5 Reasons to Use Twitch Influencers to Promote Your Brand or Product

For marketers, promoting their brands and products on influencer platforms is a proven formula. Influencer marketing works, and it’s only getting bigger and better as time goes by. The hardest question in this unique market is often:

“Which influencer platform should I use to promote my brand or product?!”

The honest answer to this question will always be: It depends. Every platform has it’s good and bad side and it really depends on your brand image to decide which one is the best for you.

The most overlooked platform for influencer marketing is Twitch.tv. Being mainly focused on gamers, Twitch is a streaming platform that hosts millions of viewers each day. But Twitch can be one of the best platforms if you’re looking to find the best influencer for your brand.  Continue reading “5 Reasons to Use Twitch Influencers to Promote Your Brand or Product”

8 Ways Influencers Can Make Money Streaming On Twitch

Looking to become a Twitch Influencer? 

Twitch.tv is a streaming platform that hosts more than 15 million users DAILY. It’s a very popular platform with some of the most active & committed users, making it excellent for influencers who want to impact the world and make some money in the process.

When it comes to making money doing what you love… Twitch trumps everything else. It’s a very profitable platform when it comes to influence marketing, and there’s a a lot of different options that streamers can take to make additional money.

If you’re looking for reasons to become a Twitch influencer, feel free to check out this article. Now…

For all of you who made up your minds on becoming a successful Twitch influencer, the next step is to know & understand the ways you can make money on this platform. With that in mind, I prepared a list of 8 ways influencers can make money streaming on Twitch.

So, let’s take a look at it!

Before You Begin….

The first step to making any serious money on this platform is to become a Twitch Affiliate. This will give you additional options & perks that you can use to monetize your stream. It’s pretty hard to make any real money before this step is complete so it’s pretty much a must-do thing. The only way to make money before becoming an affiliate is through viewer donations.

But… don’t worry. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is easy, you need to complete only a few basic steps and that’s it. You need to have these stats:

How to Become Twitch Affiliate

  • Stream for at least 30 days
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Stream at least on 7 unique days, total of 500 minutes
  • Average 3 or more concurrent viewers

The hardest part is obviously waiting 30 days, but it’s totally worth it! After those initial 30 days, you can enroll in the Affiliate Program, giving you options like subscriptions, ads etc. that will make it way easier to monetize your channel.

Additionally, if you grow a large enough channel, you can become a Twitch Partner, and have even more benefits and privileges. 

Let’s get into it now. Here’s 8 ways you can make money as a Twitch Influencer:

1) Channel Subscriptions

Collecting subscribers is probably the best & most profitable method of making money for almost every streamer. Having loyal followers who support you & pay money each month is one of the best features of Twitch platform. Unlike on other platforms where you constantly have to beg your followers to do this and that, on Twitch you simply have to show up every month and your followers will keep subscribing to you.

The way Twitch subscriptions work is simple.

Twitch Subscriptions for Influencers

You simply do your thing and show up to stream, and your followers will have the option to subscribe to your channel & support you. There are 4 kinds of subscriptions:

  • Amazon Prime
  • 1st Tier = $4.99
  • 2nd Tier = $9.99
  • 3rd Tier = $24.99

From each one of these, you earn a & cut based on your deal with Twitch. The more subscribers you have, the better. Once you become large enough to become Twitch Partner, you will have additional perks and more % cuts on each subscriber, making even more money. So just keep going until you get there!

2) Donations

Receiving donations is another great way to make money streaming on Twitch. And you don’t have to be an affiliate to receive donations. So you can make money even in the first 30 days of your Twitch career. By providing entertainment, your viewers will have the option to donate their money to you as a “thank you”.

There are multiple ways you can compel people to donate even more, whether that’s setting donation goals, having “top donors” rankings or simply giving shout-outs & doing things for your donors. However, that’s a huge topic on it’s own, so we’ll leave it for some other time.

Next up…

3) Twitch Ads

Another great way to make $$ is to play ads on your channel while streaming.

How To Use Twitch Ads To Make Money As An Influencer

Playing advertisements is a great way to earn some additional money on your channel. You are getting paid for each 1000 viewers who see your ad. The amount you get paid will vary from time to time, season to season, for example – ads make more money on holidays such as Christmas than on regular summer days.

Ads can sometimes be annoying for your followers, but you can always pick specific times to play them, like during bathroom breaks for example. You get to pick whether you want to play longer or shorter ads, so you can always lessen that frustration.

Additionally, some viewers will have AdBlockers but will turn them off to support their favorite streamers.

4) Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking is not connected to the Twitch Affiliate program, so don’t get confused. The way it works is you connect to a 3rd party affiliate program, outside of twitch, and promote their links on your channel.

By joining these affiliate networks, you can set-up your Twitch automation bots to post links to specific products / services that you’re affiliated with, and you will earn % cut of all sales that come from your channel. Additionally, you can also have affiliate links set up in your channel bio with useful graphics to help your viewers understand what is it that you’re promoting.

Using affiliate links is a great way to earn some additional income on Twitch.

5) Sell Merchandise

Another great way to make money on Twitch is to promote / sell some cool merchandise like T-shirts, caps and other great stuff.

Make Money on Twitch Selling Merchandise

You can sell pretty much anything! – Fun items like coffee cups, decorations, toys, clothes, anything really. But what merchandise do I sell? Well, you can have your own customized merch that you make 100% profit from, or you can be an affiliate to someone else’s merchandise – by endorsing them (more on that later).

Selling merchandise is a great way to make money on Twitch, especially if your followers are loyal enough that they will buy almost anything you offer them!

6) Twitch Bits / Cheers

Twitch Bits, in short – paying to cheer a message on your channel is a cool new, unique feature that Twitch came up with. It works the best on large channels where chat is moving too fast, so some of your viewers choose to “cheer” to have their message stand out from the crowd.

Make Money With Twitch Bits

Twitch cheering is a really fun feature that brings entertainment to your channel. You will have access to it once you become a Twitch Affiliate and you can use it to it’s full extent to earn some additional income from your most loyal followers.

7) Endorsements / Sponsorship

It works exactly as it sounds – once you become a well-known streamer with large, loyal audience, you will be approached by sponsors who want to be endorsed by you. These sponsors will often vary, from various gaming item companies to professional gaming teams who want you to join their team.

Once you have a sponsor, you will be able to endorse their products, making money from affiliate links and of course have that additional reach to people who follow your sponsor. Every large Twitch influencer has a sponsor, and you will probably have one too once you grow a large enough channel and start influencing a lot of people!

8) Game Sales

And last but not least… you can also make money by selling the game that you’re playing! By playing games that are available for sale, or have in-game items on sale, your viewers will be able to buy these games by watching your stream, making you some additional money in the process.

Make Money Influencing On Twitch

You’re basically working as an affiliate to that game that you’re playing – crazy, right?!

And there you go…

You now have 8 amazing ways that you can make money as an Influencer on Twitch and believe me – these are more than enough! If you use them to your follow extent, they will make you a very successful streamer. Just keep working at it and who knows, maybe one day you will be earning millions each month, like Ninja does.

So go ahead and start your career as a Twitch Influencer! 



Top 5 Twitch Influencers to Follow and Learn From

Twitch.tv is a streaming platform that hosts millions of users each month and there’s definitely a lot of interest in it, both from influencers and marketers. Twitch has taken influence marketing by the storm and it’s only getting bigger.

There are a lot of great reasons to become a twitch influencer, and it’s quite a fun life to live. Popular Twitch influencers are making a lot of money while having fun, and many people wonder just how they do it.

In this article, we’re going to explore top 5 Twitch influencers that you can follow and learn from, and there’s always a good lesson hiding behind popular figures. Let’s go!

1. Ninja

Ninja Influencer
Source: ESPN

By far the most popular Twitch streamer, internet celebrity and also a YouTuber is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who took the influencer world by storm in 2018. This is the man who achieved almost everything there is to achieve when it comes to influencing from scratch.

Before 2018, he was just a smaller streamer playing shooter games, and now he’s become the first eSports figure to be featured on the cover of ESPN magazine. As soon as he goes live, thousands of people join his stream and he always averages 50-60,000 viewers. On top of that, his YouTube channel has 19 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular single person channels ever.

Ninja should be studied by everyone who’s looking to become a popular influencer, not just on Twitch or YouTube but on any social media platform. He has all the key elements that make influencer great, and you should definitely pay close attention to him.

If you want to learn more about Ninja as an influencer, check out this article!


LIRIK Influencer

Saqib “LIRIK” Zahid is one of the first original Twitch influencers, with years of experience on this platform. He also has one of the largest followings on his channel, crossing just over 2 million followers.

LIRIK is best known for his variety when it comes to streaming, as he likes to play a lot of new games as they are coming out. He’s always one of the first influencers to try a new game and that’s one of the key reasons for his enormous popularity.

