what makes a good influencer?

If you are a part of the marketing sphere then you will undoubtedly know the amazing impact a good influencer can have on a brand.

what makes a good influencer

However, you’ll also most likely be aware of the consequences a bad influencer can have on a brand too.

Good Influencers are social media personalities who generally hold a lot of authority with their followers, they’re able to promote, advocate and influence people to make decisions, they’re often looked upon as role models and experts in a particular niche. 

With this said, If you can find influencers in your niche to collaborate with you, who is good at their job and aligns with your niche, it can open your brand up to a whole new world of opportunities.

Influencers are able to promote your products, which brings brand awareness and a whole new set of eyes upon your brand (or service) and even drive you sales.


The qualities of a good influencer must be known so you can rest assured that your brand is in capable hands. 

Here we have the 7 most important qualities we think a good influencer should have…

Good influencers have Passion:

A good influencer is obviously passionate about their particular niche, they are someone who genuinely cares about their community and are always eager to learn more.

They constantly want to stay in “the know”, always want to keep up with the latest trends and are someone who will talk endlessly and unapologetically about all aspects of their niche.

They’re confident and assertive in ther approach and this is why people love them.

Passion is super important, hence its number one on our list, because if an influencer is passionate about something – and that ” something” happens to align with your brand – then you can be absolutely certain they willl ensure they learn all about your brand, what you stand for, how it resonates with them and their community.

Effectively representing it in a genuine and positive way, ensuring the collaboration is fruitful for all.

Good influencers have Authenticity:

Fake and inauthentic is obvious and people don’t like it. Read our article on the best fake follower checker here >

People who are true fans of a particular niche are going to be able to spot a fake from a million miles away.

Do you want your brand to be associated with fake? we think not. When an influencer is genuine and authenticity is obvious, trust and loyalty is built within the community.

Their fan base will listen to what they have to say, they will be trusted and in-turn feel securely swayed by the influencers opinions and suggestions.

If the influencer tells their followers to check out your brand and/or product, you can guarentee they will do just that.

Good influencers have a marketing mindset:

how to be a good influencer

It’s fantastic for influencers to be passionate and authentic with their approach.

It’s also super important when an influencer is an expert in their niche and nails engagement with their audience, but what is also super important is the ability and knowledge on how to market.

Good influencers won’t just take your money and post content to make a quick buck, they will introduce your content with more knowledge around how to do this effectively without it being an obvious sales ploy.

Slamming their followers feed with obviously sponsored content creates distrust and inauthenticity.

When they are able to market subtly it increases their likability and authenticity, all while showing their audience that they genuinely care about your brand and find it beneficial to not only themselves but to those who trust them.

A good influencer will not rush this process, they will take the time to market your product correctly having more of an organic feel which consumers love!

Good influencers have likability:

This is a rather obvious quality we think, if an influencer isn’t liked then they won’t have much sway over their audience.

An influencer who takes the time to grow a good reputation for themselves is definitely going to be someone who is going to do the same for the image of your brand.

Believe it or not, there are influencers that exist who enjoy alienating portions of their following base.

You don’t want these influencers, they will not do good things for awareness of your brand.

Great influencers have high engagement:

The whole point of working with an influencer is to reach their audience and grab their attention drawing it to your brand.  

If you want people to be aware of you and talking about your product then you need an influencer who is going to engage with their people.

What is the point in having all that passion, authenticity, likability and having that marketing mind if the influencer isn’t going to talk with or engage with their followers?

A good influencer will persistently and actively engage with their followers. If your influencer is actively and consistently posting content and takes the time to share, comment and like on various areas of their platforms to keep conversations going and their audience interested then they are exactly who you want to promote your brand!

Good influencers have authority:

If someone has all of the above but doesn’t have authority, then they are not going to be heard, noone is going to listen, it’s as simple as that.

An influencer with authority has the wisdom and knows how to convey information in a way that people believe, also generally because this information is accurate.

People trust this influencer wholeheartedly with the facts and come to them for enlightenement and truth. Their authority is absolutely your authority.

Just by looking at an influencers platform layout or website you can generally tell if they are an authority. Ask yourself, Is it messy or clean? easy to navigate or difficult?

Are there a lot of grammatical errors or does everything seem to flow beautifully and make sense?

A well thought out, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing website/platform with minimal grammatical errors (besides honest errors here and there) is the emphasis of an influencer who is an authority in their sphere and msot certainly someone you could trust to bring awareness to your brand!

Good influencers have visibility:

A good influencer knows how to be seen by a larger audience.

They have the ability to obtain large amounts of followers that are genuinely interested in their vertical and care about what they have to say.  

An example of how they’re able to do this is, knowing the best days and times of the week to post content to get the most engagement and response.

This is a small component but is key to being a good influencer, and someone you will want to do business with.

Obtaining a collaboration with an influencer who is not only a great fit with your brand, but who also holds all of the above attributes is the perfect way to further promote your brand persona and show your audience your authenticity.

If your influencer shares the same values, the audience is going to see the connection and want to know about you.

The last thing you want is an influencer who doesn’t align with or respect your product and could effectively cause more harm than good.

All of these qualities work hand-in-hand. It really does take one to coincide with another to work beautifully in your favor. 

Take the time and do your research when you’re looking for a good influencer otherwise you’re merely doing your brand a disservice.

However, if all of this seems like too much work and you’re flat tack with all other aspects of running your brand then check out “CollabFluence“, they’re designed to do the work for you.


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