Jake Paul launches Financial Freedom Movement which turns out to be a total scam!

Youtuber Jake Paul recently launched a business to reap quick cash from his followers by launching a new platform that aims to teach young “teens” how to become influencers and be “financially free”

Jake recently launched the “Financial Freedom Movement“, a training platform that offers education from Paul and other digital stars on how to monetise their creative interests and courses on how to build online companies and become influencers.

For $US20 a month, Paul promises young adults that they can become “financially free from the ‘societal cookie cutter life’ 9-5 jobs we are all told to have.”

Jakes platform has been gaining incredible media coverage, but what most people don’t know is that the Financial Freedom Movement platform is a complete SCAM!


A successful real estate agent / YouTuber called Graham Stephen made a recent Youtube video that exposes Jake for his scammy platform, charging interested teens $20 for content that has pre-recorded training videos dating back 3+ years!

Not only is the content mostly pre-recorded dating back years, the content can also be found with a quick search on Youtube allowing anyone to access them totally free!

Watch “Millionaire Exposes The Jake Paul Financial Freedom Scam” video below:


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