In just 4 years, Sarah Harris (@iamsarahharris) and Josh Williams (@wanderwithwilliams), one of Instagram’s power couples, have built a combined loyal following of over 1.8 million Instagram followers and 6.7K YouTube subscribers.

Although the couple is based in Auckland, New Zealand, you’ll find them traveling to luxurious destinations around the world, like Bali, Bora Bora, and Cape Verde.

Sarah and Josh’s Instagram accounts detail their travels around the world, fitness routines, and lifestyle. Moreover, through their careers as influencers, they managed to create a hugely successful watch brand, Sachii (@sachiiwatches).

The couple created Sachii timepieces because they wanted to design refined, minimalistic watches that are also comfortable to wear. Ultimately, the couple wanted to design timepieces that had a more modern look. However, Sachii was also a passion project for them.


After seeing animal abuse up close, Josh and Sarah wanted to put their popularity to good use. With every purchase of their timepieces, Sarah and Josh donate $10 towards Soi Dog Foundation, a charity that helps rescue abused dogs.

It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. Josh and Sarah’s content is colorful, engaging, and gives us serious wanderlust (and makes us want to hit the gym!).

We chatted with Josh and Sarah, who shared with us how they gained their huge followings, and advice they have for aspiring influencers. Read the complete interview below:

We love the Sachii brand! How did you come up with the idea and why did you choose to launch a watch brand?

As content creators, we were sent a number of overpriced “new school” watches. The problem was that they didn’t sit flush on the wrist, the hour marks were too noticeable and they just weren’t modern enough. This inspired us to draw our own collection of minimalistic refined timepieces. We also wanted to have a strong purpose and mission behind our brand so for every watch sold we essentially save a dog’s life by donating $10 to the Soi Dog Foundation which provides food and the necessary medical treatment to save one dog’s life.

What were your biggest struggles when you were in the process of launching Sachii watches?

Dealing with influencers as our number one marketing channel has been an interesting hurdle for us. There’s still a lot of novelty around influencer marketing and a lot of influencers aren’t really sure on how to value themselves which can cause some confusion around collaborations.

You both have very active Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. Do you think that Instagram is better for interacting with your audience than Youtube?

I think that both deliver a lot of value and both provide the opportunity to interact in a very engaging way, but yes. From a business point of view, Instagram is better. For personal branding, youtube is the way as it’s more scalable.

What’s advice can you give aspiring influencers who are trying to get more followers/subscribers? How can you keep them engaged?

It really comes down to three key components – Consistency, Authenticity, Quality.

How do you guys manage to keep up with everything? You both have such active lifestyles from keeping fit, managing your personal training company, running the Sachii brand and then updating your social accounts daily! Is there a routine you stick to throughout the day?

Ha, great question! Having goals in place and utilizing time management tools that ensure we stay on track is a credit to how we’re able to get so much done, but it’s not easy! We spend a good 14-16 hours daily working on everything but for us, we don’t consider it work. Most people would freak out at that but we love it. The daily hustle is exciting and every day is different, we’re building our empire together so we wouldn’t have it any other way. That being said, balance is extremely important to us. Work hard play hard!

Do you think influencers should try launching their own brands or focus on getting paid sponsorships to promote other brands and products instead?

Both, there’s no better time to be focusing on personal branding as it’s only going to get harder to stand out and make a name for yourself. Starting your own thing isn’t always what somebody wants as there’s a lot of stress and hard work involved but yeah ultimately, If you want to really get ahead and set yourself up for the future then starting your own brand on the side is a good move.

Which influencers are you both inspired by?

I personally look up to the likes of Jonny Edlind, Christian Guzman, Ali Gordon, and Jack Morris (doyoutravel) to name a few.

Sarah looks up to the likes of Lydia Millen, Byevelina, and ssssamanthaa.

Do you have any plans for Sachii watches in the future?

We’ve actually just released our brand new packaging which we have a ton of raving fans over right now and we’re so happy with. We also have a new women’s line coming out in time for Christmas which features a smaller face with new colors which we’re really amped about. Other than the watches, we just really wanna make a difference, our goal for the next 12 months is to have saved over 1000 dogs which we are super motivated to try and do!

Do you use other influencers to promote the watch brand? And if so what do you look for when selecting influencers to work with?

Yes, influencer marketing is actually our number one marketing channel. We look for people with great content that have a good engaging audience that would be well aligned with our brand. Sometimes we find people that may have very little followings but have extremely cute dogs which we still collaborate with as our mission is to save rescue dogs so its all very well aligned.

What key advice would you give people that are trying to break into the world of influencer marketing (both as an influencer and as a brand)?

Figure out exactly WHO your target market is. You may have the best product in the world but if it’s not put in front of the right people it’s not gonna sell. For personal branding, it’s really the same but focus on being authentic and genuine, deliver great content and figure out how to constantly add value to your audience.

Author: Daniella K.

Daniella is a marketing professional who specializes in business development and advertising sales. She has helped with the growth of several companies by curating original content, leading brand development initiatives, and driving business objectives.