Influencer Luka Sabbat Sued
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Influencer Luka Sabbat was sued just recently for failing to live up to his agreement regarding influence marketing. According to a lawsuit filed by PR Consulting Inc., Luka breached a $60.000 contract signed with Snap Spectacles to promote their content on… Instagram!

Influencers sued

The PR agency claimed that the deal was for Luka Sabbat to post three Instagram stories and one Instagram post promoting the new Spectacles product by Snapchat. There was also some additional deal made for him to be photographed in public wearing “a product tied to the ‘Spectacles Marketing Campaign'” during Fashion Week in Milan & Paris, but that too never happened.

According to PR Consulting — Sabbat failed to fulfill his end of the deal, posting only one Instagram story and a post that wasn’t approved by the company.


For all this, influencer Luka Sabbat is now being sued for $45.000 plus additional “damage” fees. That’s a lot of money. Sounds crazy, right?!

This was the post published by Sabbat, and you can notice the hashtags #spectacles + #ad

Influence marketing is, after all, a business, so it has to be taken seriously, no matter how large an influencer is. Contracts have to be honored and there are no exceptions.

Apparently, lawsuits related to influence marketing are more common than you may believe… they have just been kept hidden up until now.

As The Fashion Law reports, there are, apparently, many more similar lawsuits happening. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as there have been reports in the past of influencers doing shady activities during their marketing campaigns. Even Kendall Jenner was involved in a similar situation, although, probably for the better.

The Kardashians are always subject to these lawsuits, like this $180Million one back in March, so there is undoubtedly a trend somewhere in here.

What can Influencers Learn From This? 

For all of us regular influencers out here, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this, and I believe that lesson is to keep our promises.

After all, influence marketing is all about branding and making a name for yourself, and none of us wants to be known as “the fella who got sued”, right?

Influencer marketing is an amazing thing that changed the lives of many, and we should all make sure it stays that way. Situations like this give influencers a bad reputation, which reflects on all of us equally. We should strive to do our best to grow as an influencer, and of course — honor our contracts and follow the rules.




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