Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, hosting more than 2.2 billion monthly users. It’s also worth noting that Facebook is by far the most ad-friendly network of all, as it owes most of its success and profit to advertising. Millions of brands and businesses use Facebook for their marketing efforts.

However, with all the recent drama surrounding Facebook’s founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook’s stock and overall popularity are at a low-point. Many users are complaining about the platform, threatening to pull out indefinitely. Businesses have also taken note of this, reporting less effectiveness with their Facebook campaigns.

While Facebook as an overall social platform has fallen out of grace, its advertising system is still a very profitable marketing strategy. However, it’s worth asking the question:


Is Facebook really dead for businesses or are they merely misusing it?

My bet is on the latter. Facebook is still as good as it ever was — a great platform to reach, communicate and convert your audience to more business success. Instead of stepping down from Facebook, businesses should simply optimize their current strategy.

Facebook Setup for Business

This is where most businesses get it wrong — their overall setup and expectation of Facebook is ineffective, therefore their strategy fails. Businesses should start off by optimizing their Facebook page and writing down measurable goals.

To start off, create a Facebook businesses page and fill it with useful information about your business. Every professional page needs to have a good profile & cover photo, filled out “About” section, properly explaining the businesses. On top of that, there are additional sections such as “Services”, “Reviews” and so on, that help a lot when used.

Starbucks is a great example of this — Great page, active engagement with followers.

Most Facebook business pages get this part wrong, and this is your perfect chance to stand out. Have an awesome, well-designed photo & cover, with witty and memorable description and you will already be miles ahead of the competition.

Next up on the list is setting goals for your Facebook page.

What exactly are you looking to get out of this? Don’t ever start a Facebook page just because everyone does it, you need to have some specific and measurable goal that you can follow. This can be anything, such as — increasing brand awareness, getting more leads to your website or communicating with your audience.

Once the goals are set, you need to develop a strategy that will make sure those goals are fulfilled.

Execute your Strategy

With proper goals set in place, it now all comes down to the execution of said goals. Your goal can be anything, it doesn’t matter that much as each business has a different goal.

However, creating and executing a strategy is something that every business needs to do, and it often comes down to similar things.

Number #1 thing on everyone’s list should always be high-quality content. Facebook users follow pages because of their content, so every business needs to step up in this regard.

The kind of content you post will depend based on your goals, but in most cases, it should be high-quality — informative, educational, entertaining and relatable.

Facebook Business Page
High-quality content, engagement with followers = WIN

Invest some time in educational posts & entertaining videos and you’re good to go.

Now that you have an idea of quality content, you need to stay active with it. You can’t just be posting once a month, that doesn’t work.

Every business should be publishing content at least a few times per week, and don’t worry about spam — it’s way harder to “over-do” rather than “under-do” when it comes to content.

The next important thing that businesses should focus on is engagement. No matter how big your following is, if your audience isn’t engaged with your page, they won’t care about it. You need to increase your engagement rate, and that can be done in many ways — by creating quality posts that lead to discussion, asking questions and answering them and so.

Also, a good Facebook page should always serve as a perfect customer service representative.

It should have an FAQ page and a quick response to all questions asked by customers. Most of the customers will ask questions through Messenger, so make sure you have a representative available at all times.

Analyze your Data

With proper strategy and execution in place, your Business page should now be thriving and growing each month. However, even some of the most thought-out strategies sometimes fail.

To prevent this from happening, businesses need to rely on data to back their strategies up.

Sometimes, if your strategy isn’t working, all it needs is a little tweak to become better. Analyzing your statistics can help you identify the problems, so you can fix them and move on with better results. This is done by performing social media audits for your page.

We covered this process in a specific article that you check by clicking here.

Your Facebook data can be found under the “Insights” page, just like this:

Facebook business page

Performing a social media audit will let you know what works and what doesn’t. With that information, you can tweak the strategy to make it better and more successful. Businesses that analyze their data, optimize their strategies and fully execute on all that are guaranteed to succeed on Facebook.

So if you’re still asking “Should businesses still use Facebook?

The definite answer is – Yes. If you do it properly.

Following these steps — setting up your page, coming up with measurable goals and strategy, executing and analysing data, will make sure your Facebook page and your business is blooming for years to come.

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.