If you are a brand or company that wants to launch an influencer marketing campaign, but are not sure about what type of influencers you should find, there are influencer marketing search and analytics tools like Heepsy with which you will save many hours from scrolling down social media. Heepsy has 7 million influencers with 5K followers or more,this is 90% of influencers with that range.

As you might know already, influencer marketing has become a great option for brands and companies to be able to promote their products. In fact, according to Business Insider, brands are expected to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022.

Heepsy Influencer tool

Heepsy top filters to find influencers

Depending on your plan, you get access to a set of filters. Let’s explain some of them here:



Find influencers by specific country, county or city. They have influencers from every country around the world. If you find influencers for a specific city, there will be fewer results than if you look in a country.


With this filter you can find influencers that are related to a specific niche because most of their publications are related to specific niches. We think of influencers as fashionistas or singers, but there are also influencers for fitness, lifestyle, gaming, etc. 


In your campaign, you might want to have influencers for a specific range of followers. Here you can check influencers, starting at those with 5K followers.


Heepsy Influencer Engagement Checker

Engagement is the interaction that people have with influencers, measured by likes, comments or video views. This metric is very important because it shows how interested their audience is. You want to collaborate with an influencer that has a good engagement. Depending on each category, the percentage of engagement varies from high to low.

Post cost estimates

If you are on a tight budget, you can find an influencer’s post cost as a specific amount of dollars. This is only an estimate, but it gives you an idea of if the campaign would be something you can afford or not.

Branded posts and posts per week

With these two filters, you can search for influencers that have a % of branded posts and then the number of posts they publish every week. Sometimes, influencers that post too many pictures or videos make their audience bored about their content. That is why it’s important to check the engagement rate too. 

Hide Business accounts

Maybe you don’t want to see business accounts; with this filter you can do that. Be careful because some influencers open their accounts as business ones.

Accounts with email

If you are going to send your proposal via email, maybe you just want to filter your search with influencers for whom you are sure have some short of contact information like emails.


Even the metrics and data are mostly based on Instagram, you can check the channel filter to see if the influencer has an account on other channels like Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Many brands do influencer marketing campaigns through multiple channels. 

Audience information of influencer’s followers

Heepsy Influencer follower analytics

When launching or creating a campaign, you need to be aware of the influencer’s audience. You might like the influencer, but their audience might not be appropriate for your products. For example, the audience of the influencer could located in Canada, while your product is located in Italy. 

Because of this, Heepsy has launched several audience analytics:

Audience Location

Learn where the influencer’s audience is from. You can see, by percentage, several countries from which audiences are originating and decide if that influencer is appropriate or not for your campaign. 

Audience Age

You can check the age of the influencer’s followers. By doing so, you can see which range of ages most of their audience falls into, to confirm it is the same target age as your product or service.

Heepsy Audience Age Search

Audience Gender

To let you know if their followers are mostly female or male.

Audience interests

This is information that is worth taking a look at. Depending on your product or service, you can check here to see if their followers have some sort of interest in that. Here, we see the followers of this influencer are interested in content related to Dog owners, Mommy, Fashion, Music, etc.

Audience language

Is your product explained in a specific language or does your target audience only speak English? Here you can learn about the languages the influencer’s followers speak.

Heepsy top metrics to analyze influencers

Once you see a couple of influencers that suit your brand’s values and campaign’s objectives, it’s time to make sure they are trustworthy. Inside their profile, you will find several metrics that will show you if the influencer has bought fake followers.

 Some of the advanced metrics that Heepsy offers are: Follower growth, comments/likes ratio, an engagement rate graph, post frequency and followers/following ratio. All these metrics will tell you the average result that people similar to them have, that way you can know if they have good metrics or not.

Some influencers buy likes or fake followers to have higher metrics to show to brands, but with Heepsy you can detect people who you should trust or not.

After this, you can check some of the post metrics for the influencer. The post metrics will show you an average range of prices for their posts and videos, that way you can know the estimated cost of a promotional post. This price varies depending on category, location and year. 

Finally you can check the brand mentions to see if the influencer tags your competitors in their publications or other brands that are aligned to your values. This is valuable because you can also see the post metrics of those brand mentions. 

Heepsy plans

Heepsy plans start at $49, being one of the most affordable influencer marketing tools for all the features and influencers you have access to. Depending on the plan you get, you have access to a set of filters and number of reports, in which you will see the advanced metrics.

Right now, they have 1 free plan and three paid plans.

Free Plan

Check out the platform and use the filters to make a search. Some of the profiles will be blurred. You can see the counter with the number of results.

Starter Plan

Use the location, category, and followers filter to make searches. You also can put keywords in the search bar to find influencers. Ten reports are included to see advanced metrics of influencers. Make lists to segment your influencer searches. 

Plus Plan

Everything that the Starter plan has and other filters such as engagement, cost estimate, post frequency, etc. You have 60 reports here. You also can make lists with your favorite influencers. 

Pro Plan

Everything that the Plus plan has plus the possibility of filtering with channels and accessing contact information of the influencers. You can also download lists that you have created in csv or xls. Furthermore, if you work in an agency or on a big team, this plan let’s you be logged in at the same time. This plan has 125 reports, but you also have the possibility of buying more reports (up to 5,000 reports per month).

As you can see, each plan has a set of filters and reports depending on your needs and budgets. If you are with a plan and you think a higher plan is best for your work, you can upgrade and get a proration, so don’t worry because you won’t be charged twice. 

Finally, if you have a bigger project and these plans don’t fit your needs, there are custom plans available as well as annual plans. The annual plans have a 20% discount!

heepsy categories


Heepsy is a tool that, as the title says, is complete and affordable for companies both big and small. If you are new to influencer marketing and you don’t know where to start, you should definitely use Heepsy because it is a very easy tool to use that has all the powerful filters and metrics to ensure you choose the right influencer. Feel free to also checkout our article on the top influencer platforms that pay