There’s been a lot of buzz around Influencers in the recent years and it’s becoming a very saturated market. And normally, whenever such market gets too big, it becomes harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. And if you can’t stand out, then it’s pretty hard to succeed and make a lot money $$$.

To combat this market over saturation, you have to find yourself a niche to dominate. This will mean less competition and make it overall easier for you to succeed. And you may be thinking “How does that work?!”. Well, you better buckle up for this one cause you’re about to find out the real power of finding a niche.

Influencer Niche

Less is More

You have probably heard of that phrase before. It’s used to prove the point that sometimes less complex & simple solutions lead to better results. I believe it’s a pretty fitting phrase when it comes to Influencers and niches. Yes, I know everyone wants to be the next Kylie Jenner, PewDiePie, Ninja… but for now that’s gonna have to be a plan for some later days. When starting out, you need to start with small but sure steps, and gradually increase improve on them as time goes by.


The best way to kick-off your career is to become a Micro-Influencer within some specific, preferably unsaturated niche.

By finding a specific niche (like Travel – even smaller like African Travel Only), you’re competing with less people and at the same time – your audience is more focused. It’ll be way easier to find a sponsor or join an affiliate network. Influence Marketing is always looking for large, niche specific pages to work with. Therefore, it is only logical to start off small and building a high quality following within that niche before branching out. Growth is always easy, the hardest part is setting your foot into the door.

As mentioned earlier, the smaller the niche is – the better. Travel niche was just one example of that, but another example could be something like Fashion niche, but only focusing on “Street Wear”. The smaller you go, the less competition you will encounter, but don’t worry about your partners. There will always be someone who is looking to promote his street wear product, or any other for that matter.

Influencer Niche

Money Is In The Loyalty

I remember a couple of years back, there was this viral article titled 1000 True Fans, and the premise was that you don’t need millions of fans or customers to be successful, you only need 1000 “true fans” that will buy everything you throw at them. Many people have stood behind this idea and I think it’s safe to say: It’s true and it works.

This theory is very useful for niche influencers who are looking to attain success. When you choose a specific, those people that do follow you will treat like you a God of their favorite religion. They will listen to anything you say and buy anything you tell them to buy. When you pick a specific niche and become an expert on it, you sort of do have those godlike powers – you know the ins and the outs of that niche. For this reason, your followers will trust you deeply and they will remain true, loyal fans for years to come.

Niche Influencers


Pick Your Niche And Get To Work

There’s no doubt that finding a niche is a key to success in the Influencing world. There’s a lot of benefits and only a few disadvantages that can be easily overcome later on. Take this proven success formula and use it to your full advantage. Now.

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Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.