Society tends to associate social media with millennials and new age “Instagram models”. While it’s true that young people make up the largest demographic on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, they’re far from the only active users on Social media. In fact, many older users are starting to dabble into the world of Instagram influencers, and the internet is here for it.

Introducing ‘granfluencers’: your new favourite social media influencers.

Granfluencers are just like any other influencer you’re following, except they’re seriously cool senior citizens and they have better photo captions. Think glamorous grandmas and hip grandpas, but with more swag than your typical Insta models.


Like other influencers, granfluencers dominate certain niches (predominantly fashion and lifestyle), participate in brand partnerships, and lay out their personal lives on social media to thousands of followers.

Without further ado, here are the granfluencers that are taking over Instagram.


Lyn Slater (@IconAccidental), a self-proclaimed “accidental icon”, became a trendsetter at the age of 63 years old through her Instagram profile. Slater is undeniably stylish and constantly takes fashion risks, which is what her fashion lovers and fashion publications love about her.

According to Slater, she was meeting a friend just outside a fashion show when she was discovered. All of a sudden, fashion photographers started snapping pictures of her thinking she was in the fashion industry. “I was surrounded by fashion photographers taking my picture, thinking I was some fashion person,” Slater explained “It was really all very accidental,” she added.

The “accidental” fashion icon now boasts an impressive 664k followers on Instagram and counting.


Lance Walsh (@dinneranddance) may be almost 60, but he has over 50k followers and he sure has more swag than anyone we know. Walsh, who hails from London, is a fruit vender who also happens to be decked out in all the latest gear from popular street style brands like BAPE, Supreme, and Stussy.

According to Walsh, some of his biggest fans even travel thousands of miles just to snap a picture with him.  

“Some of the Asian fans cry when they see me. I mean they travel thousands of miles so, they are very thankful to get a picture. And yeah they come and they buy fruit, then they ask you for a photo y’see, so it does help a bit like that,” said Walsh.


English granfluencer, Sara Jane Adams (@saramaijewels), is a 64 year old influencer based out of Australia. Adams originally started using Instagram as a vehicle to share her jewelry designs with her followers.

“The @saramaijewels Instagram account started off as a vehicle for me to share the jewellery, but, like the rest of my life, developed organically into more of a Daily Diary for me,” expressed Sara.  

Since then, Adams has gained popularity on Instagram due to her eccentric style and advocacy. She started using the popular hashtag “#mywrinklesaremystripes” to encourage women to embrace themselves as they are and find beauty in their wrinkles.

She now has an impressive 182.3k Followers on the platform.

@Baddiewinkle AKA the Glam-ma

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The glamorous Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle (@baddiewinkle), who goes by her Instagram name “Baddie”, became an internet sensation at the age of 85. She has also been “Stealing ur man since 1928”.

In an interview with NPR, Baddie said she had no trouble finding the perfect Instagram handle. “I’m a bad bitch; always been a rebel. So we decided ‘bad’ — ‘baddie.’ And then my last name was van Winkle, so we put the Winkle on,” expressed Baddie.

Baddie became Insta famous after her great grand-daughter took a photo of her in her tie dye shirt and cut-off denim shorts (pictured above).

Baddie believes that her “I don’t care” attitude is what really drew her followers in. “I think they saw a great-grandmother that didn’t care what anybody thought about her… ‘Here’s a rebel. We like her.’,” said Baddie.

With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, Baddie is probably the most popular glam-ma on Instagram.


57 year old granfluencer, Irvin Randle, is quite possibly the sexiest elderly man alive, which has earned him the name “#MrStealYourGrandma”.

After sharing his selfies and photos of his every day fashion looks, Randle quickly gained popularity on Instagram for being a fit grandpa.

Randle has previously said that “age is nothing but a number.” He added: “My goal is to let the brothers know that for the guys over 50, we don’t have to go and sit down. I’m 55, and I feel better than I was 25.”

Since becoming a granfluencer, Randle has gained a following of over 275k fans on Instagram. He has also started making club and red carpet appearances, photos shoots, and made his debut as a runway model.

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Author: Daniella K.

Daniella is a marketing professional who specializes in business development and advertising sales. She has helped with the growth of several companies by curating original content, leading brand development initiatives, and driving business objectives.