3. Summit1g

Summit1G Influencer

Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar is among the top Twitch streamers of all time. He became the most followed streamer in January 2018, but was quickly overtaken by Ninja as his popularity rose up.

Summit1g used to be a pro Counter-Strike player before deciding to ditch that career to go into streaming and influencing full time. Well, one thing is for sure – it was totally worth it! Summit is a classic example of someone who decided to quit their old profession and pursue influencing, with great success.

There’s a reason why he became the most popular Twitch influencer – he’s skilled, fun, entertaining and knowledgeable – a perfect combination for this platform.

4. Imaqtpie

Imaqtpie Influencer

Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana is one of the most unique personalities on Twitch platform. Much like Summit1g, he also used to be a pro player – he played League of Legends professionally for a few years before deciding to become a streamer.

He was a great player, but the League of Legends community knew him mostly because of his hilarious personality. Everyone, including himself, knew that he was destined to be a Twitch influencer, and he did exactly that.

He is now one of the most popular Twitch streamers and is definitely a lesson for anyone trying to build a unique influencer personality. If you’re looking for some entertaining gameplay with a touch of golden comedy, take a peek at Imaqtpie’s Twitch channel.

5. Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin Influencer

I’ve been following Twitch and it’s influencers ever since the platform first started to get popular, and I can tell you for certain that this guy is one of the most unique influencers out there.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris used to be just a regular World of Warcraft player, that is until he blew up as an influencer. His secret sauce was his crazy personality that made him stand out at that time.

I remember watching some of his first streams when he had just a few hundred viewers – he used to ink his whole body with markers for anyone who donated any money to him. It was one of a time experience watching a guy draw names over his pecs for $10. But that was the first sign of his unique gift – amazing personality that stands out.

Nowadays, Sodapoppin has millions of followers and his streams average 20-30,000 viewers. He also became a lot more matured compared to his old days, and it’s actually a fascinating transformation to observe. If you’re looking for a smart, entertaining and skilled guy, give him a shot and let him impress you as he impressed me years ago.

Continue reading “Top 5 Twitch Influencers to Follow and Learn From”

Here’s How Much Money You Can Make as Twitch Influencer

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Twitch platform and Influencers who are trying to get into it. More and more people are starting to realize how great this platform really is, and that’s really cool!

If you’re trying to start a career streaming on Twitch, you have a lot of options laid before you. There are many great ways to make money as an Influencer on Twitch. But it always comes down to the exact numbers, rather than methods.

In this article, we’re going to explore some numbers to determine how much money can be made, and how many average monthly viewers do you need as a Twitch Influencer to make a living out of doing this.

Exactly How Much Money Can You Make On Twitch?

The exact numbers are obviously impossible to be determined. There are too many factors, from number of subscribers to a random donations and affiliate sales. But even so, let’s try to arrive at a decent average number based on the statistics.

The most popular Influencer on Twitch, Ninja – makes close to a million EACH MONTH.

How Much Money Ninja Makes

According to this website for Twitch statistics, he currently has 73000 subscribers on his channel. That’s a lot of sources of income that come through almost every month. As we mentioned in our earlier article about Twitch’s subscription system, these subs are split into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 = $4.99 / month
  • Tier 2 = $9.99 / month
  • Tier 3 = $24.99 / month

With that in mind, it’s impossible to determine how many of those 73000 subscribers have Tier 3 subscriptions for example, but the general rule is that 80% of subscribers belong to the first tier, 15% to the second one and only the most loyal 5% actually sub with tier 3.

If my math is correct, that’s just short of $400.000 each month from subscriptions only, given that twitch takes at least 20% cut from their partners. But keep in mind that most of Ninja’s earnings comes from his clothing company, sponsors and donations.

That’s a lot of money right there. And even smaller Influencers can still make a lot of money just from subscriptions. Also, do keep in mind that smaller communities are often more loyal and thus willing to invest more, so on average you will have more subscribers than Ninja per 1000 viewers on your stream.

The golden rule of “making a living by streaming on twitch” is: An average of 500 viewers per stream can make you just enough money to go by, which is usually between $3000 to $5000 per month.

Making Money on Twitch.Tv

But What About Other Methods?

Well that’s the best part! You can usually make more money with other methods than with subscriptions. That can be anything such as donations, affiliate sales, cheers, selling products… anything really. If you want to know some of the best ways to make money by streaming on Twitch – check out this article.

All donations are 100% yours – so if someone decides to donate $100 to you, you get to keep all of that, Twitch takes nothing. Donations can be a very meaningful income for Twitch Influencers, especially if done properly.

