Very few people would walk around in the streets with their lips painted like Vlada’ Haggerty (@vladamua) – but that’s the point. There truly is nothing quite like it. Her edgy lip art is incredibly detailed and interesting to look at, which explains how she built a huge following of nearly 800k and led her to build a career in the cosmetics industry.

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Vlada Haggerty, a makeup artist and the Lip Editor in Chief at Smashbox Cosmetics, uses her Instagram account to post her makeup art. She’s known throughout Instagram’s makeup community for creating elaborate lip art. Vlada uses many different materials to create her mesmerizing lip art, including rhinestones, paint, sequins, and a ton of different shades of lipstick. According to Vlada, her lip art sometimes takes hours to create. She stated that covering her lips in sequins and rhinestones takes between an hour and an hour and a half, whereas it takes her about three to four hours to paint and draw on her lips.

As you could imagine, Haggerty must have incredible patience to create her intricate lip designs, but it has clearly paid off for her. Since 2015, Vlada Haggerty has made a name for herself in the makeup and fashion industries. She has been featured in several large publications, including Teen Vogue, Fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan, and more.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 13.06.00In an interview with Coveteur, Vlada wrote that she started experimenting with lip art when she moved to Los Angeles with her husband a few years ago. According to Haggerty, she was expecting a job transfer with Sephora upon moving, however, it didn’t pan out: “…I ended up in L.A. on December 15th, right before Christmas, with no friends, no job. It was really scary.”, wrote Vlada.


After moving to LA without a job, she began experimenting with different techniques. Vlada credits London makeup artist, Karla Powell, as her initial inspiration for experimenting with lip art.

While Vlada’s unique content is admired by nearly 800k followers, large corporations and publications are also eyeing her interesting take on makeup. In fact, earlier this year, Vlada sued Make Up For Ever, an LVMH company, for copying her lip art to promote their products.

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According to Vlada, Make Up For Ever reached out to her several times, asking if the cosmetics company could use her lip art in their marketing campaigns. Allegedly, Vlada politely declined all of their requests for a collaboration as she was already under contract with one of Make Up For Ever’s competitors, Smashbox.

When it comes to her success as an influencer, Vlada has expressed that she saw a surge in her Instagram followers after having her lip art reposted by Anastasia Beverly Hills. “That was great, and that’s why I fight for proper credit”, she told Coveteur. Vlada elaborated on this saying that many people miss opportunities when they aren’t given credit for reposts on social media.

Particularly for influencers looking to build up their following and gain recognition, it’s imperative for them to fight for credit when they are reposted on social media – we never know what opportunities can arise from the right publicity.

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FOLLOW @vladamua

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