Content marketing is tough. There is no denying it. 

As marketers and influencers, we are consistently told that ‘content is king’ and that we should all be posting more content to get ourselves noticed online. But producing larger volumes of high-quality, highly-relevant content isn’t as easy as it seems. 

So, should we just give up? Resign ourselves to the fact that we just can’t keep up? 

Of course not. But we can take a very smart approach to getting more done. Let’s discover how…



I won’t patronise you by going into the detail of what an ‘influencer’ is, after all, we are on influencemarketingnews, so you probably have a pretty good idea already. I might even assume that you know what we mean by a micro-influencer. But truly defining this can be a little tricky…

Many try and throw influencers into their ‘types’ based on follower count. This is a flawed system and here is why: 

Influencer A may have 5k Instagram followers and Influencer B may have just 500. At first glance Influencer A could be considered a micro-influencer and Influencer B may be considered…well, a wannabe. 

But add a little context and the story changes. What if Influencer A is a generic food influencer? In this vast niche, he may not even register as a micro-influencer…a nano-influencer perhaps. Influencer B is focused on a very rare and obscure exotic car model. Although he only has 500 followers, he is respected in his field and even the biggest influencer in that space only have 5k-10k followers…so now he is a micro-influencer. 

But that doesn’t tell us what we mean by a micro-influencers. Here is a definition I have used before:

“A micro-influencer is an individual who has genuine influence over an audience that is typically smaller than a regular influencer or celebrity in that niche.”

Why micro-influencers = secret content weapons

There are a whole load of benefits to working with micro-influencers. But why do they make such a great secret weapon specifically in content marketing?

Well…we have found that when working with influencers (micro especially), turning focus away from reach and towards content is a much better strategy. For example, by highlighting expert content as the major benefit of your micro-influencer campaigns you are able to demonstrate a higher ROI by comparing marketing spend comparatively to the same cost of content achieved through other means such as working with a professional videographer (FYI – working with micro-influencers will invariably be cheaper than the ‘professional’ alternative). As mentioned by the leading influencer marketing blogger “DearMishudad” Micro Influencers are “The New Guerrilla Marketing”

Marketers are already catching onto the benefit of this. A recent study from Activate highlighted that more expert marketers focused primarily on content aesthetic over follower count or engagement rate when it came to selecting influencers

Here are a few other reasons why micro-influencers can be used to make up a killer content team…


Genuine influencers build their following via creating expert content which appeals to their audience. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with these types of influencers, as it allows brands to tap into this understanding of what will resonate with their target customers. 


Smaller businesses may not be able to afford professional content creators such as a photographer or videographer. Working with micro-influencer makes the process of creating this type of content significantly more affordable.  

Pair this along with all the other benefits of working with influencers – reach, engagement, audience trust etc and suddenly micro-influencer marketing becomes incredible value for money. 

Easy to reach

Many influencers are celebrities in their own right. This can make getting hold of, engaging and working with them tricky at best. You would be surprised how many larger influencers work with agents, adding a layer of expense and a barrier to cooperation. 

Micro-influencer outreach is substantially more rewarding. They rarely work with agents and demand for their services is usually much lower than those with much larger followings. Picking your influencers carefully and aligning them with your brand will make the whole process a lot smoother.

Creating consistent, high-quality content is a lot easier with a team of great micro-influencers. By selecting those which align with your brand, you can build long term relationships with these expert creators, allowing you to build a flexible team to deliver content. 

About the author

Owain Williams is the founder of MAKE IT MANA an influencer, content and social marketing agency based in Bristol, UK. Owain is a thought leader in the influencer marketing space with extensive experience in speaking and writing about the topic. His agency works with a variety of businesses, helping them set strategies and execute powerful influencer marketing campaigns.  
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