With average of 500 viewers, you can make anywhere between $500 to $10000 each month just from donations. Your viewers love “special moments” and if you can create a lot of those, they will be more likely to donate to you.

On the other hand, you have things such as affiliate sales, game sales, sponsorships… and although this won’t make you a lot of money per say, you can still get a lot of valuable items, merchandise and even be invited to large events.

I remember back in 2015 during my League of Legend days, when RedBull was sponsoring $500 and 100 cans each month to some of it’s streamers, and they were relatively small Influencers with only few hundred viewers on average.

Calculating Influencer Earnings

To Conclude…

  • The Golden “Make a Living From Streaming” Rule: Average at least 500 viewers / month
  • Subscriptions are very important, 100 subscribers = up to $700 / month
  • Micro-Influencers have more engagement and better followers
  • Donations can bring you a ton of money… if you know how to incentivize your viewers, by creating unique emotional moments, you can make up to $10.000 with only a handful of active followers. And remember, one good follower may donate more than all of the rest, so make sure you create strong connections with your viewers.
  • Sponsors / Endorsements are a great way to make additional cash and get invited to large events at the same time, oh and also – free merch!
  • Twitch “celebrities” can easily make $1.000.000 a year, and they average anywhere from 10.000 to 50.000 viewers per stream.
  • And final conclusion… Twitch is an awesome platform for Influencers to make money.



6 Epic Ways To Grow Your Twitch Channel & Become a Successful Twitch Influencer

If you’ve already made up your mind on becoming an Influencer on Twitch.tv platform, and there’s a lot of good reasons to do so – you’re probably wondering how to grow your channel and reach a bigger audience.

Growing your influence on Twitch can often be a hard task, but once you understand the basic principles, it simply becomes a matter of time before you see success. Being a Twitch influencer is a great, passionate calling, and you deserve to know the best methods that will help you gain more viewers and followers. Now…

Here’s 6 Epic Ways For growing your Twitch channel:

1. Interact With Your Audience

This a simple one, and yet it’s often the most overlooked step when trying to grow your channel. Interacting with your audience is a very important step on the path to becoming a successful twitch influencer.

Statistics show that streamers who focus on interaction become way more successful than those who don’t, and it’s obvious to see why. Everyone likes interacting with their favorite streamers and influencers. Your followers will very much appreciate all the kind words, replies or shout-outs and as a reward, they will become even more loyal to you.

If you want to be a successful Twitch Influencer – focus on interacting with your audience.

How to Become a Successful Twitch Influencer

It may get really hard, especially when your channel grows and you attract more and more people to your stream, but it’s important to always stay in touch with your audience, especially those who were there from the very start.

2. Stay Consistent

Another great way to grow your Twitch channel is to simply be consistent. This step also sounds simple, but it ALSO gets overlooked.

Most streamers decide to take too many “breaks” and “vacations”, and their followers just sort of forget about them. You don’t want this to happen. If you want to become a successful influencer, and just on Twitch but on any other platform – you have to stay consistent, you have to treat it as your duty.

Becoming a successful influecner has a lot of benefits, but it also comes with responsibility, and you are very much responsible to constantly create content for your loyal followers.

Follow this step just for a few weeks, and you channel will grow immensely.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

If you truly want to be big & famous, you have to somehow stand out from the crowd. You can’t just expect to do what everyone else does and succeed.

Successful Twitch Influencers Stand Out

It’s a good advice to copy their methods and principles, but never copy someones brand identity, because that will never work. For example, you should look at great influencers like Ninja as a guide to your own success, but you have to add your own spice to it.

Do something that’s uniquely yours and stand out from the crowd. Soon enough, you will attract audience that is entertained by your unique ways, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Network With Other Streamers

Making friends is never a bad idea – right?

Of course not, and that’s exactly what you should do on this platform. Go out there and spend some time researching streamers in your specific niche, and try to get in touch with them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “power move”, you should simply try to get your name out there so it’s known to a wider audience.

You may even meet some Influencers that you like a lot, that are similar to you in many ways. Once you find these special human beings, go and form powerful connections with them and in return you will both grow as a result.

Networking is always a great idea, and just when it comes to influencing but also business and life in general. If you want to be a successful Twitch influencer, you have to network with other influencers and streamers.

5. Host Contests & Giveaways

Another great way to grow your channel is to host contests and giveaways. Now you might be saying…

“But I don’t have the budget to give away stuff for free?!”

