Looking for easy, simple & cheap marketing method to promote your product? 

Marketing has always been among the most evolving and ever-changing fields out there and it’s no different today. Marketing is constantly going thru updates, and one of the most recent additions is of course influence marketing.

Using social media influencers can be a very effective and profitable strategy and there’s a ton of proofs of that – just look at Revolve, clothing company that made $700million in sales just from influence marketing.


Influencer Earnings

Finding the right influencer to promote your brand, business or just some product can often be a daunting, time-consuming task. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are platforms out there that will help you find the right influencers, minus all the hard work & time wasted. They are called Influencer Platforms.

Here’s why you should use these platforms to promote your brand, service or products:

Influencer Platforms Are Convenient

When it comes to finding influencers to promote your brand, it’s all about convenience.

Why You Should Use Influencer Platforms

There are literally millions of options out there, making it really hard to find the right one. That’s where influence platforms come in, bringing convenience in many ways. Influence platforms have filters that you can apply in order to narrow that huge list to a shorter, more useful one.

Using Influencer Platforms helps brands in many ways, some of the benefits are:

  • Saving Money
  • Saving Time
  • Simplicity

All of this, among other things are the reason why more & more brands use influencer platforms each new day. They’re convenient and most importantly, they work.

Easy to Experiment With

Influencer Platforms make it extremely easy to experiment in order to find the best options for your marketing campaign. They provide many useful services that make experimenting very easy. These services different for each platform, from “Cost Per Action” technology all the way to influencer search engine.

But the most important reason that it’s so easy to experiment is simply because: Influencer Platforms provide you with a lot of different options. 

You can choose from thousands of different influencers to make sure you have the best possible fit for your brand / product / service. And if one of these influencers don’t make it work for you, you can always find another one – easy & simple.

They Provide TONS of Useful Data

When it comes to marketing campaigns – it’s all about the data!

Influencer Platforms Provide Useful Data

Data & information is the cornerstone of every successful marketing campaign. It is used before, during & after the campaign to determine whether or it’s going to work out. And you will never know for sure until you have the data to back it up.

That’s where Influencer Platforms shine – everything is documented and all of that data is provided to you. You can see what works, what doesn’t and how much it all costs. Based on such data, you can experiment and try new things until you find something that works perfectly with your brand. And when you do this, money comes pouring in.

If I had to pick a single best reason to use these platforms, it would be the useful data.

Influencer Platforms Are Scam Free

Many people got burned by scammers and other types of frauds out there. These people know & appreciate safety and what it means for business. There’s nothing worse than paying some shady influencer without any contracts or protection, with no guarantee whatsoever that they will deliver.

This makes influencer platforms even better, since they serve as a middle-man between influencers and businesses, they get to manage and provide protection to both sides, preventing scams and other shady activities.

You always get what you pay for – and nothing can change that. If you want to have that extra protection and safety, just use influencer platforms and let your worries rest.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you’re looking for great influencer platforms to use, feel free to check out this top 5 list.

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.