Growing your Instagram account can often be an overwhelming task. There’s so many different variables and methods to take into consideration…

However, once you break them down into separate tasks, it becomes much easier.

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram account is using proper #hashtags.


Instagram Hashtag Growth Hack

Hashtags can help you reach audience that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach. For individuals, looking for specific pages to find relevant content is a hard task, however, using hashtags makes it much easier to get the best results from multiple sources. That’s why you have to make a good use of this function. Instagram made it even easier with the newest update in 2018 – allowing users to follow specific hashtags. This makes specific niche hashtags much more effective and very useful.

Here’s some useful #hashtag hacks to boost your Instagram growth!

Something to note: Instagram allows up to 30 #hashtags per post, however, just recently it was discovered that spamming hashtags can be considered a spam. For best results, it’s suggested to use 8 to 12 most relevant hashtags per post. 

Use General #Hashtags

You’ve probably seen #happy on a lot of different posts. It’s one of the most popular hashtags out there and for a good reason – it’s common, easy to find and relevant. You have a lot of options here, so feel free to explore!

Let’s say you post a picture of yourself on some tropical beach, you could use so many general, popular hashtags to get it out there. Something like this:

  • #summer
  • #sunny
  • #sea
  • #beach
  • #vacation
  • #fun

All of these hashtags are very popular and yet – very relevant to your post!

However, the problem with these hashtags is in the popularity itself. There’s way too many posts using these hashtags, so it’s hard to stand out. For this reason, it’s best to general hashtags in combination with a few less known hashtags. So…

Use Niche #Hashtags

The topic of niches is one of the most important ones in social media marketing. There are many benefits to finding a specific niche and thriving within it. And certain niches can be narrowed down to even smaller sub-niches. As an example:

Let’s say you use the general hashtag #fitness.

#fitness can be considered a niche, but it’s way too general. A niche within this field would be something like #yoga, which is considerable improvement as a hashtag. But, we can now go even lower! We can use different types of yoga as a hashtag, such as: #hathayoga, #vinsayayoga, #bikramyoga – now we’re talking.

Instagram Hashtag Growth Hack

This is the ultimate growth hack when it comes using hashtags. People will rarely follow #fitness as a whole, however, those interested in Vinsaya Yoga will certainly be following that hashtag. So if your page has a niche, or if your post is very specific, make sure you pay attention to niche #hashtags.

Use Trending #Hashtags

Using trending hashtags can be a very good way to get some quick, new following.

“But what do you mean by trending hashtags?!” 

Trending #hashtags are something as simple as putting current year in front or behind of your word (like #yoga2018 for example). It’s also applicable to upcoming holidays like #christmas, #newyear, #thanksgiving.

All of these hashtags are trending at a certain time of the year. And a lot of people will use it, too. On top of that, you can also use popular hashtags from world events or politics, although this will usually not be applicable to many of your posts.

Specific Community / Group #Hashtags

Some communities and groups (you could say niches as well) have special and peculiar hashtags that are known only to them. However, in order to know these, you’re going to have to research that specific community. These hashtags are usually even smaller than niche ones, but they have enormous engagement rates because they’re so specific.

Let’s take… Vegans as an example.

Veganism is a very broad niche with a lot of different hashtags. However, specific communities have their own specific hashtags, such as:

  • #vegansofaustralia(specific country)
  • #vegainsinsydney (specific city)
  • #veganrecipes (for cooks)
  • #vegangains (for gym rats looking to bulk up)
  • #veganathletes (for athletes specifically)

Vegan community is just one of these examples, every community – from photographers, athletes to fashion freaks have their own specific hashtags. It’s just about finding them.

Instagram hashtag growth hacks

Hashtags can be very powerful growth hack and it’s a must use for any serious Instagram influencer, business or brand in general. Make sure you put these growth hashtags to their best use and you will almost certainly find success!

Additionally, you can use these tools to help you out with finding the perfect hashtags for your Instagram profile.

#GoodLuck #OnYour #Instagram #Success #Journey !

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.