Fair point but… you don’t necessarily have to giveaway material things. Giveaways and contents can be something as simple as playing games together with your followers who win. So go ahead and create some unique campaigns and reward your audience.

Contests and giveaways really work because your followers will share your channel and invite their friends to join, giving you even more exposure and publicity. It’s a key element to becoming a successful Twitch influencer.

6. Leverage Social Media

And finally, the best way to become a successful Twitch influecner…

is to be a successful influencer outside of Twitch! 

You should always be using your social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even YouTube to talk about your channel and spread your message. In fact, this step might be the most important one in your journey to success on Twitch.tv platform.

Social Media Influencers
Image Credits https://makeawebsitehub.com/

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with viral videos, comments and opinions from your selected community, and you can reach a ton of people that otherwise would never hear about you.

On top of that, Twitch makes it really easy to share your highlights by cutting out small clips and sharing them on other platforms, giving you even more space to grow as an Influencer.

If you feel like you’re stuck and your channel isn’t moving forward… pay close attention to these 6 steps, at least for a month. Give them a shot and see how it works out for you, and I promise that the results will be very positive.

You know have the top 6 ways to grow your Twitch channel, so go out there and spread your influence, and once you become successful… don’t forget who helped you!


How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make?

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is one of the most popular internet celebrities for a few years now. He was one of the first real “influencers” to come on the YouTube stage, and he hasn’t stopped ever since. He started his YouTube career back in 2010, and since then, he made more than $120,000,000 as reported by Forbes magazine. His estimated net worth in 2018 is somewhere between $55-60 million.

PewDiePie owes most of his success to influence marketing, and most of his earnings come from his very loyal fanbase. As of October 2018, he has over 67 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making his channel rank #1 per amount of subscribers. His videos have accumulated a total of 18 BILLION views so far, which is unbelievable for a single guy who records from the comforts of his home.

But how could one single guy dominate an entire platform competing with real celebrities and companies all over the world? 

All I can say to that is – It’s the power of internet influencers.

But the question that remains is: how much money does he make right now? In this article, we’ll try to figure out exactly that, so stay tuned! Starting off…

How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make?

Obviously, PewDiePie’s main source of income is his YouTube channel, but apart from that, he gets additional money from sponsors and affiliate links. If you’re interested to see some of the best ways YouTube influencers make money, feel free to check this out.

PewDiePie influencer earnings

YouTube’s advertising revenue comes down to X amount of $ per 1000 views. That depends on many things, such as interaction, engagement, amount of subscribers and so on. PewDiePie reportedly makes $7.50 per 1000 views in his channel. In September 2018, his videos from that month accounted for 120 000 000 views. On top of that, add up all of his other videos that are gaining views each second, which is just impossible to calculate.

Adding the numbers up, it leaves us with slightly over $1,000,000 per month. 

And that’s just from YouTube and its advertising.

On top of that, PewDiePie sells his own merchandise and has affiliate links to his recording setup, stuff like headphones, greenscreen, PC etc.  If that wasn’t enough – he probably gets money from all the other sponsors, like the video games that he plays, it’s just insane!

It’s entirely possible that he makes more money from other sources compared to his YouTube channel revenue. It is impossible to precisely calculate all of those earnings, but there are viable estimates that can be given.

Oh, and there’s something I completely forgot. You might be wondering about Pewdiepie’s other social platforms? Instagram, Twitter, Twitch? He probably makes a decent amount of money on all of those platforms as well, and let’s not forget that he also wrote a book.

However, just recently, PewDiePie was at a risk of losing a lot of his guaranteed revenue, and you might be wondering how exactly that happened.

PewDiePie Drama

Back in 2017, PewDiePie got a lot of media attention for his racist remarks during one of the live streams on his Twitch channel. While playing a popular Twitch game – PUBG, he called one random guy the N-word, which pulled a lot of negative attention to him.

PewDiePie drama

Because of that, he lost a lot of his sponsors like Disney, and many more, including having some of his YouTube perks removed and videos demonetized. All of that drama dropped his income by about 20%, but it threatened to do much more than that. On top of all that, he also had a lot of drama for calling another streamer a “Twitch thot”, suggesting that she’s on the platform just to make money. This didn’t help his reputation either.

PewDiePie apologized for his mistakes, and everything seems to have settled down for now. He still managed to retain most of his core fanbase, and he keeps getting more subscribers and making more money with each month.

We’ve been through a lot of information and numbers so far, so let’s make a conclusion.

So.. How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make per Year?

Given all the data, we can say for sure that PewDiePie makes more than $12,000,000 each year from YouTube alone. On top of that, he also makes money from influence marketing and things like sponsors, affiliate links and selling merchandise.

