As you already know, Influence Marketing is one of the most popular and profitable internet marketing methods! Here’s 5 reasons to use Youtube influencers to promote your brand.

This always depends depending on the brand and product, but some platforms have certain advantages over others. In this article, we’re going to explore 5 reasons why brands should use YouTube influencers for their influence marketing campaigns.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons to use YouTube influencers to endorse you:

1. Reach

If you’re worried about whether your marketing campaign will reach a large audience or not, then you should stop.


YouTube is one of the largest platforms in the world, with just slightly below 2 billion active monthly users. That’s more than enough people to reach, and you certainly won’t have problems finding your desired audience. The only thing you as a market have to do is to find the best influencer for YOU and YOUR brand, which may be a little confusing.

Successful Twitch Influencers

The best way to find influencers for your campaign is to use influencer platforms. They make the process way easier, especially if you’re a beginner in this market.

Reaching millions has never been easier than now, so what are you waiting for?

2. Video Marketing Trumps Everything

If you’re into marketing, you know that video is the most natural medium to convert your potential customers. Video marketing speaks louder than words, pictures or audio alone. You can combine everything in one to make sure your brand or product is presented in the best light. That’s why YouTube influencers are very important when it comes to influence marketing, and they are not going to go away anytime soon.

If your brand or product is somewhat confusing, you should definitely consider using YouTube to promote is, as this platform allows you to explain in the simplest way.

3. Lifetime Return on Investment

This part is what makes YouTube influence marketing better than any other platform. On every other platform, your campaign is a one-time thing, it happens and it’s over.

On YouTube, however, that video with your marketing campaign will remain available for years to come. Even 10 years later, you will still be reaping the rewards of your campaign. This is the main reason why YouTube influencers are so compelling to endorse your product.

If you find the perfect influencer to endorse you, all the growth that happens after your campaign will be in your favor, even many years later. No other platform can promise you such return on investment – that’s what makes YouTube amazing for influence marketing.

4. Easy to Convert Audience

Another great benefit of using YouTube influencers is the ability to convert your audience with ease. With marketing in general, the hardest part is actually making your audience convert and buy your product. Yes, they will hear how amazing it is, but they won’t actually buy, and that’s a problem.

YouTube makes this part easy with description links and video attachments. On top of that, compared to other platforms – YouTube audience is way more willing to leave and visit an external site.

Think about it, how often do you leave your Instagram page for example? In my case, not so often. If I’m browsing Instagram, I don’t want to leave and check out this product, but YouTube is a different beast when it comes to that, and that’s why it works so well.

5. Works for Any Niche

Since the reach is so vast and versatile, YouTube influence marketing will work for almost any niche. No matter what your brand or product is, you can always find some influencers that operate within your niche, and that’s a priceless thing.

This is very important for some smaller, very specific niches that struggle to find the desired audience, and that’s why YouTube influencers can help them a whole lot in this process. 

Overall, using YouTube influencers has many benefits and it’s up to you to decide whether that is the right platform for your brand, business or product. In most cases, it will be the right decision, so go ahead and try your luck with YouTube influence marketing!

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.