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Without a doubt the latest 2019 edition of The Influencer Playbook is one of the most epic E-books on Influencer Marketing!

Written by a digital marketing agency owner’s perspective, utilizing the feedback from over 33 influencers and marketing managers worldwide.

This influencer book is the perfect influencer marketing tool, created to help everyone from those who want to begin a solid career in social media business to the people who just want to grow on Instagram and start making serious bank!

We absolutely guarentee that the information detailed in this book is designed to help the fruition of your goals.


This playbook outlines every little detail in order to ascertain success on Instagram, from basic info (discussing the importance of a good profile & bio), to how to make good money on Instagram as an Influencer and other interesting ways you can make money.

For example: Affiliate marketing & drop-shipping, The Influencer Playbook really does teach you how to promote your business  with the best techniques on the market, Instagram marketing in 2019 has never been easier. The sheer mass of traffic that can be generated on Instagram is not to be understated!

The Influencer Playbook will also show you the best tools that can help you grow quicker on Instagram with sharing untold trade secrets.

Buyers of the 2019 edition will also recieve the new & updated 2020 version for FREE.

In this edition there will be information on a SECRET Facebook Digital Marketing group where the ability to find an abundance of information about digital marketing on Instagram, trends, tools, updates and so on is made easy!

Here’s some reviews on The 2019 Influencer Playbook from others:

The Influencer Playbook

Christina T. from Chicago, Illinois writes:

“I heard about this e-book through a friend and it’s been a fantastic insight into the business side of my goals.”

Sam R. from Lake Worth, Florida writes:

“My Influencer lifestyle started with a desire of reaching out and influencing those who needed to smile, just by talking about my day-to-day lifestyle, posting my own quotes and relating to the struggles of others. This desire to reach out and become inspiring to others quickly became a reality with the helpful insights of a side I had no clue about through this e-book!”

Paddy E. from New York writes:

“This book taught me how to actively engage my audience which ensured it grew from there. Once my followers quickly became over 1000 i started my outreach, tagging relevant brands and becoming discovered as an influencer”

Isla W. from California writes:

“Thanks to this book i’ve been able to positively touch the lives of others all whilst having the freedom of money with the brand affiliations that came along with it. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!”

Just some parting words for people reading this – Put in the work, source out self-help e-books like this and transform your life and the life of others’ all for the better! get rich while sitting at your laptop doing what you love! Bare in mind, you must be patient, nothing brilliant happens over night but in the end trust me, it’s worth it

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