With his numbers and roughly 150,000,000 video views each month, we can safely estimate that he makes millions from his merchandise sales and sponsors as well. With all that said…

PewDiePie is guaranteed to make at least $20,000,000 per year.

PewDiePie makes a lot of money

And to be honest – I’m probably being a little modest when I say that. When it comes to influencer marketing, there are simply too many ways to make money, so it’s impossible to know for sure.


Close Look at The Best Influencer on Twitch – Ninja

This man took the gaming world by storm, have you heard of Ninja? 

If you’re any familiar with Twitch platform (and you should be – here’s why), you probably heard of Ninja. And even if you aren’t, you probably still heard him being mentioned somewhere. He played together with many popular celebrities, including Drake  –  during that stream they broke Twitch’s record for most concurrent viewers on individual stream.

Who is Ninja?

Tyler Ninja Blevins is a popular streaming / Youtube celebrity who became the most popular “eSports” athlete in just a few months. He is the first ever gamer to be featured on a cover of ESPN magazine. With that, he became a legend in the gaming community, and will definitely be remembered as one of the most impactful Influencers ever when it comes to gaming.

He makes millions – by influencing millions.

Ninja Influencer
Source: ESPN

He started off as just a small Halo streamer from the comforts of his own home, and managed to turn himself into a worldwide celebrity just by playing video games.

When the game Fortnite blew up on Twitch, so did Ninja. His popularity grew every month, and more and more people started to follow him. As of this moment, he has 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he also dominates Twitch platform – holding the record for “most followed streamer” with 11 million followers. He also averages 43.000 viewers per stream – that means more than 40k people watch him every day, and all he has to do is show up and do his thing.

He started off as a small streamer, with hundreds of loyal followers. But once he got into Fortnite, the snowball started to get bigger. He slowly gained popularity, little by little, and eventually he got to become the most popular streamer ever.

The key reason to his success, apart from Fortnite’s popularity, is definitely his unique, charismatic personality and his insane gaming skills. Ninja is a very entertaining streamer, and a really good player on top of all that.

Popular Influencer and Celebrity

Ninja is a very successful Influencer. He embodies some of the best qualities that make a great influencer – charismatic, entertaining, informative, unique. There’s a reason why thousands of people show up every day just to watch him. And the best part about his influencing career is the fact that he does it on so many platforms – Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… you name it and he’s there.

For all those aspiring Twitch influencers, Ninja can serve as a great case-study on what to do in order to succeed. It’s not about replicating what he does, it’s about knowing the underlying principles of what made him so successful, like the qualities I mentioned above.

Successful Influencers

You can catch him streaming at this link: https://www.twitch.tv/ninja

Ninja played with many famous celebrities, including Drake, Travis Scott, Juju, Chance The Rapper, Marshmallow and many, many more. While this helped a lot to gain his stardom status, he attracted all of these celebrities by already being a very famous, charismatic streamer.

He also hosted his own Fortnite event in Las Vegas, where thousands of people came to see him play, including other popular streamers.

For all these reasons, Ninja is known to make crazy amounts of money from all of this – sponsors, platforms, donations, events. Back in March 2018, he claimed to be making more than $500.000 per month, and he became even more popular since then. If you’re interested to find out how much money he makes now – stay tuned, I’m currently doing my calculations in order to figure out these crazy moments, soon enough I’ll get back to you with all the numbers!

Ninja is one of the most unique Influencers of our generation, and you should definitely pay close attention to him. Can you guess how far will he get? We may only wait and find out.

Does Influence Marketing Work On Twitch.tv?

As we discussed many times before, Influence Marketing is very broad & most importantly – profitable field that spreads across many different platforms.

One of those platforms is a popular streaming website called Twitch.tv.

Twitch.Tv is an amazing platform, not just for influencers, but for marketers too. 

Why is Twitch.tv so Popular?

Twitch.tv is a platforms that started off as a video games focused live-streaming platform which allowed users to share their gameplay in real time with their viewers. Over the time, twitch.tv expanded on this idea and introduced even more features like IRL streaming, where you can livestream your daily real life events to all of your followers.

On top of all that, it’s very easy and simple to use, it has all of your favorite personalities on it and most importantly – it’s categorized so everyone can find whatever they are looking for. It’s a very convenient service that has a lot of epic & useful options.

Twitch.tv Influence Marketing

And as for Twitch influencers – they love it!

