You’re probably aware of why finding a specific niche is one of the most important steps to take if you want to succeed as an influencer. Good niche helps a lot, it’s less demanding, easier to master and most importantly there’s less competition. All of these things matter in path to success. Well, if you’re looking for most profitable niche ( and fun too! ), you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 most profitable niches:

1. Fitness

Just think about it…

Fitness Influencer Niche

How many times in a single day do you hear somebody talk about fitness? Probably a lot. And for a good reason. Fitness is a very popular topic nowadays, almost everybody is looking to improve their appearance or their health. Even those who are perfect in these areas – want to stay perfect! There’s such a high demand in this niche and it’s not going away.


Now, you could pick a few smaller niches within Fitness niche. Let’s say something like weight-loss, running, yoga, workout programs… the point i’m trying to make is that there there’s a lot of room for you in here. And you could already be familiar with some of the these sub-niches. Either way, start small and build from there. Once you have an audience, it’s very easy to profit in this niche. You can sell programs, products, courses, even books.

2. Travel

This is one of those dream niches for many reasons. First of all, it’s very fun – I mean, who doesn’t want to get paid to travel the whole word?! It sounds like a dream come true to most of us. I can already feel that wanderlust energy in the air. Succeeding in this niche will not only bring you joy, fun and happiness, but money as well.

Travel Influencer Niche

There’s billions to be made in this niche. From agencies paying for endorsements while giving you money to luxury hotels paying you to be one of the first visitors. Have you heard of this place called Dubai? Hah, I bet you have! Well, one of the reasons Dubai is one of the most known destinations at the moment is exactly because of influencers. A lot of popular people are paid to go there and the story spreads around.

Travel is a niche like no other. If you have a deep love and connection to traveling and exploring new places, give it a shot – maybe your visit to Dubai is just a few months away.

3. Fashion

Fashion is one of those things that never dies, it never shuts down, it never sleeps. It’s constantly innovating, updating, revisiting, remaking. Fashion is always trending and there will always be demand for it. And of course – there will always be demand for fashion icons. I’m fairly certain this niche produced more millionaires than any other. ž

Influencer Fashion Niche

If you have an eye for fashion, and love to talk about topics like clothes, shoes, lipsticks, fancy glasses – this is a place for you. And the demand is there too. People are always looking to up their fashion game. If you can establish yourself as an expert within fashion niche, you will certainly be very successful.

There are so many ways to earn with this niche too – from affiliate marketing, sponsoring products, selling books / courses, even creating your own unique product. It’s fun, it’s engaging but most importantly – it’s profitable.

4. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has seen incredible growth over the past few years. Just look at the success of someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, for example. Everyone wants to get into this whole earn money online thing – and you could earn money capitalizing on that fact!! Being an Influencer is part of this niche too. Every influencer is an entrepreneur – somebody who builds his own name, brand, business – whatever you call it.

Entrepreneur Influencer
All credits to Gary Vee – Father of all hustlers.

The demand is there, people want to make money, show them how – and you will make it too. And if you think you have to be a millionaire to start, you’re very wrong. You can research on these topics easily or just speak from your own experience, most people are just starting out, they don’t need complex advice – they want to know how to start.

You could sell books, courses, seminars, you can even sell products that help people who are into the whole Entrepreneurship journey. Like time-management apps. The potential is unlimited and it’s up to your imagination to decide. But the money is definitely there.

5. Relationships

And finally we have Relationships – something that every human being on this planet struggles with, one way or another. Just think about it, an audience of more than 7 billion people. Jeez!! And everyone is looking for some kind of advice. Like for example – ME! I’m desperate and I need help, how do I figure this whole relationship thing?!

Relationships Influencer Niche

Well the market is certainly there, and you could earn some good profit for helping people like me to achieve more success in relationships. There’s actually a lot of things you can talk about, from how-to-get-laid to how-to-make-your-partner-buy-you-a-gift. Ah, the amount of potential topics! If you can reach a specific audience, be it male or female, and actually impact their lives with your advice – you’re all set. It’ll be an easy job to profit once the audience is there.

These 5 niches, all unique and extremely fun in their own way are one of the most profitable ones out there. Instead of overthinking, simply pick one of them and get to work. You won’t be disappointed with any of the choices.

Good Luck!

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.