As an influencer, you likely spend a lot of your time dealing with brands who are looking to engage in influence marketing. You discuss a lot of things — strategy, execution, pricing, brand’s image and such. But statistics show that one of the most discussed things between brands and influencers are sponsored posts and pictures. So here’s a few tips on how to take better pictures for your sponsored content!

Every brand and business cares about their online image, so for them, it’s very important to have posts that show their brand in the best light. This often puts the pressure on influencers to come up with a creative way to efficiently represent the brand.

But influencers care about this as well — if their post achieves good results, they will get paid more and everyone’s going to hear about it.

This sponsored post by Kylie is a great example of influence marketing done right, and you are soon going to learn exactly why.


Since it benefits both brands and influencers, we can all agree that learning how to take better pictures for sponsored posts is a good thing. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of things that will empower your posts and make them stand out!

Think About the Objective

Before you post anything, it’s important to think about the overall campaign objective. You have to take in consideration things like the brand’s image, campaign goal, and your followers. Once the objective is clear, coming up with a good picture is easy.

As an example — let’s say you’re endorsing a sunscreen product. Its main goal is to get people who are exposed to the sun often to buy. In this case, you probably want to take a picture somewhere on a beach, displaying your tan and emotions of happiness since you’re not worried about the sun.

The result?

Your product will probably sell a lot of sunscreen bottles. We’re talking money here.

Thinking about sponsored posts in this manner can help you improve your results as an influencer, so it’s definitely something you should work on. Think about the objective.


At the end of the day — you are the only person who matters for your followers. They want to see you at first, and everything else comes later. In every sponsored post, you should add a mix of your own personality, be it your body, face or simply a few catchphrases that are unique to you.

A great example of this is Kylie Jenner’s post that you saw earlier — she is endorsing a tumbler for a detox juice company, and yet the main focus is on her. That’s what draws a lot of attention, and only after that do people read the description and find out about your product.

And here’s another similar post by Kylie, done in a similar fashion:

Make sure you always add a mix of your own personality into the sponsored post.

Product Placement, Angle & Lighting

With the overall objective and personality covered, we finally come to the actual product and its components. When it comes to the product you’re endorsing, you always want to make sure it’s in the spotlight, recognizable and noticeable.

The product should never cover the entire picture, but it should have its own place somewhere in there. A good example of this would be the following:

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Bronzed thanks to @bondisands

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This post by Naomi shows herself (personality!) holding a tanning product, with a witty description and mention to the brand. The product covers maybe 5% of the picture, but you can bet that almost everyone noticed it. Why?

It’s all thanks to the placement and angle. She holds the product in her own hand which immediately draws attention to it, and the angle is perfect to display it fully.

When endorsing a brand, the product should never cover the whole image, but it should always take the spotlight — with correct placement, angle and lighting. Make sure it’s always displayed fully, so your followers can see it for what it is, without having to wonder what it looks from the back/sides.

As for the lighting, the best way to make the product noticeable is to have an overall darker picture with the product in a brighter spot. This will naturally make it stand out, as humans tend to notice shiny things in the dark.

A good example (and the opposite of this) would be this post:

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Eng🔽 Шампанское🍾 Ваша любимая закуска на скорую руку, какая?! А пока небольшой экскурс😉 Закуска к шампанскому (брют) должна быть такой же низкокалорийной, как и оно само, вот, например, я выбираю следующее: ⏩Кабачок с творожным сыром ⏩Брускетта (обязательно поджаренный хлеб) с маскарпоне и баклажаном ⏩Из фруктов один из самых популярных вариантов – ананас ⏩ Мини креветки с яйцом ⏩Легкий паштет 🍾Из не бюджетных – морепродукты, икра и белая рыба, фуа-гра ммм . . . Champagne🍾, what's to whip him up?! So, snack to champagne (Brut) should be the same low-calorie as it itself, I choose the following: ⏩Zucchini with cottage cheese ⏩Bruschetta (necessarily toasted bread) with mascarpone and eggplant ⏩One of the most popular fruit options is pineapple ⏩Shrimp with egg ⏩Light pate 🍾From not budget – seafood, caviar and white fish, foie Gras . . . . . #winelover #winetime #wineoclock #winecountry #wine #wines #winefestival #winelife #wineclub #winenight #wineot #whitewine #instawine #winestagram #winelife #winetasting #instawine #champagne #инста #люблювино #шампанское #newlife #tw_winegastronomy

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In this one, you will notice that the background is very bright-looking, but the key spotlight is on the black bottle of wine. This situation makes the wine stand out and puts the spotlight on the product, with its full name on display for the audience.


And finally, a lot of it also comes down to the picture description as well. Getting the product noticed is important, but if you want the best results then you have to include a good description with it. It should follow the rules of sponsored content, but also provide an attention catching paragraph or two.

Describing the product is fine, but what you want to do is to once again put yourself in it. Write about your own feelings, how the product helped you and made you happy, after all, that’s what matters to your followers.

Great example of this can be found in Kylie’s Instagram posts above.


And that’s it!

There are a lot of things that matter when it comes to influence marketing, but these simple tips will help you create awesome pictures for your sponsored posts, which means more success to you and your clients!


Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.