcome these barriers?
    I don’t think brands look for your number of followers anymore. So, even if you’re just starting out, try to post original content all the time and pitch yourself to hotels or resorts. If the quality of your posts is good, then you’re likely going to get a complimentary stay in exchange for social media promotion.

  • What are your favorite brands to work with? In the future, are there any you’d love to work with?
    I love working with brands that believe in me and give me the freedom to create great content. In the future, I’d love to work with Nike. (Big fan since a young age).
  • Have you ever really struggled to work with a brand? If so, how did you handle this?
    Fortunately, I haven’t had any bad experiences yet.
  • Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a competitive business. What tips would you give to aspiring influencers looking to get their start in the industry (eg how can they set themselves apart from their competitors)?
    As cliche as it sounds, be unique! In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to tell your story in a unique way. I think it’s great to look for inspiration from other people’s content in the beginning but always stay true to yourself.
  • Do you think you have a personal brand image?
    I think so. I get hundreds of DM’s every day from people telling me how much they like my style and how I motivate them to go out and explore the world. Every time I read such messages, it makes me so energized.
  • Do you have any tips for curating new content that you picked up along the way?
    Take time to plan your Instagram content. It will save you in the long run and ensure your feed is unified and well executed.
  • Have you ever taken any risks in terms of promoting a new product, or introducing new content? If so, what was the result?
    As I said earlier, my biggest concern was to entirely change my niche. I didn’t know how my audience was going to react but fortunately, it turned out they liked my new content even more.
  • Social media is used differently around the world due to cultural distinctions (eg the United States, Australia, Dubai etc). As a luxury travel influencer, is this something you need to consider when you’re posting new content?
    Yes, you have to be careful what you post. For example, when I was in Dubai I wasn’t allowed to post content that includes alcohol. So, do your research before visiting new destinations because otherwise, you can get into trouble.

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How an Influencer Power Couple Built an Empire Using Instagram

In just 4 years, Sarah Harris (@iamsarahharris) and Josh Williams (@wanderwithwilliams), one of Instagram’s power couples, have built a combined loyal following of over 1.8 million Instagram followers and 6.7K YouTube subscribers.

Although the couple is based in Auckland, New Zealand, you’ll find them traveling to luxurious destinations around the world, like Bali, Bora Bora, and Cape Verde.

Sarah and Josh’s Instagram accounts detail their travels around the world, fitness routines, and lifestyle. Moreover, through their careers as influencers, they managed to create a hugely successful watch brand, Sachii (@sachiiwatches).

The couple created Sachii timepieces because they wanted to design refined, minimalistic watches that are also comfortable to wear. Ultimately, the couple wanted to design timepieces that had a more modern look. However, Sachii was also a passion project for them.

After seeing animal abuse up close, Josh and Sarah wanted to put their popularity to good use. With every purchase of their timepieces, Sarah and Josh donate $10 towards Soi Dog Foundation, a charity that helps rescue abused dogs.

It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. Josh and Sarah’s content is colorful, engaging, and gives us serious wanderlust (and makes us want to hit the gym!).

We chatted with Josh and Sarah, who shared with us how they gained their huge followings, and advice they have for aspiring influencers. Read the complete interview below:

We love the Sachii brand! How did you come up with the idea and why did you choose to launch a watch brand?

As content creators, we were sent a number of overpriced “new school” watches. The problem was that they didn’t sit flush on the wrist, the hour marks were too noticeable and they just weren’t modern enough. This inspired us to draw our own collection of minimalistic refined timepieces. We also wanted to have a strong purpose and mission behind our brand so for every watch sold we essentially save a dog’s life by donating $10 to the Soi Dog Foundation which provides food and the necessary medical treatment to save one dog’s life.

What were your biggest struggles when you were in the process of launching Sachii watches?

Dealing with influencers as our number one marketing channel has been an interesting hurdle for us. There’s still a lot of novelty around influencer marketing and a lot of influencers aren’t really sure on how to value themselves which can cause some confusion around collaborations.

You both have very active Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. Do you think that Instagram is better for interacting with your audience than Youtube?

I think that both deliver a lot of value and both provide the opportunity to interact in a very engaging way, but yes. From a business point of view, Instagram is better. For personal branding, youtube is the way as it’s more scalable.

What’s advice can you give aspiring influencers who are trying to get more followers/subscribers? How can you keep them engaged?

It really comes down to three key components – Consistency, Authenticity, Quality.

How do you guys manage to keep up with everything? You both have such active lifestyles from keeping fit, managing your personal training company, running the Sachii brand and then updating your social accounts daily! Is there a routine you stick to throughout the day?

