Influencer groups are a great way to connect with brands and influencers for collaborations.

Many creators & brands join influencer groups because they provide direct contact and huge partnership opportunities.


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What Are Influencer Groups?

Influencer groups are essentially online communities where influencers and brands can connect with one another and share ideas.

These groups are typically Facebook Groups where you will find a large population of influencers, brands, product manufacturers, and influencer agencies


Influencer groups allow influencers to discover new business opportunities, and give brands the chance to find the perfect influencer for their next campaign. 

Why Should You Use Them?

For creators: Influencer groups are an excellent way to find brands that are actively looking for influencers to work with.

These groups facilitate communication between influencers and brands by offering direct contact and the ability to chat and negotiate collaborations on one platform.

It can be challenging for macro and micro influencers to establish contact with brands. This is mostly due to the fact that they often struggle to be approved by big influencer agencies.

Influencer groups are beneficial to micro and macro influencers because they allow them to contact brands directly, and there is no approval process involved. 

For Brands: Influencer groups are a vital tool for brands that are looking to find content creators to promote their brand or products.

Influencer groups on Facebook are especially useful because every member in the group receives a notification whenever someone posts in the group.

With groups, brands have the potential to reach thousands of influencers that are looking for both paid promotions and free product collaborations. 

For Agencies: There’s no doubt that joining influencer groups is beneficial for all influencer platforms and agencies.

The best influencer groups act as a marketplace for brands and influencers, which provides you with the opportunity to introduce them to your platform or agency.

The Top 5 Influencer Groups On Facebook


As far as influencer groups go, our very own INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS is the highest quality influencer group on Facebook. There is a wide range of content creators in this group that have varied audiences.

The influencers in this group have anywhere between 400 followers to 2 Million followers on Instagram.

INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS is a highly active group with plenty of engagement coming from both brands and influencers that are looking to find new partners to collaborate with.

One of the best things about this Facebook Group is that it’s closely moderated by the group admins, which means you won’t find many spammy posts or negative commentary.

The members are here to support each other in their endeavors and bounce ideas off of one another.

Influencers in this group have landed $30K+ deals and the brands have been very happy with the outcome from the collaborations they’ve setup with the creators and influencers.

Moreover, INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS is a closed Facebook Group, so only people working in the influencer marketing space are allowed to join. 

In this group, you can expect to find multiple brand owners that are looking for influencers to promote their products or services.

For example, as you can see from the image above, this brand stated their criteria for a new opportunity to promote their legging products..

The brand representative that posted in the group received many responses from qualified influencers that met the brands requirements.

If you want to join a reputable ad exclusive influencer group then look no further!



The TIKTOK INFLUENCERS GROUP, which has an extremely fast growing number of members under its belt, is one of the best influencer groups for TIKTOKERS hoping to get started in the influencer marketing industry. 

In this group, you will find both brands and content creators that are seeking partners for new collaborations.

The TIKTOK group includes helpful threads where members can ask and answer questions surrounding influencer marketing.

The admins of TIKTOK INFLUENCERS are very careful about who they allow to join their tight-knit community.

In fact, according to the creators, they deny access to many people if they suspect that they won’t make positive contributions to the group:

“There are a million Facebook groups that are filled with spam “follow me” threads—this is not one of those.

Unless you are planning to contribute to the community and have a well-run TIKTOK account, we don’t want you.

You’d be surprised if you saw how many people we deny,” explained the creators.  


#3 Influencers X Brands

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The Influencers X Brands group has over 14,000+ members, including brands and influencers from all around the world.

Some of the brands that belong to this group are also found on the highstreet, including the likes of Pandora, Nike and many others.

Large brands are frequently seen posting in the group asking for influencers (with a certain criteria) to get in touch with them to discuss partnership opportunities.  

This closed group is unique in that it’s one of the few influencer groups whose member-base includes big brands.

This allows influencers with smaller audiences to communicate with large brands, and makes it easier for bigger brands to seek out micro and macro influencers for their campaigns. Given that it is a closed group, you must be approved in order to become a member. 

Join this Group.

#4 Instagram for Travel Bloggers & Influencers

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As the name suggests, Instagram for Travel Bloggers & Influencers is a Facebook Group that is specifically for travel influencers and those looking to work with them.

The group boasts over 11,200 members, including influencers, agencies and brands. 

The group admins have also created a Google Spreadsheet where all their members can include their Instagram handle, full name, contact email, YouTube channel, and link to their website. The spreadsheet is accessible to everyone, so influencers can add their details and brands can browse through the list and take a look at their socials. 

In general, this group is a very friendly and encouraging community of professionals in the influencer marketing field. As you can see above, the group has set out some guidelines for their members to help maintain a supportive community.

The admins carefully consider which members to allow in the group, and ensure to moderate comments for irrelevant posts. 

Join this group.

#5 Instagram Growth & Engagement- By Ace The Gram

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With over 35,000 active members, Instagram Growth & Engagement- By Ace The Gram is one of the larger Instagram Facebook groups to join.

The group is owned and operated by Instagram growth gurus, Tasha Meys And Vivien Conway.

Despite this group having many members, the admins still manage to regulate it so that the group is constructive for all. Below are some of the rules members must abide by when joining: 

DON’T – Self promote – Post external Links (If you find an interesting blog etc, please post interesting points and reference the source. Post link in comments if necessary) – Be negative

DO – Share your latest Instagram tips/hacks – Be constructive – Ask questions within the relevant threads – Contribute 

Instagram Growth & Engagement- By Ace The Gram’s goal as an instagram group is to support other members by sharing thoughtful tips and tricks of the trade.

In this group, you’ll find many great tips and strategies to implement, such as: how to monetize your Instagram, how to use Instagram for your personal brand or business, everything about following/unfollowing, hashtags, and engagement boosting, and much more. 

Like the other Facebook Groups included in this list, Instagram Growth & Engagement- By Ace The Gram is a closed group.

Join the group. 

Groups to Stay Away From

Instagram groups are an excellent way to find business opportunities and network and communicate with like-minded people.

However, not all Instagram groups are created equal, which is why it’s important to know which groups to join and which ones to stay away from.

While some groups members’ provide support and share useful information with others in the industry, many other groups have issues with spam, scams, and fraudulent brands and influencers.

When joining a group, make sure to avoid open Facebook groups. When groups are open to all, you’ll likely find people who aren’t in the influencer industry that post irrelevant content.

For example, many people join large open groups to try and sell personal things, which defeats the purpose of joining an influencer group. 

Another thing to look out for when joining an influencer group is comment moderation.

When you become a member of an influencer group, you want to ensure that the content other members post is helpful, encouraging, and on-topic.

Although it’s near impossible to completely avoid inappropriate posts on Facebook Groups, you want to make sure they are kept to a minimum.

Influencer groups that moderate their comments will diligently check new posts to make sure that members are making constructive contributions.

Author: Daniella K.

Daniella is a marketing professional who specializes in business development and advertising sales. She has helped with the growth of several companies by curating original content, leading brand development initiatives, and driving business objectives.