Popular YouTube stars, KSI and Logan Paul took the internet by storm with their recent boxing match hosted inside Manchester Arena in front of 21.000 people.

It was dubbed the “The Largest Event in YouTube History”. Apart from the huge venue, there will millions of fans watching over the internet via pay-per-view entries and even illegally on sites like Twitch.tv. Now… 

We all knew a lot of money was going to be made here. The fight was very hyped from the beginning and we all know how crazy the online community is. And a lot of money was made indeed. From ticket sales, pay-per-view costs, sponsors, there was a lot of ways to profit from this fight. Venue tickets went from 30 £ all the way up to 495 £ for those VIP seats. On top of that, pay-per-view costs were $10 on YouTube platform.

Let’s try to figure it how much money was EXACTLY made by these YouTube stars:



Enter: 2+2 = 4 – Quick Maths.

Okayy, let’s try to come with some estimates as to how much money was actually made. First off, Manchester Arena was sold out. That’s 21 000 tickets sold. Let’s assume that about 1000 of those were gifted, that still makes it 20 000 tickets. Now, there was a different price on each ticket, but let’s say the average was something like 150 £.  That’s 3 Million £, just slightly short of $4M.

Now, pay-per-view costs were $10 on various streaming platforms. KSI actually reported that more than 1 million people bought the pay per view. That’s roughly $10 Million. And YouTube takes 30% of that, while the rest is split between the boxers.

Quick Note: Both Boxers agreed to split the “purse” 50/50 regardless of who wins. That means all the earnings were split in half between the fighters and their brothers. 

So, just from that alone we now have roughly $15 Million dollars earned. There some rumors that each fighter earned about $30-40 millions, but both of them denied these claims.

But… when it comes to boxing – the real $$ money $$ is in the sponsorship. And on top of that, there’s also merchandise sales. And those numbers are strictly kept as a secret, so there’s no real way to know how much they made. However, judging by the estimates…

It’s quite possible that they made over 15 Million Dollars each. 

Ksi & Logan Paul fight earnings

It’s worth nothing that a good amount of money was lost due to illegal watching. It’s believed that over 1 200 000 people have watched the fight on Twitch.Tv streaming platform alone.

That’s additional $10 million that could’ve gone to pay-per-view ticket sales. But then again, the reason the fight was so popular is exactly because of these free platforms, so let’s not be quick to judge them.

What Boxers Said

Logan Paul actually said that he’s not even sure if he made any profit at all. Whaat. He believes a lot of the money went towards preparations, costs such as:

  • Administration
  • Production
  • Coaches
  • Travel
  • Accomondation
  • Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Agents

On top of all that, he had to split half of HIS half with his brother, Jake. And while it’s hard to believe that he didn’t make any profit, it’s true that a lot of additional costs had to be accounted for.

The Internet still believes they made at least couple of millions each in pure profit from this fight. 


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