Ha, great question! Having goals in place and utilizing time management tools that ensure we stay on track is a credit to how we’re able to get so much done, but it’s not easy! We spend a good 14-16 hours daily working on everything but for us, we don’t consider it work. Most people would freak out at that but we love it. The daily hustle is exciting and every day is different, we’re building our empire together so we wouldn’t have it any other way. That being said, balance is extremely important to us. Work hard play hard!

Do you think influencers should try launching their own brands or focus on getting paid sponsorships to promote other brands and products instead?

Both, there’s no better time to be focusing on personal branding as it’s only going to get harder to stand out and make a name for yourself. Starting your own thing isn’t always what somebody wants as there’s a lot of stress and hard work involved but yeah ultimately, If you want to really get ahead and set yourself up for the future then starting your own brand on the side is a good move.

Which influencers are you both inspired by?

I personally look up to the likes of Jonny Edlind, Christian Guzman, Ali Gordon, and Jack Morris (doyoutravel) to name a few.

Sarah looks up to the likes of Lydia Millen, Byevelina, and ssssamanthaa.

Do you have any plans for Sachii watches in the future?

We’ve actually just released our brand new packaging which we have a ton of raving fans over right now and we’re so happy with. We also have a new women’s line coming out in time for Christmas which features a smaller face with new colors which we’re really amped about. Other than the watches, we just really wanna make a difference, our goal for the next 12 months is to have saved over 1000 dogs which we are super motivated to try and do!

Do you use other influencers to promote the watch brand? And if so what do you look for when selecting influencers to work with?

Yes, influencer marketing is actually our number one marketing channel. We look for people with great content that have a good engaging audience that would be well aligned with our brand. Sometimes we find people that may have very little followings but have extremely cute dogs which we still collaborate with as our mission is to save rescue dogs so its all very well aligned.

What key advice would you give people that are trying to break into the world of influencer marketing (both as an influencer and as a brand)?

Figure out exactly WHO your target market is. You may have the best product in the world but if it’s not put in front of the right people it’s not gonna sell. For personal branding, it’s really the same but focus on being authentic and genuine, deliver great content and figure out how to constantly add value to your audience.

5 Different Types Of Influencers – Which One Are You?

Last year, the influencer marketing industry grew by 198%? It’s very clear that brands are taking influencers very seriously, regardless of their size. Influencers can be put into 5 categories depending on their follower count and engagement rates:

Lets take a look at the 5 different types of influencers you can expect to find while scrolling through your Instagram feed or Youtube channels:

1) Micro Influencers –

These are people that are fairly new to Influence Marketing, either they started a new youtube channel or are looking to monetise their Instagram account. Micro Influencers usually have between 100-10K followers / subscribers.

They are cheap to use but don’t let that fool you because micro influencers generally have the highest engagement rates! This is due to the fact that most of their followers are close friends or family members that are highly engaged with the content they post, this means that there’s a much higher chance of making sales when promoting a product with a micro influencer! The ROI from these types of influencers can be huge!

2) Brand Ambassadors –

Brand Ambassadors are basically influencers that are under contract / sponsorship or hired by 1 or 2 companies. Depending on the contract, they are only allowed to promote the products from the company that the contract states.

Brand ambassadors usually have a following of around 80K-200K+ with highly engaged audiences that focus on a specific niche! Because of the focused niche and highly engaged audiences, big companies love to have ambassadors instead of just hiring influencers. Because of the loyalty and dedication to the brand, ambassadors can be paid a little more than your typical influencer! You can negotiate more and also receive many products in the post!

A supplement company called Shredz executed their marketing campaigns perfectly by poaching fitness athletes and influencers that they signed deals with to make sure they only promoted the Shredz brand.

Shredz was voted one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the world and it’s all thanks to their army of dedicated brand ambassadors.

Unfortunately Shredz came under scrutiny after they were found to be photoshopping most of their athletes bodies to make them look more aesthetic. It was one of the biggest fitness scandals on social media in 2017

With all that being said it’s easy to see why brand ambassadors can be a great asset for any company with an online presence.

3) Mega Influencers –

Mega Influencers are the crème de la crème and highly valued for companies wanting to push traffic or awareness to their products or services. Mega influencers typically have anywhere from 100K-5Million followers and can charge anywhere from $2K up to $200K per sponsored post!

A company called SkinnyMeTea founded by A marketing powerhouse “Gretta Rose Van Riel” owes A great deal of her success to their Mega Influencers, they’ve hand selected the most influential “Instagrammers” to create a powerful brand that dominates other leading tea companies.

