21Buttons Influencer app is a Barcelona-based social media app for fashion enthusiasts that want to shop, discover new trends and brands, and make a bit of money. Essentially, “Buttoners” can upload their own images to their profiles, very much like Instagram. They can then put “buttons” on the images of your outfits that link other users to where you got your clothing. Instagram has a similar function where users can also add shoppable tags (pictured below).

21Buttons allows users to shop via the app while gaining style inspiration at the same time. Unlike Instagram, you don’t need to have a business account to add shoppable tags with 21Buttons.

One of the biggest differentiators between 21Buttons and Instagram is that you can actually earn money from referring other users to brands by tagging the products in your photos on 21Buttons. Social media users often wonder where influencers get their accessories and clothing from, which is what makes this function so useful. Users can simply tap on the tag in the photos, and shop what their favorite influencers are wearing.

The fact that you can actually make money off these referrals with 21Buttons is great. However, it’s important to remember that the amount you earn by using the app is directly correlated with how many users you send to purchase from the brands you’ve tagged.


How does it work?

The profile setup on 21Buttons is easy enough. Firstly, when you download the app you are asked to fill in some information about yourself, select your style type, and upload your first photo to the app. From there, you can start adding “buttons” on your image in order to link other users to products in your photo. For example, you may upload an image of an outfit you’re wearing, and tag your belt, top, and boots.

After determining where you want to put the tags on your image, you will be asked to find the brand and product you tagged in your photo. After this, users will be able to click your buttons and they will be linked to the product where they can purchase it online.

Finally, you can start following other users whose style you like, and vice versa. Thus, 21Buttons turns into your little online fashion feed. Over time, you can make a bit of money from users that buy the products you have tagged in your photos.

What we loved about using 21Buttons

One of the things we loved about using this app is that you can earn money by referring other users to the brands you’re wearing. However, don’t expect a gold mine. Unless you have a huge following on the app, you probably won’t earn much from using it, but it’s still fun to use. The concept is unique – there are no other social media platforms like 21Buttons.

Another great thing about the app is the community on it. If you’re a fashion lover, this is a great platform for you to be on. It will provide you with ample style inspiration and it allows you to discover new brands.

With 21Buttons, all users can add tags to their photos and link others to their favorite brands, as opposed to Instagram’s similar feature that is limited to users with an Instagram business account.

Finally, we loved the ease of the profile setup on 21Buttons. It’s a very intuitive and quick process.


Overall, 21Buttons is a super fun app that’s easy to use. It’s not the type of social media platform that we’re used to seeing, which is quite refreshing. It provides you with daily style inspiration, it can be used as a discovery tool (for new brands, styling tips, etc), and it can even help you earn a little cash on the side. If you’re a fashion lover, there’s a lot to love about this platform.

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Author: Daniella K.

Daniella is a marketing professional who specializes in business development and advertising sales. She has helped with the growth of several companies by curating original content, leading brand development initiatives, and driving business objectives.