This man took the gaming world by storm, have you heard of Ninja? 

If you’re any familiar with Twitch platform (and you should be – here’s why), you probably heard of Ninja. And even if you aren’t, you probably still heard him being mentioned somewhere. He played together with many popular celebrities, including Drake  –  during that stream they broke Twitch’s record for most concurrent viewers on individual stream.

Who is Ninja?

Tyler Ninja Blevins is a popular streaming / Youtube celebrity who became the most popular “eSports” athlete in just a few months. He is the first ever gamer to be featured on a cover of ESPN magazine. With that, he became a legend in the gaming community, and will definitely be remembered as one of the most impactful Influencers ever when it comes to gaming.


He makes millions – by influencing millions.

Ninja Influencer
Source: ESPN

He started off as just a small Halo streamer from the comforts of his own home, and managed to turn himself into a worldwide celebrity just by playing video games.

When the game Fortnite blew up on Twitch, so did Ninja. His popularity grew every month, and more and more people started to follow him. As of this moment, he has 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he also dominates Twitch platform – holding the record for “most followed streamer” with 11 million followers. He also averages 43.000 viewers per stream – that means more than 40k people watch him every day, and all he has to do is show up and do his thing.

He started off as a small streamer, with hundreds of loyal followers. But once he got into Fortnite, the snowball started to get bigger. He slowly gained popularity, little by little, and eventually he got to become the most popular streamer ever.

The key reason to his success, apart from Fortnite’s popularity, is definitely his unique, charismatic personality and his insane gaming skills. Ninja is a very entertaining streamer, and a really good player on top of all that.

Popular Influencer and Celebrity

Ninja is a very successful Influencer. He embodies some of the best qualities that make a great influencer – charismatic, entertaining, informative, unique. There’s a reason why thousands of people show up every day just to watch him. And the best part about his influencing career is the fact that he does it on so many platforms – Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… you name it and he’s there.

For all those aspiring Twitch influencers, Ninja can serve as a great case-study on what to do in order to succeed. It’s not about replicating what he does, it’s about knowing the underlying principles of what made him so successful, like the qualities I mentioned above.

Successful Influencers

You can catch him streaming at this link:

Ninja played with many famous celebrities, including Drake, Travis Scott, Juju, Chance The Rapper, Marshmallow and many, many more. While this helped a lot to gain his stardom status, he attracted all of these celebrities by already being a very famous, charismatic streamer.

He also hosted his own Fortnite event in Las Vegas, where thousands of people came to see him play, including other popular streamers.

For all these reasons, Ninja is known to make crazy amounts of money from all of this – sponsors, platforms, donations, events. Back in March 2018, he claimed to be making more than $500.000 per month, and he became even more popular since then. If you’re interested to find out how much money he makes now – stay tuned, I’m currently doing my calculations in order to figure out these crazy moments, soon enough I’ll get back to you with all the numbers!

Ninja is one of the most unique Influencers of our generation, and you should definitely pay close attention to him. Can you guess how far will he get? We may only wait and find out.

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