How to successfully make huge sales with influencers on a budget (Case Study)

If you’re struggling to get sales on your store then this article is for you, below i’m going to show you a proven influencer traffic method that works if you’re drop-shipping or have your own brands.

I’m going to assume you already have a store setup with products so I don’t want to go into too much detail about how to setup that stuff.

But, as with any store you need a decent product to sell, for this store we used sunglasses drop-shipped from aliexpress and please note that this traffic method will work for any type of product you’re selling.

Myself and my business partner both struggled with paid ads when we started this store, We dumped around $9K into FB & Google ads which pulled us around 60 sales and ended up with a loss of $7K. We very nearly gave in and thought we couldn’t make any money doing this.

I ended up flying to New York for a marketing conference and bumped into the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk!! I managed to get a few minutes of his time and tell him about how I lost a ton of money with my store and that we were struggling to make sales.. He then tells me about how he’s running influencer traffic to make sales, I said I didn’t have the budget to be paying influencers thousands of dollars to promote my drop-shipped sunglasses.

He laughed and told me about an influencer platform he’s been using where you don’t need to pay influencers up front. They’ll work on commission basis so you only pay them after they have made sales!

Anyway.. I flew back home after the conference and signed-up to the platform GaryV told me about (CollabFluence)

This platform is basically an influencer marketplace that lets store owners list their products for influencers to find and promote. They have a ton of influencers that are active and have between 5K-150K followers.

Im guessing that at this level it’s kinda hard to find sponsored / paid posts as an influencer so they come to CollabFluence to find products they can promote to their followers on a commission basis.

They’ve got an internal messaging system so influencers can direct message you through the platform..

I loaded up a few of our products to the platform:

Then i added in all the details about the type of influencers we wanted, a little bit about the brand and product – (I was offering commission and a free product to influencers with 20K+ followers and good % engagement)

I published the products to the marketplace and waited…

3-4 days later I went to check my account and there were around 60 messages from influencers wanting to promote my products.

CollabFluence has a handy little engagement tool you can put any instagram account ID in and it will tell you their engagement rates and estimated costs per post – Not that we cared because most of them are willing to promote our stuff for a free pair of sunglasses and commissions on any sales made.

After going through all the requests we decided on working with 8 different influencers, we shipped them a pair of our sunglasses each which was pretty cheap to do.

We told half of them they were to come up with their own content, and the other half that we wanted facial shots, hashtags, product tag and to mention us in their stories while wearing the sunglasses.

We also gave them a 20% discount code i.e: “20THEIRNAME” so their followers could use for any purchases. This was to entice sales but also so that we could track which influencers the sales came from.

The influencer posts started going up and here’s what they created:

The traffic was really good and over 1.5 months we made a ton of money from the influencer sales.

Here’s the results:


REVENUE = $40,430





The sales were insane! We ended up replicating this with another store of ours selling lip gloss and did extremely well with that too. The sales that came from the influencers helped us train our Facebook pixel quickly too, we then use that data to run lookalike audiences with paid ads and scaled up even more. we also gained a few thousand followers on instagram and our repeat customer purchases went up by around 42%

If you want to try CollabFluence then CLICK HERE>

So there you go, that’s how to successfully make sales with influencers on a budget!