Popular Twitch.tv personalities can easily make a living simply by live-streaming their daily activities and hobbies, and it’s getting better each day with more & more options to monetize your channel.

So… does Influence Marketing work on Twitch.tv? 

Influence marketing + twitch = epic results

Yes! Influence Marketing works very well on Twitch.tv platforms, but with one condition:

Your target audience are young generations who are into video games & entertainment.

If your goal is to sell or provide useful content to someone who fits that description, you will have a great (and easy) time using twitch platform as your main one. There’s a lot of crazy ways that you can use influence marketing to your advantage, and twitch makes sure to provide you with tons of options. It’s actually crazy how much better this platform got when it comes to monetizing, over the past few years. In the beginning it was very slow, but now there are billion options like subscriptions tiers, shout-outs, donations, gifting subs and many other epic stuff.

Making Money on Twitch.Tv
Live footage of an average twitch.tv streamer

You get to pick from many different popular streamers to find the perfect match for you, strike a deal on your campaign and it simply works itself from there!

As for the Influencers…

Twitch influencers aka streamers are making more money than ever as of this moment right now. With a lot of news ways to monetize your channel, more & more people are getting into twitch.tv and using it as their main source of income.

The most popular twitch streamer ever – Ninja, is known to make just short of $1 million, each month!! It’s simply crazy how much money there is to be made, even with just a small audience.

If you’re looking to get into influencing, but you’re not all about showing off your flashy lifestyle or sharing your ideas, you can always look into Twitch.tv and simply share your hobbies with others, while earning money and influencing a lot of people at the same time.

Stay tuned for more useful articles on how to become a successful twitch.tv influencer! 

6 Reasons To Be Twitch Influencer

In the past few years, Influencing as a trend has grown tremendously.

I still remember those days when the term “influencer” was looked down upon by many, saying it doesn’t make sense, it’s confusing and unclear. And now… it’s everywhere.

Influencing is massive field that spreads across many different platforms & channels. Apart from the popular ones like YouTube & Instagram, there are also some unique platforms such as Twitch.tv, where influencing is on a raise since like… forever. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Twitch has some really special features that really allow influencers to thrive in a different, unique environment.

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why you SHOULD be a Twitch Influencer:

1. Massive Audience

Successful Twitch Influencers

Twitch.tv is MASSIVE. According to Wikipedia, Twitch hosts more than 100 million viewers per month, with more than 15 million DAILY active users. These numbers are insane, especially for a platforms that seemingly focuses only on “gamers” – which is wrong, btw. Twitch is primarily focused on gaming, but it also has other unique categories that allow influencers to stream other events and their real life activities.

Twitch has a lot active users, but the best part about it is that they spend on average more time than on any other platform. Once someone comes to Twitch, he/she stays for a while. It would be a shame to waste such passionate audience. If you want to reach out to tons of people all around the world and influence them, take your shot with Twitch.tv and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Connection With Viewers

Perhaps the most unique thing about using Twitch is the ability to connect with your followers. Since you’re streaming live, in real time, you can constantly connect with your viewers at all times, and that makes for a special experience.

Being able to connect with your audience is important, and everyone will agree to that. With other platforms, it might be hard to do this but with Twitch – it’s extremely easy! You do your thing and your followers will engage with you constantly, giving you a chance to respond with ease.

This is a crucial factor, as building connection with your followers is one of the most important things in influencing. Twitch.tv makes that very simple & easy!

3. Easy to Monetize

Twitch is probably one of the best platforms when it comes to making money, especially as a micro-influencer! All you really need is a small audience and you can be on your way to earn some epic money. Some of the popular streams easily pull $1 million / year just by streaming and doing their thing. They do their thing and viewers pay them for it, amazing – isn’t it?!

Influencer Earnings

The best part is that the company itself is constantly working to upgrade and improve their features to make sure streamers can earn as much as possible. Twitch has recently introduced many different options that allowed streamers to up their earnings, almost doubling their income. With things like tier subscriptions, donations, ads – monetizing is as easy as it can be.

If you want to learn more about influence marketing on Twitch – check this out this article!

4. It’s Entertaining

Twitch as a platform is extremely entertaining & fun to use. Unlike other platforms where you have to create content in private and publish it hoping it’ll turn out, well… Twitch eliminates all the boring stuff. You get to live stream your hobby & passion to followers all around the world, and you get paid for it.

You can always do different things, play different games and entertain yourself in many different ways. Streaming on Twitch will never get boring and you will be compelled to create, all the damn time!

