Collabor8 is the self-proclaimed “Tinder of influencer marketing”. It was the very first mobile app offering brands and influencers a platform to connect with each other and work on new collaborations. Here’s our review of Collabor8

One of the main differences between Collabor8 and other influencer platforms is that it doesn’t act as a middleman, rather, the platform allows brands and influencers and have a direct line of communication. On the app, users can chat, send and receive collaboration requests, and leave reviews, all on one platform.

Below we are going to detail how collabor8 works, and what the pros and cons are of using the app as an influencer or as a brand.

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How does Collabor8 work?

Firstly, brands and influencers can join Collabr8 for free, and collaborate with anyone on a trial basis. However, there is a small monthly fee for those that want to take advantage of some of the app’s other perks, including access to analytics, unlimited collaborations, brand to brand collaborations, features, and more.


One of the benefits of using Collabo8 is that brands and influencers of all sizes can join. Whether you’re a micro influencer with only 2500 followers or a mega influencer with a few hundred thousand followers, you can use the app. According to Collabor8, the company believes that “everyone has the ability to offer influencer value whether it be a large fan base, unique distribution channels, or amazing content creation capabilities.”


Collabor8 has an excellent range of filters that allows brands to find their perfect match with efficiency. Companies can search by geographic location, gender, industry, number of followers, and category.

Collabor8’s filters are also helpful to brands that wish to limit who can connect with them via the app. For example, brands can choose only receive requests for collaborations from influencers that have upwards of 10,000 followers. This is a great feature for both brands and influencers. It allows them both to save time and connect with those that are closely aligned with their needs as a brand or influencer.

In-app communication

The app has an excellent in-app chat room where brands and influencers can chat once they have agreed to collaborate together. This allows for a much better flow of communication and helps to maintain a decent level of organization when brands and influencers collaborate together.

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Firstly, both parties (the brand and influencer) need to agree upon a rate in the app’s chatroom before commencing a new collaboration. Then, they will be expected to agree on a due date for the project. Once these two details have been addressed, the brand has to go to the “details screen” to initiate the payment process.

According to Collabor8, all payments are fully protected: “All payments are held in escrow until the influencer has completed the agreed-upon task, and it has been verified by the brand. We then release payment to influencer.” Once the payment has been verified, the payment will be deposited into the influencer’s Square or Paypal account (this is based on their preference).

Trial – FREE
– Create an account & connect instantly
– Free collaboration to get started
– Build rapport through reviews

Standard – 4.99/Month
– Unlimited collaborations
– Match w/ unlimited influencers/brands at once

Gold – 9.99/Month
– Collab w/ both influencers AND brands
– Co-Branded giveaways
– Toggle between multiple Collabor8 accounts

Verified vs. unverified accounts

Some influencers can opt to have a verified account, which will pull their follower counts directly from their social media platforms and make them visible on their Collabor8 profile. However, currently, the app can only pull follower counts from Instagram and Twitter at the moment. Though, according to Collabor8, users can expect to pull follower numbers from their Facebook pages soon.

Influencers that have unverified accounts can still have their number of followers appear on their profiles, but they need to insert the information in manually. In this case, the number “will contribute to your ‘total reach’,” explained Collabor8.

Pros of using Collabor8:

Excellent user support

Our first impression of Collabor8 is that there is a great amount of support available to influencers and brands, should they need help to navigate the app. There are several resources on the app’s website to help answer users questions and provide assistance to them as they get started with collaborations.

User security

Another aspect we liked about the app is that the company really puts on emphasis on user security. The app tries to limit spam on the platform in a number of ways, for example, when influencers send hundreds of requests to brands in a short amount of time, it’s labeled as spam.

The number of collaboration requests that an influencer has sent appears on their profiles, which can be a helpful indicator of spammy activity.

Great filters

Brands can also easily find their ideal influencers by using Collabor8’s comprehensive filters. Compared to other influencer apps on the market, Collabor8 has an excellent range of filters. For example, brands can filter by the number of followers, geographic location, and industry.

All in all, when we surveyed Collabor8’s online reviews, they were very positive. Though most users admitted that the app is not flawless, they are content with the way it operates and the benefits they receive from using it.

Cons of using Collabor8:

Navigating the app

Although the concept behind Collabor8 is great, the app doesn’t work as well as it should. Many users reviewed the app negatively because they struggled with the responsiveness of others on the platform.

For example, on user wrote: “There are quite a few influencers who don’t want to be contacted, so they pause their incoming requests. The others that have higher viewership are not responsive. The only influencers you might be able to work with have less than 3k viewers.” Many users also reported that brands did not answer them when they reached out for collaborations.

collabor8 influencer app review
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Although Collabor8’s pricing seems reasonable (4.99/month for the Standard package), the website leads users to believe that the platform is free before they sign up. Yet, the only service that is free is Collabor8’s trial package.
Moreover, ‘$’ signs are displayed on influencers profiles, which represent a rough estimate of how much an influencer charges for collaborations. While this could be useful in many cases, the feature can also act as a deterrent. Influencers have the freedom to set their own rates depending on several factors, including the scope of a project, the brand in question, and more.

These ‘$” signs are surely more beneficial to brands that wish to get a rough estimate of an influencer’s going rate. Brands are using this criteria to decide which influencers they want to work with. However, it doesn’t take into account negotiations between influencers and brands, which happens frequently before the two parties agree on a price. In turn, this could mean a lot of missed opportunity for influencers.

Author: Daniella K.

Daniella is a marketing professional who specializes in business development and advertising sales. She has helped with the growth of several companies by curating original content, leading brand development initiatives, and driving business objectives.