Gretta managed to pull over $1Million in sales in their first hour when she launched her Tea brand online!! Crazy!

4) Content Creators –

These are our favourite type of influencers and the most inspiring, content creators actually don’t like to be called influencers but deep down they know they are still, influencers…

Content creators are are super creative and bring the most magnificent images and videos to your phone screens! A good example of A content creator is “Beautiful Destinations” founded by Jeremy Jauncey

Jeremy’s team travel the world creating the most magical video’s the world has ever seen! We really envy the lifestyles of these guys, i mean being paid to travel the world and take shots of stunning destinations isn’t a bad way to live life!

Another amazing content creator is Sam Kolder! A popular Youtuber with over 1Million followers on Instagram:

Sam Kolder is a travel influencer / content creator and has been hired by some of the biggest companies in the world including Hyundai, Gym Shark, Go Pro and many more!

Sam creates video ads that really engage viewers, Sams twist on the typical form of advertising makes him a leader in this field and marks a trend that brands and companies are now following.


5) Celebrity Influencers –

Probably the most expensive and difficult influencers to hop on board are Celeb influencers!  Landing a celeb to promote your brand or product is a big deal and doesn’t come without difficulty. Due to the crazy amount of followers they have, getting your message about how you want them to promote your product into their inbox and seen by them is very slim. Celebs typically have sponsorship managers that take care of all business enquiries, thats not to say you wont land a celeb influencer by dropping a message to their Instagram DM.

An influence marketing genius – Josh Elizetxe is an expert when it comes to celeb influencers and has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to celebrities to promote his teeth whitening brand “SNOW

Josh has built multiple million dollar companies all powered by celebrity endorsements from Chuck Liddell to Floyd Mayweather!

Celeb Influencers are the most sought after people to work with when promoting a brand at scale. The impact from celebrity endorsements is huge and game changing!

Thats our list of the 5 different types of influencers and we hope it gives you some clarity when searching for influencers to promote your brand or product!!

TIP! Influencer Engagement Rates – Rule Of Thumb:

5 Reasons to Use Twitch Influencers to Promote Your Brand or Product

For marketers, promoting their brands and products on influencer platforms is a proven formula. Influencer marketing works, and it’s only getting bigger and better as time goes by. The hardest question in this unique market is often:

“Which influencer platform should I use to promote my brand or product?!”

The honest answer to this question will always be: It depends. Every platform has it’s good and bad side and it really depends on your brand image to decide which one is the best for you.

The most overlooked platform for influencer marketing is Being mainly focused on gamers, Twitch is a streaming platform that hosts millions of viewers each day. But Twitch can be one of the best platforms if you’re looking to find the best influencer for your brand.  Continue reading “5 Reasons to Use Twitch Influencers to Promote Your Brand or Product”

8 Ways Influencers Can Make Money Streaming On Twitch

Looking to become a Twitch Influencer? is a streaming platform that hosts more than 15 million users DAILY. It’s a very popular platform with some of the most active & committed users, making it excellent for influencers who want to impact the world and make some money in the process.

When it comes to making money doing what you love… Twitch trumps everything else. It’s a very profitable platform when it comes to influence marketing, and there’s a a lot of different options that streamers can take to make additional money.

If you’re looking for reasons to become a Twitch influencer, feel free to check out this article. Now…

For all of you who made up your minds on becoming a successful Twitch influencer, the next step is to know & understand the ways you can make money on this platform. With that in mind, I prepared a list of 8 ways influencers can make money streaming on Twitch.

So, let’s take a look at it!

Before You Begin….

The first step to making any serious money on this platform is to become a Twitch Affiliate. This will give you additional options & perks that you can use to monetize your stream. It’s pretty hard to make any real money before this step is complete so it’s pretty much a must-do thing. The only way to make money before becoming an affiliate is through viewer donations.

But… don’t worry. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is easy, you need to complete only a few basic steps and that’s it. You need to have these stats:

How to Become Twitch Affiliate

  • Stream for at least 30 days
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Stream at least on 7 unique days, total of 500 minutes
  • Average 3 or more concurrent viewers

The hardest part is obviously waiting 30 days, but it’s totally worth it! After those initial 30 days, you can enroll in the Affiliate Program, giving you options like subscriptions, ads etc. that will make it way easier to monetize your channel.

Additionally, if you grow a large enough channel, you can become a Twitch Partner, and have even more benefits and privileges. 