5. Work on Your Own Time

This is the reason many of us became influencers in the first place – we want to work on our own time, when we want, without any obligations. Well…

Influencers Relaxing

Twitch lets you do exactly that. You get to stream whenever you want, and you can stream as much as you’d like to – whether that’s 15 hours or 30 minutes. It’s really as simple as that. You turn on the stream and do your thing and you turn it off when you want, that’s it. Obviously, the more you work the more you will earn, but it’s always good to have the option to stop and take a break, and with Twitch you can do exactly that.

6. You Love Video Games!

If this is the case – you’ve already succeeded. Twitch.tv was built for gamers, and most of it’s audience is there to watch amazing personalities & skilled players do their thing.

If you love video games, you are already qualified enough to be a successful influencer on Twitch, you don’t need anything else. Obviously, you don’t have to be a gamer to be popular on twitch, but it really helps if you love video games. So go ahead, start your twitch channel and let the world see what you’re all about.

Twitch.tv is an amazing platform and you should definitely give it a shot! 

This is how much KSI & Logan Paul made after their fight

Popular YouTube stars, KSI and Logan Paul took the internet by storm with their recent boxing match hosted inside Manchester Arena in front of 21.000 people. It was dubbed the “The Largest Event in YouTube History”. Apart from the huge venue, there will millions of fans watching over the internet via pay-per-view entries and even illegally on sites like Twitch.tv. Now…

The fight ended up being a draw, and boxers agreed to split the profits regardless of the results. A rematch is expected to happen in 2019. 

We all knew a lot of money was going to be made here. The fight was very hyped from the beginning and we all know how crazy the online community is. And a lot of money was made indeed. From ticket sales, pay-per-view costs, sponsors, there was a lot of ways to profit from this fight. Venue tickets went from 30 £ all the way up to 495 £ for those VIP seats. On top of that, pay-per-view costs were $10 on YouTube platform.

Let’s try to figure it how much money was EXACTLY made by these YouTube stars:


Enter: 2+2 = 4 – Quick Maths.

Okayy, let’s try to come with some estimates as to how much money was actually made. First off, Manchester Arena was sold out. That’s 21 000 tickets sold. Let’s assume that about 1000 of those were gifted, that still makes it 20 000 tickets. Now, there was a different price on each ticket, but let’s say the average was something like 150 £.  That’s 3 Million £, just slightly short of $4M.

Now, pay-per-view costs were $10 on various streaming platforms. KSI actually reported that more than 1 million people bought the pay per view. That’s roughly $10 Million. And YouTube takes 30% of that, while the rest is split between the boxers.

Quick Note: Both Boxers agreed to split the “purse” 50/50 regardless of who wins. That means all the earnings were split in half between the fighters and their brothers. 

So, just from that alone we now have roughly $15 Million dollars earned. There some rumors that each fighter earned about $30-40 millions, but both of them denied these claims.

But… when it comes to boxing – the real $$ money $$ is in the sponsorship. And on top of that, there’s also merchandise sales. And those numbers are strictly kept as a secret, so there’s no real way to know how much they made. However, judging by the estimates…

It’s quite possible that they made over 15 Million Dollars each. 

Ksi & Logan Paul fight earnings

It’s worth nothing that a good amount of money was lost due to illegal watching. It’s believed that over 1 200 000 people have watched the fight on Twitch.Tv streaming platform alone. That’s additional $10 million that could’ve gone to pay-per-view ticket sales. But then again, the reason the fight was so popular is exactly because of these free platforms, so let’s not be quick to judge them.

What Boxers Said

Logan Paul actually said that he’s not even sure if he made any profit at all. Whaat. He believes a lot of the money went towards preparations, costs such as:

  • Administration
  • Production
  • Coaches
  • Travel
  • Accomondation
  • Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Agents

On top of all that, he had to split half of HIS half with his brother, Jake. And while it’s hard to believe that he didn’t make any profit, it’s true that a lot of additional costs had to be accounted for. The Internet still believes they made at least couple of millions each in pure profit from this fight. 

Moving Forward…

With all that being said, the REAL money is yet to be made. There’s a second fight scheduled to take place in the United States in 2019. Originally scheduled to happen in February, however… KSI requested to postpone it to May 2019.

Since the first spectacle ended up being a draw, it’s only logical to conclude that the next fight will bring even more hype. And with that – more money. We’re yet to see the peak of this event, and as time goes by, the estimates are growing larger and larger.

If 10 years ago someone told me that popular YouTubers would be earning millions from a single boxing match, I would have to call him insane on the spot. But… here we are. 

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.