influencer licks toilet seat coronavirus challenge

Influencer Ava Louise who sports 160,000 followers on Instagram made international headlines for posting a video of herself licking a toilet seat on a plane as part of a disgusting “Coronavirus Challenge”

in a strange attempt to initiate a “coronavirus challenge” “Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” Ava stated.

She has since told reporters that she did it for “clout”, meaning she did it for attention, influence and power. She bizarrely states that she did it because she didn’t want coronavirus getting more attention than her.

“What’s not gunna make people sad is a hot rich blonde 20-something-year-old licking a toilet,” she said.

“It’s not like the virus can kill me anyway because I don’t use Facebook”

Ava Louise has previously made her self known when she featured on the Dr. Phil show, she initially said she wanted advice on how to sort out her life, but later admitted that her only intention of going on the show was to go viral, boosting her social presence and thus creating influence over her peers and a career for herself.


She now has 19,000 TikTok followers and 160,000 Instagram followers.

Many responses from people were negative and came from a place of disgust, questioning why she would take such measures to gain attention.

Ava has since made sarcastic statements to reporters like “I’m tired of some b**** named corona getting more publicity than me” adding “hot blondes can recover from anything so there’s no harm done”

Ava used this newly gained attention to spread awareness and inform the public of her stances on current social issues, stating “racism is bad, gay people are good and transphobia is grosser than me licking a toilet” “xenophobia makes me sad” Amongst other statements made, she has made it clear that the outcome and attention from the video has been exactly what she had wanted.

“I just wanted more attention than this corona bitch but she’s GOOD,” she wrote.

“So I capitalized off her. And now I’m like global news. My mom told me she’s proud of me I shed light on pandemic while wearing Fendi sunglasses.”

The influencer has a song called “skinny legend anthem” and we more than suspect her attention efforts have had its pay offs in favour of her new song.

Lab tests have indicated that most fungal spores and bacteria are found on the, seatbelt buckle, headrest, tray table, and inside handle of the bathroom door.

That’s not to say you should go around licking toilets.

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