Let’s get into it now. Here’s 8 ways you can make money as a Twitch Influencer:

1) Channel Subscriptions

Collecting subscribers is probably the best & most profitable method of making money for almost every streamer. Having loyal followers who support you & pay money each month is one of the best features of Twitch platform. Unlike on other platforms where you constantly have to beg your followers to do this and that, on Twitch you simply have to show up every month and your followers will keep subscribing to you.

The way Twitch subscriptions work is simple.

Twitch Subscriptions for Influencers

You simply do your thing and show up to stream, and your followers will have the option to subscribe to your channel & support you. There are 4 kinds of subscriptions:

  • Amazon Prime
  • 1st Tier = $4.99
  • 2nd Tier = $9.99
  • 3rd Tier = $24.99

From each one of these, you earn a & cut based on your deal with Twitch. The more subscribers you have, the better. Once you become large enough to become Twitch Partner, you will have additional perks and more % cuts on each subscriber, making even more money. So just keep going until you get there!

2) Donations

Receiving donations is another great way to make money streaming on Twitch. And you don’t have to be an affiliate to receive donations. So you can make money even in the first 30 days of your Twitch career. By providing entertainment, your viewers will have the option to donate their money to you as a “thank you”.

There are multiple ways you can compel people to donate even more, whether that’s setting donation goals, having “top donors” rankings or simply giving shout-outs & doing things for your donors. However, that’s a huge topic on it’s own, so we’ll leave it for some other time.

Next up…

3) Twitch Ads

Another great way to make $$ is to play ads on your channel while streaming.

How To Use Twitch Ads To Make Money As An Influencer

Playing advertisements is a great way to earn some additional money on your channel. You are getting paid for each 1000 viewers who see your ad. The amount you get paid will vary from time to time, season to season, for example – ads make more money on holidays such as Christmas than on regular summer days.

Ads can sometimes be annoying for your followers, but you can always pick specific times to play them, like during bathroom breaks for example. You get to pick whether you want to play longer or shorter ads, so you can always lessen that frustration.

Additionally, some viewers will have AdBlockers but will turn them off to support their favorite streamers.

4) Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking is not connected to the Twitch Affiliate program, so don’t get confused. The way it works is you connect to a 3rd party affiliate program, outside of twitch, and promote their links on your channel.

By joining these affiliate networks, you can set-up your Twitch automation bots to post links to specific products / services that you’re affiliated with, and you will earn % cut of all sales that come from your channel. Additionally, you can also have affiliate links set up in your channel bio with useful graphics to help your viewers understand what is it that you’re promoting.

Using affiliate links is a great way to earn some additional income on Twitch.

5) Sell Merchandise

Another great way to make money on Twitch is to promote / sell some cool merchandise like T-shirts, caps and other great stuff.

Make Money on Twitch Selling Merchandise

You can sell pretty much anything! – Fun items like coffee cups, decorations, toys, clothes, anything really. But what merchandise do I sell? Well, you can have your own customized merch that you make 100% profit from, or you can be an affiliate to someone else’s merchandise – by endorsing them (more on that later).

Selling merchandise is a great way to make money on Twitch, especially if your followers are loyal enough that they will buy almost anything you offer them!

6) Twitch Bits / Cheers

Twitch Bits, in short – paying to cheer a message on your channel is a cool new, unique feature that Twitch came up with. It works the best on large channels where chat is moving too fast, so some of your viewers choose to “cheer” to have their message stand out from the crowd.

Make Money With Twitch Bits

Twitch cheering is a really fun feature that brings entertainment to your channel. You will have access to it once you become a Twitch Affiliate and you can use it to it’s full extent to earn some additional income from your most loyal followers.

7) Endorsements / Sponsorship

It works exactly as it sounds – once you become a well-known streamer with large, loyal audience, you will be approached by sponsors who want to be endorsed by you. These sponsors will often vary, from various gaming item companies to professional gaming teams who want you to join their team.

Once you have a sponsor, you will be able to endorse their products, making money from affiliate links and of course have that additional reach to people who follow your sponsor. Every large Twitch influencer has a sponsor, and you will probably have one too once you grow a large enough channel and start influencing a lot of people!

8) Game Sales

And last but not least… you can also make money by selling the game that you’re playing! By playing games that are available for sale, or have in-game items on sale, your viewers will be able to buy these games by watching your stream, making you some additional money in the process.

Make Money Influencing On Twitch

You’re basically working as an affiliate to that game that you’re playing – crazy, right?!

And there you go…

You now have 8 amazing ways that you can make money as an Influencer on Twitch and believe me – these are more than enough! If you use them to your follow extent, they will make you a very successful streamer. Just keep working at it and who knows, maybe one day you will be earning millions each month, like Ninja does.

So go ahead and start your career as a Twitch Influencer!