This Cutting-edge platform is making Shopify store owners very wealthy

SocialElite – A leading marketing company is pleased to offer a world-first in influencer marketing: A commission based platform meaning Shopify store owners only pay when sales are made!

For the first time ever, Shopify users can experience the crazy amount of traffic and sales from influencer marketing promotion without capital risk.

SocialElite Influencers promoting a variety of products

“Using commission based influencers is the ultimate way of generating sales for your store without having to spend anything on other advertising platforms,” a company spokesperson noted, adding that store owners can generate extremely high revenue much faster and get to build direct relationships with influencers.

How Does It Work?

After you signup to SocialElite you’ll be able to connect your Shopify store which takes under 5 minutes to do.

After connecting your store the system will display all your available products

You can set the commission payouts, target countries, hashtags to use and upload any creatives that might help influencers make more sales.

A full reporting system tracks: Clicks / Sales / Views / Commissions and much more. Merchants also have access to a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support team.

Laurence, A Shopify store owner and member of SocialElite said, “I’ve been struggling with Facebook ads for months and wasted thousands in testing different ads. I tried SocialElite and my store started making sales in a matter of weeks, i’m making huge profit without having to waste money on paid traffic or google ads. I get free content images & video’s from the influencers that promote my products too, some of them really are good at creating content. I can track clicks & sales in the SocialElite platform with real time reporting, It’s an absolute game changer”


About SocialElite:

Founded in 2018, SocialElite is one of the fastest growing social influencer platforms and is the first of its kind to be performance-based driven. SocialElite brings affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and network marketing into one simple and very effective advertising solution. The platform includes a fully custom built tracking system that tracks clicks and conversions. The ability for merchants to set commissions on a product level and be able to sell products with no capital risk. API reports from Instagram lets the advertisers review individual influencer’s audience demographics. For more information, please visit

Source: Yahoo Finance