To be successful on Etsy and make that all desired income where you can happily quit your day job, then your Etsy shop is going to need a marketing strategy – a way to get people from casual window shopping to paying customers. Here’s how to make more sales with your Etsy store:

There are many factors that can go into creating your strategy, like, Search engine optimization(SEO), advertising and social media, these are great ways to streamline your traffic into sales. But when I also say that they are all time consuming and can take a while to get going, I really do mean it.

Ofcourse it is important to be working on the above, but if you want to start seeing sales right away then hands down, the most effective way of going about it is by linking up with social media influencers or bloggers.

How To Make More Sales With Etsy:

I wholeheartedly believe in this strategy because you don’t have to have a large social media audeince or a big email list to make some serious income. It truely is the best strategy for Etsy sellers who are just starting and trying to make those first sales.


If you have sold on Etsy before then you’ve probably been contacted by influencers that would like for you to send them free product in exchange for promotion on their platform and social media channels.

Now before you completely shun this idea because giving away free handmade product costs money and takes time right?, let me point out the pros to this influencer strategy and the benefits that could come from this opportunity:

• Your brand is instantly introduced to a whole new market that is innterested in your product and sometimes these markets are much larger ones with little-to-no work being needed on your end. There are literally people that are just sitting there waiting to be introduced to your product

• You passively market your product. Other than creating the product and posting it off to the Influencer, you literally don’t have to do anything else! The Influencer does the rest; The photos, videos and the promoting. And also, if you ask nicely, Influencers will also share that content with you so that you can self-promote with them too. Free professional posts of your product?  That’s a yes from me!

Etsy influencers

• You can gain credibility. If a well-known and creditable Influencer is boasting about your product then you’d better believe that you are going to start gaining noteriety, people will take notice and see you as a boutique shop other than  “just another Etsy shop.” This trusted Influencer took the time to notice and appreciate your product, so why wouldn’t the people who are influenced by their authority also take notice?

There certainly are several benefits in sending your product out to Influencers. Without fail, every time I’ve used this strategy, I’ve received a massive spike in sales immediately following the Influencers promotion, not to mention the free residual traffic for the months following.

Feature In The Right Places

Collaborating with an influencer whos audience aligns with your niche is absolutely imperative to success, Just becasue an Influencer has a loyal following, doesn’t mean they are your target audience.

It is important to not ignore this and merely look at the number of followers an influencer has as this is where you will fall short and start making the mistake of giving away free product to the wrong people, then you’ll becoming discouraged when you don’t see an increase in sales.

Example: If you sell lingerie at boutique prices, sending free samples off to an influencer that blogs about coupons is not going to bring you any revenue. Even if the influencer posts stunning photos or writes beautifully captivating posts, Even if the influencer has 1million  followers, without establishing that the audience aligns with your niche, they are going to be followers that aren’t going to be interested in what you have to offer.

Numbers are certainly an important consideration when pitching your product to Influencers, but if those numbers aren’t a part of your target market then you are absolutely wasting your time.

If you’ve ever heard a shop owner complaining that influencers fail them or ever bring any sales then I’ll guarentee that they’re not working with the appropriate Influencers within their niche.

Find Influencers To Collaborate With

How do you find those Influencers that will be beneficial to your brand and help sell your product? you can take the manual approach and get on Instagram. Though it’s tedious i’ll break down the method for you:

–  Type in the name of an influencer that has a target market who are interested in similar products to yours.  

– Follow the Influencer. (Tip: If you are already following them then unfollow and then follow again)

– A section will then pop up with a selection of Influencer profiles with similar interests.

– Direct message (DM) each influencer with your pitch and then you wait and hope that your messages get read ad responded to. 

An easier, more time saving approach to finding influencers would be to sign up to a platform like “collabfluence“, this is the #1 directory for brand and influencer collaborations.

How to make more sales with your Etsy store using influencers

Simply upload a picture of your product, write a little blurb about what you’re willing to offer the influencer and what you expect in return promotion-wise, then you just wait for the influencers interested in your product to come to you.

Etsy influencers - How to make more sales with your Etsy store

This guarentees you the right influencers who are serious about collaborations and with similar interests in your niche and also saves you a lot of time compared to the manual “search and pitch” approach.

Pitch Your Product

If you decide you have the time and bother to approach with the manual technique the you’ll need to perform “the pitch” which can also be the scariest part of the whole ordeal, but it’s essential.

You need to understand that in general, influencers receive dozens of collaboration messages every week, sometimes more often if they’re well-known. Sending an out-of-the-blue pitch to one of these influencers is probably going to be ineffective and go straight to the trash.

