Jay Shetty Fraud

Jay Shetty – the Forbes 30 under 30 motivational philosopher has been exposed for stealing content from other creators in a hugely funny rant Youtube video by Nicole Arbour calling Jay Shetty a fraud!

In Nicole’s Youtube video (video Below) which has had over 2.9Million views on Facebook, she states that everything Jay’s career is based off has been stolen from other creators.

In her hilarious video that has no hold back to expose Jay she also puts together a collage of tweets, quotes and posts that Jay has stolen from the internet to use as his own.

Not only did he steal the content but Jay cut off the original creators name and placed his name onto the content!


Someone who can lie to our face and make a fool out of us by stealING other PEOPLES content is a ‘m-fking’ sinister.

Nicole’s Youtube subscribers replied to her video of Jays exposure just the way you’d expect!

Jay shetty exposed
Jay shetty exposed
jay shetty fraud
jay shetty steals content
Jay shetty

Arbour was fuming in her now viral video, and has issued a challenge to Jay Shetty to publicly dispute her claims if they were false.

A screenshot below from Diet Sabya Instagram account which is dedicated to calling out high-profile plagiarism, also raises eyebrows and shows that Jay deleted 113 posts on August 21st

The claims by Arbour, if proven true could severely damage his image as a wise and self-actualized person of influence. 

He stands to lose a huge portion of his followers, as Arbour’s claims, if proven, can rob Shetty of all his credibility.

The internet is now eagerly awaiting a response from Jay Shetty

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