She Goes Shopping Every Day, Travels The World And Drives A Ferarri!

(Weekly News) – She’s Making A Killing Just From Posting On Instagram! Yulianna, A 23 year old Instagrammer that makes thousands of dollars, drives supercars, travels the world and goes shopping every day! All from posting pictures on her instagram!


Yulianna is an Instagram Influencer, big brands and companies pay influencers to promote their products on peoples Instagram profiles, she started only 15 months ago and is now living the lifestyle we all dream of!!

Yulianna also gets free products in the mail from big companies that want her to post them on her instagram, she’s been sent shoes / handbags / makeup / clothing / perfume and much more!

“It all started when a friend told me about SocialEliteClub which is a social influencer company, I was working part time at PizzaHut, I had 210 followers when I started and my first sponsored post paid me $140, since then my followers just exploded and the payments got bigger and bigger, I now have 180,000 followers and I make around $18K-$30K per month. Anyone can do it too it’s so simple!”

Yulianna isn’t the only person that’s making thousands every week from SocialEliteClub. Instagrammers all around the world have started using the influencer copmany to get “insta-Famous” and make a fortune in doing so. They’ve quit their crappy jobs to work online as an Instagram influencers. The Influencer company works by putting big brands and Instagrammers together to promote products online, Instagrammers get paid for every picture they post on their Instagram profiles

We had to know more about exactly what this SocialEliteClub was all about. After doing some research we found thousands of others that have been using the influencer company for some time and they too are clearly living a lifestyle some of us can only dream of! The company lets anyone with Instagram (must have minimum of 100+ followers) to join their platform and create a profile, they then put your profile infront of hundreds of huge companies that want to send you free products to post on your Instagram account and pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for colaborating with them

We contacted another influencer that has been using SocialEliteClub for 10 months and she sent us a full Case Study of her results:

Three days later was delivered. Below are my results… They are interesting to say the least!

My Results – I made over $68,000 in just 10 months of using SocialEliteClub - Sara - Instagram User

In Conclusion, we were a little doubtful, but you need to try the this amazing influencer company for yourself, the results are real and speak for themselves. After seeing Sara’s case study we are pleased to see that people are really finding success with SocialElite, myself included! You have nothing to lose! To join the exclusive SocialElite Club, follow the links I have provided below and thank us later!

Alice Clemmens | InfluenceMarketingNews

 EDITOR’S NOTE: For a limited time, SocialElite are looking for new Instagram influencers to join and work with big products and companies all over the world