Instagram is a huge social media platform for businesses. From advertising, content creation, communicating all the way to influencer marketing — businesses use multiple methods to increase their brand awareness.

Creating a social media campaign works, but it requires a lot of work too. You have to know a lot of different things to have a profitable social media campaign. Most businesses prefer to focus on their product instead of this — and that’s how Social Media Marketing agencies were born.

SMM agencies help businesses with their social media campaigns, so they can focus on providing the best service. In this article, we’re going to explore some of those agencies, mainly focused on Instagram marketing. Without further ado…

(In No Particular Order) Here’s a list of the top 9 Instagram marketing agencies for brands and businesses:


1. Jumper Media

Jumper Media is a San Diego based, worldwide social media agency that focuses solely on Instagram. While most other agencies provide services for multiple platforms, Jumper Media is only interested in Instagram, and that’s what makes them stand out from the rest. They claim to be experts when it comes to Instagram and they do indeed have a pretty strong Instagram page to back it up.

They offer a variety of different services including growth, management, content creation and advertising. We’ve talked about these services earlier, but you can find full detailed descriptions and summaries of each one on their website.

The most unique aspect of Jumper Media is their storytelling ability. They claim to be experts at storytelling, and you can find a lot of useful testimonials from their clients under the “Stories” page on their website. It is important to have a unique brand story in order to stand out from the rest — so this marketing angle sounds very appealing for brands who are looking exactly for that.

2. Fireball Marketing

Next up on the list is Fireball Marketing — social media marketing agency that offers a full range of services to their clients. As mentioned on their website, social media marketing is all they do, and that’s their core offer.

They offer services such as social media channel audits, social media management and ad management. On top of all that, they also offer secondary services such as blogging, influencer marketing, chatbots and more. Their main focus as a company is to provide brands and businesses with a clear path to success, taking them straight from the point A to the point B.

If you’d like to learn more about their inner workings, they have a whole page dedicated to a case study done on one of their clients. It explains the full process from research, strategy, approach and finally — realization

3.Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a giant social media marketing company with more than 50 employees working there. They offer a lot of different services including social media management, advertising, content creation, PPC campaigns, web design and more.

Although they provide a variety of services, their main focus is on paid advertising. Lyfe Marketing spends most of it’s time working on marketing, rather than management and it appears to yield great results for their clients. Advertising on Instagram is very underrated, so it might be worth giving it a shot.

4. CollabFluence 

CollabFluence is more of an influencer advertising platform, focused primarily on influencer marketing, rather than a classical agency, but they fit the description and cover some of the important aspects of influencer marketing. They work with both influencers and businesses who are looking to advertise their services. When it comes to influence marketing, it all comes down to choosing the right kind of influencer — and that’s exactly where Social Elite Club thrives.

CollabFluence has claimed to be the fastest growing influence marketing company in the world.

5. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an Instagram agency that works exclusively with businesses and influencers. They brand themselves as a global influencer marketing and influencer talent agency that represents influencers on the top social media platforms. They help companies find the best influencers for their campaigns, but they also offer secondary services such as consulting, growth and management.

Viral Nation claims to be the largest influencer talent network in the whole industry.

Their portfolio page shows large clients such as GoPro, Disney, Nestle, Bud Light, and Tencent.

6. GRAMiety

As their name suggests, GRAMiety is an LA-based marketing agency working exclusively on Instagram. They offer a variety of different services, including content creation, account management, analytics, account growth, Instagram advertising and more.

As opposed to others on the list, GRAMiety seems to be more focused on working with small businesses rather than large companies. This makes them a viable option for smaller, perhaps local businesses who are looking to get their name out there on the social media. They have services as cheap as $149/month which seem like a great deal.

7. True North Social

True North Social is another LA-based social media agency with distinctive services. Although they offer many different options such as social media management, SEO, and Shopify design, they also have Instagram specific services — mainly Instagram advertising, and influencer marketing.

Their main goal is to research and perfectly understand the client’s target audiences in order to create the best possible marketing strategy. They claim to be the Instagram agency that delivers results and not just promises.

With almost 200.000 followers on their Instagram page, True North Social seems to be an agency that knows what to do with this platform. If your goals match that number, it’s probably worth giving them a shot.

8. Upfluence

Upfluence is a Social Media Marketing agency focused on influencer marketing that’s enabled by great use of software technologies. The software that they offer for businesses and use themselves offers many useful tools such as Search Engine, Managment & Analytics.

Businesses have the option to buy their software for commercial use, allowing them to optimize their influencer campaigns easily, or they can hire Upfluence to do all the hard work. Either way, the results are great and definitely an option for most brands.

9. Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino Inc is a social media marketing agency based in Philadelphia. All of their services are focused exclusively on social media platforms, giving them an edge over similar firms.

They offer services such as social media audits, content creation, strategizing and monthly analytics.

Bad Rhino SMM agency is featured in Forbes’ list of social media agencies, and they’re also among the top-ranked on a popular B2B review website, Clutch. These achievements give them the right to say that they’re one of the leading agencies in their field, with hundreds of clients and years of experience.

10. YimBuzz

YimBuzz is a leading Instagram marketing agency based in California. Their goal is to help their clients achieve business goals and objectives with the help of quality Instagram marketing.

Currently, they offer assistance in Instagram growth, influencer management and engagement pods. In addition, they also offer consultancy services to provide you with advice
regarding your current social media marketing strategy.

YimBuzz has served more than 500 clients and managed to grow their organic following by millions. YimBuzz is dedicated to help business generate leads from their Instagram activity and establish their brand with credibility in their respective industries

11. Make It Mana

Make It Mana is a no-bull agency focusing on content, influencer, and social media marketing. Founded by influencer marketing leader Owain Williams.

Make It Mana specialises in long-term influencer marketing relationship building. Their expert team work with brands from across all influencer marketing verticals, from supporting the adoption stage to facilitating the long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between product owners and content creators.

Author: Tom

Tom is a professional marketing and growth manager who enjoys working with influencers and small businesses, helping them create & grow their unique brand. His secret lies within his extreme, in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and branding development.