An important strategy is to ‘warm-up’ to the influencers first. Time consuming yes, but if you’re choosing to take the manual approach then you obviously have the time to spare.

– Be personal, don’t just copy and paste a generic message, yes this is easier but will be less effective, take time to be genuine, use their name, speak of them personally, compliment them.

– Be helpful, ensure you’re giving before you’re asking, highlight a favourite post of theirs, make them notuce you and what you can do for them as well, be generous and honest.

– Be Unique, share your story, personalise it, give your “why”, stay authentic, don’t try and come across any other way than what you actually are, influencers will see straight through the fake

Create your Contract

influencer agreement

You’ve recieved a reply and it’s a yes!, the influencer loves your pitch, they align with your product and they want to promote it. Great!

Take time to celebrate with a little victory dance and then begin with setting up rules so that this collaboration is everything that you hoped for and more, for both yourself and your influencer.

Contracts are exactly what is going to set you apart from every other Etsy seller out there that has tried but failed to work with Influencers. 

Yes, it’s extra work, but it will be imperative as both of you need to feel happy and secure with the business agreement.

It only takes a few let-downs to realize this secret and it’s importance to your success. It guarentees that both parties uphold their end of the deal so that there is no disappointment.

You might end up sending out free product to people who won’t hold up their end of the deal, then you’re left disheartened and defeated. All it takes os a simple contract signed by both parties. trust me!

It doesn’t have to be long and boring, it can be short and friendly but to the point as well.

Problem solved!

So what do you include in the contract without coming coming across as arrogant and entitled?

This process will vary for everybody, but if you’re clueless on what to include and how to go about the process, some structure examples are outlined below and should help point you in the right direction.

    Example of first email:

    Just begin with simply thanking them, express you look forward to the collaboration and loosely outline the details. There’s no need to get in too much depth, this email can also double as a pitch.Include the terms and conditions, define any questions you have & ensure you’re both on the same page.

    Example of second email:

    Refine the collaboration details and ensure the details are formalized

        Consider this email as the one that will discuss specific questions you may have, including, but not limited to:

          – What type of content will the influencer be creating?  Will it be content produced by posting on their timeline, will it be in video format or photo? or will it just be a mention in their story?
             (though this can also be established in your pitch, if you don’t want to come across too strong initially, leave it until you have an agreement)

          – What is their timeline and when can you expect to see your brand/product promoted? It is important to discuss this over email as then you have evrything in writing, because If you don’t,                          months could pass before an influencer “remembers” about the product you sent them. If you have a time-frame commitment up front, you can send them screenshots of the agreement to                   remind them (should you reach the unfortunate point of having to).

           – How much social media publishing with they be creating? Is it a post or several posts on all of their platforms or just Instagram?

           – Will you have the ability to to use the content they create in your own promotions? Never assume you will get these rights, it is always important to ask the influencer first.

           – If they’re not interested in free product as payment, what do they charge for their content creating and publishing? Most of the time influencers will just take free product as payment, but               some of the bigger influencers will ask for monetary payment as well.

        Make sure you informt he influencer of when they can expct to recieve their product and if/when you will be posting about the collbaoration too.

    Example of third email:

    This is where you can really get into the nitty-gritty details

        This is the time to talk about payment and how services/money will be exchanged. This is where you will establish which payment method you are going to use.
      Are you going to use PayPal? or another method? Make sure the influencer knows which method you plan to use and also ensure this works for them aswell.

        Also get into the policy on what could happen if one end of the contract isn’t upheld. You decide what you feel is right for your situation.

    Example of fourth email:

           Having written documentation is paramount to ensuring this a secure and enjoyable experience for both of you. 

           You’ve already established the details, so now you will present the influencer with a contract and it won’t be unexpected, scary and nor will it come across arrogant and entitled. Ensure everything has been discussed and agreed to in your previous emails so that there isn’t any fine print that could cause them to question your sincerity and the collaboration arrangement.

    If you still feel a little uneasy about coming across in a negative way then you can politely note in the contractual email that you’re doing this contract to ensure that everyone benefits from this collaboration in the best and most secure way possible; That this isn’t just in your best interests but for everyone involved.

A contract is really just a way to make sure that both parties are getting what they want out of the deal, having that little bit of extra security and knowing what is expected up front. It doesn’t have to be super legal-jargon filled, keep it friendly, but clear and concise. 

I hope this helps you in your venture of making more sales with your Etsy store. It is important to remember these crucial steps will distinguish you from the rest. There is help out there in the form of different tools/apps and platforms, these are all designed to aid the processes you seek for success, so utilize them where you can and most importantly, stay authentic!


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